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By Aslam Hasib, Managing Director at HasThemes

Today I am going to introduce an business opportunity to become a strategic partner of HasThemes. Any individual or organization can join this program with whom we will collaborate and share our resources.

We are a large team of web developers and designers. More than 40 team members are working together from last 7 years. 100,000 customers from 80+ countries around the world are using our products and services.

Are you looking for business partners or earning opportunities without investment?

Do you have any project in hand but do not have enough time or resource to complete?

Are you struggling with multiple projects but do not have enough manpower?

HasThemes is offering a solution of your problems without spending extra time or money!!

Without a website no business can run nowadays – probably you are also offering web solutions to your clients, but sometime we all stuck somewhere because it is not possible to be a master of all trades!

Here we come! HasThemes provides white-label web design and development services at a low price, so that you can enjoy the opportunity to resell them at a competitive rate. Imagine us as your partner and offer our services to your clients.

What are the benefits you will get if you offer our services to your clients?

Seems interesting? Learn more about how we can work together for the benefits of your business and your clients? Contact us.

What Kinds Of Services HasThemes is Offering?

We offer a variety of web services that your clients already need, including Website Design using HTML, Bootstrap, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, React, Vue, Graphic Design etc.

How You Can Offer Our Service?

By creating a strategic partnership with us, you will have the ability to offer our services in two ways:

Option 1:

– We will work as your staff member or as your business partner.

– You keep full control over the projects and clients.

– We will work behind the scene and provide full support to complete the projects on time.

– You will receive 30% of the project price.

Option 2:

– You can refer your clients to us. We will directly communicate your clients, and we send you a commission whenever the client submits a payment.

– We keep full control over the project and client.

– You will receive 40% of the project price.

Which Option Works Best for You? Discuss with us

Grow your business by becoming a strategic partner of HasThemes. You can connect more clients and promote your business in a cost effective way. You can focus on finding more clients while we are working for your projects.

Who Is Eligible To Be Our Strategic Partner?

– Anyone can join our team no matter if you are working individually or in a group

– You can take it as a part-time or full time time job opportunity

– Best fit for the Web Development Agencies, Developers, or Marketers etc.

Opportunities always fly in the sky! You just have to catch them…
Find your own way to grab this opportunity to become a strategic partner of HasThemes, grow your network, and grow your business. Happy Partnership!

You can request a call back by entering your information below. Our team will get back to you in the next 24 Hours.

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