How to Add Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce

Do you want to increase sales on your WooCommerce store? One way to do this is by adding a Flash Sales Countdown Timer. This will create a sense of urgency for your customers, and encourage them to buy products before they sell out. This tutorial will show you how to add a Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce. Let's get started! 

What is Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce?

In WooCommerce, a flash sale countdown timer is a feature that allows you to offer special pricing for a limited time. Adding a flash sales countdown helps you to encourage your customers to buy now. The flash sales countdown timer appears as a clock that counts down the time until the sale ends. You can use it to display the time remaining in hours, minutes, and seconds. When the timer reaches zero, the sale ends and the regular price is restored. The flash sales countdown timer is a great way to boost sales and generate excitement around your products.

Benefits of adding a Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce 

Adding a Flash Sales Countdown Timer to your WooCommerce store can have several benefits, including:

Increased Visibility: 

Flash sales are a great way to attract attention and increase visibility for your products. A countdown timer will let your customers know when the sale is ending and drive them to purchase before time runs out.

Increased Sales: 

A countdown timer can help to increase sales by creating a sense of urgency and motivating customers to buy before the sale ends.

Improved Customer Engagement: 

Flash sales are a great way to engage with your customers and create a sense of excitement around your products. Countdown timers can help to keep customers engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

How to add Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce

There are a few ways to add a Countdown Timer to your Flash Sales. The simplest method is to utilize a plugin.

There are a number of plugins that can help you add a Flash Sales Countdown Timer to your WooCommerce store. One popular plugin is the WooLentor WooCommerce Page Builder Plugin. It has an exclusive module to add flash sales countdown timers.

WooLentor comes with a number of convenient features to help you manage your WooCommerce store, including a Flash Sales Countdown Timer module. This plugin makes it easy to add a countdown timer to your product pages. You can also use the WooLentor plugin to easily customize the appearance of your timers, making sure they match the look and feel of your store. 

Different Settings of the Flash Sale Countdown Module in WooLentor 

Override Sale Price

 With an override sale, the retailer sets a lower price for the item than what is advertised. This lower price will then be applied to all customers who purchase the item during the specified time period. While this type of sale can be beneficial for shoppers, it is important to be aware that the advertised price is not always the final price. 

The WooLentor flash sale module provides an override sale price setting that allows you to override the sale price of a product. This is useful if you want to change the sale price without affecting the regular price. To override the sale price, simply go to the woolentor flash sale module settings and press the “On” button in the “Override Sale Price” field.

Show Countdown On Product Details Page

Show Countdown On Product Details Page
Show Countdown On Product Details Page

The flash sale module setting allows you to show or hide the countdown timer on the product details page. If you choose to show the countdown timer, it will appear on the page and will count down the remaining time until the sale ends. If you choose to hide the countdown timer, it will not appear on the page at all. You can change this setting at any time by going to the WooLentor module setting page and selecting the option that you want.

Countdown Style

Countdown Style
Countdown Style

There are two different countdown styles available here. Each style has its own distinct look, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Whichever style you choose, you're sure to find the perfect way to countdown to your next big sale.

Countdown Position

The Woolentor flash sale module setting also allows you to set the countdown timer in six different ways- add to cart before, add to cart after, product meta before, product meta after, product summary before, and product summary after. This gives you a lot of control over where the timer appears on the page and how it interacts with the other elements on the page. For example, if you want the timer to be visible but not intrusive, you can set it to appear after the add to cart button. Or, if you want the timer to be a central part of the page, you can set it to appear before the product summary. Whatever your preference, the WooLentor flash sale countdown module gives you the flexibility to create an attractive and effective flash sale page.

Countdown Timer Title

This module also allows you to customize the countdown timer title so that it reflects the urgency of the sale. For example, you could use a title like “Hurry! Sale ends in X hours!” or “Only X items left!” This will assist your clients in taking advantage of the offer while it is still valid.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Add Flash Sales Countdown Timer in WooCommerce using WooLentor

Step-1: Install the WooLentor Plugin and Enable the Flash Sale Countdown Module

Go to the plugin section of your WordPress site and install “WooLentor” from there. Next, enable the flash sale countdown module so that you can start building an audience for upcoming sales!

Step-2: Create an Event for Flash Sale Countdown and Customize All the Options

From the Elements Tab of WooLentor settings, make sure that the WL: Product Flash Sale Widget is activated.

To create a sale event in Woolentor, first, give the event a title. Then, set the date and time duration for when the event will be enabled and when it will be disabled using the valid from and valid to buttons. Be sure to set your timing based on your server time settings.

WooLentor flash sale module setting is very flexible. You can apply flash sales on all products or exclude some of the products as per your wish. You can offer discounts in three options- a fixed discount, a percentage discount, or a fixed price.  You can also give a discount, especially for your registered customers. Also, manage how you want the price label, to appear or leave it blank. You can also display only the flash sale price without showing the original price label.

Don’t forget to save all the changes.

Step-3: Go to a Particular Page and Edit that Page with Elementor using the Widget

Select the page that you want to edit, and then you can use the Elementor editor to make changes to that page. You can also use this setting to choose which pages you want to be included in the WooLentor flash sale. This is a great way to make sure that your WooLentor products are included in the sale, and it also allows you to edit the pages that are included in the sale.

You can change the WL product flash sale countdown here once you've added the WL product flash sale widget.

You can choose which deal you're offering to your client from the general settings. On the product page, you may show or hide the countdown timer, change its position in a variety of ways, and customize the countdown title and label. There are two distinct styles of timers available here.

You may also display a stock progress bar for products that have both “Manage stock” and “initial number in stock” from the inventory page. The stock progression indicator is displayed by setting the initial number in stock on the inventory page. Modify the text for sold goods and available items as necessary.

Now update the changes you’ve made here and preview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the Flash Sales Countdown Timer?

Answer: Flash Sales Countdown Timer is an online tool used by retailers to let their customers know when a sale will end, or in other words how much longer until this deal goes live! 

Question2: How does the Flash Sales Countdown Timer work?

Answer: The Flash Sales Countdown Timer works by counting down to a specific time and date that you set. Once it reaches zero, the sale will start.

Question 3: Can I change the text on the timer?

Answer: Yes, you can easily change the text on the timer. Just go to the settings page and enter your new text.

Question 4: What are the benefits of using the WooCommerce Flash Sales Countdown Timer? 

Answer: The benefits of using the WooCommerce Flash Sales Countdown Timer are numerous. Not only will your customers be able to see when they'll get their items, but you can also set up multiple countdown timers for different deadlines and events so that there is always one ready! The WooCommerce Flash Sales Countdown Timer is a great way to increase your profits through the use of discounts. The plugin helps you run frequent sales with ease, and it can be customized for any type or size store!

Final Thoughts

Countdown timers are a great way to increase conversion rates and boost sales. Hopefully, this article will help you a lot in case you're looking for an easy way to add a flash sales countdown timer to your WooCommerce product pages. 

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