HT Mega Intro Video Mega includes 80+ Elementor Widgets, 360 Sections with limitless variations. Header & Footer builder, Theme/Template builder, Sales Notification, Mega Menu builder, etc. Another remarkable feature of this plugin is that the plugin has a template library where you will find a lot of pre-built templates. Both free and pro versions are available for this plugin. Thousands of websites are using this plugin. HT Mega is one of the well-received plugins in the WordPress repository. From the Elements Tab, there is an option to enable/disable all of the widgets or individual widgets. From the Advance Addons tab, enable or disable the theme builder,...
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Remove HT Mega Image Sizes

Question: Since I use this plugin every time I add an image in Elementor, in the “Image Size” drop-down, I see three new options: “Htmega Size 585×295, Htmega Size 1170×536, Htmega Size 396×360”. How can I make them not appear anymore? The plugin creates three images of different sizes that I do not want. Answer:  You can remove the image sizes declared by HT Plugins easily, by adding below code in your active theme’s functions.php file // Remove HT Mega Image sizes add_action('init', 'remove_plugin_image_sizes'); function remove_plugin_image_sizes() { remove_image_size('htmega_size_585x295'); remove_image_size('htmega_size_1170x536'); remove_image_size('htmega_size_396x360'); }
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