WP Plugin Manager Pro

Disable WordPress Plugins Per Page

Using WP Plugin Manager Pro, you can deactivate or disable WordPress plugins per page easily.
Which helps to make a website loads faster.

Disable WordPress Plugins Per Page

In the WordPress website, normally we use one theme, but we need to use multiple plugins. According to our experience, we find that the average plugin use per website is more than 15. But it is not necessary to load all of the plugins files for all pages.

Most of the plugins work for 1-10 pages. Suppose, you are using a slider plugin, which loads only on the home page, but the assets (CSS, JS) files are loading for all of the pages on a website. Is that necessary? No. It is not.

Unnecessary files on these pages are doing nothing but increase the page size. That is why, we think about it and develop this plugin with this idea, which is very helpful for all of the WordPress Websites.

Benefits of using WP Plugin Manager Pro

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