Whols - #1 WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin For B2B

Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

Whols is an excellent WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin that allows store owners to set wholesale prices for the products of their online stores. This plugin enables you to show special wholesale prices to the wholesaler.

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Give Different Pricing To Different Wholesaler Roles

Pricing is also important when you are trying to attract new clients. Giving different pricing to different types of wholesalers will make your business more attractive to different types of clients.

Set Default Wholesaler Role For Wholesale Registration

When you register as a wholesale customer, you have the opportunity to purchase products at a discounted price.

Registration Fields Manager

If you are looking for a perfect and reliable registration form field for wholesaler, then this plugin for you. With this plugin, you can add, remove and customize your registration fields as you want.

Wholesaler Request Management

Customers can contact the store owner for approval to join as wholesalers. Afterward, store owners can accept or reject the request. Customers will also receive an email notification about that.

Redirect To A Specific Page After Completing The Registration

You can set a specific page where the user should be redirected to after they have completed the registration process. For example, you can set it to “Thank you” page or “Sign In” page

Wholesaler Registration

This shortcode allows you to create a form and display it on any post or page on your website. It’s very easy to use and comes with a few helpful settings.

Key Features

This plugin is perfect for any sort of company that has an internet presence, including eCommerce Shops, Digital Agencies, and Service Providers.

Category-Based Product Pricing

Set different pricing for the products of your store based on different categories. This plugin also allows you to create special prices for particular roles

Restriction of Wholesale Store Access

Enable restriction to access different areas of your website such as the entire website or the Shop page of your WooCommerce store. You can also restrict users based on their roles.

Free Shipping For Wholesalers

This plugin has the option to enable or disable free shipping for different roles of the Wholesale customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

If anyone is running an online business using WooCommerce and looking for an effective solution to integrate wholesale features on your WooCommerce store, then he/she should definitely consider this plugin.

Yes, there is a free version of the “Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin”. If you want to get an idea about what this plugin does, make sure to try the free version.

Free Version: https://wordpress.org/plugins/whols/
Pro Version: https://wpwhols.com/pricing/

Yes, of course. Whols – Wholesale Price WooCommerce plugin will save you a lot of time and hassle, as you don’t need to create multiple stores. You can easily manage both the consumers and the wholesalers from a single store.

Obviously. This plugin comes with extensive documentation. You can check it online from documentation guidelines.

Agency license is the best option for developers/marketers/companies, who need to create websites on a regular basis for their clients or businesses. Plus, all our premium WordPress plugins are included in this package.

We usually provide support via live chat, support forum, email, etc. If you have any queries about this plugin, you are more than welcome to contact us from our support chanel.

Yes, Whols allows you to set different pricing tiers for wholesale customers. You can define specific prices for products or apply percentage-based discounts to the regular prices.

Whols is a powerful plugin designed for WooCommerce that enables businesses to set up and manage WooCommerce wholesale pricing and create a B2B (business-to-business) store within their WooCommerce-powered website.

Yes, Whols includes user role management, enabling you to create distinct B2B user accounts for your wholesale customers. You can assign specific roles and permissions to these accounts, ensuring a tailored B2B experience.

Yes, “Whols – Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin” supports quantity-based discounts. You can configure bulk pricing rules based on the quantity of items ordered, allowing you to incentivize larger purchases with better discounts.

Absolutely! Whols – Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce provides options to restrict access to the B2B store, ensuring that only approved wholesale customers can view and purchase products at wholesale prices in woocommerce. You can set up user registration and approval processes for added security.

Yes, Whols – Wholesale WooCommerce Plugin seamlessly integrates with various payment gateways supported by wholesale WooCommerce. This enables your B2B customers to complete their transactions using their preferred payment methods.

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