Disable or deactivate WordPress Plugins per page

Today I am going to show you how to disable or deactivate WordPress plugins for a page or post. To increase website features, normally we use a plugin. This plugin has js and CSS codes which loads when a visitor browsing a page. Sometimes, it increases the page loading time and creates an effect on the overall performance of a website. Suppose, you are using a plugin for Google Maps to display that on a specific page of your website. But the CSS/JS files loading on all of the pages, which is not necessary. These codes on other pages are...
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Shopify Knowledgebase

Shopify Knowledge base If you're using Shopify themes for your websites, then it is the best Shopify knowledge base to set up your website easily without taking any help from any developer. It will save your money and time.To take care of our customers, we have created this knowledge base for them.  [wd_asp id=1] Shopify Basic Guides: Shopify Theme Installation Shopify Theme Introduction Shopify Theme Files Included How to install a Shopify Theme How to Import Demo Content Shopify Store Settings Create Main Menu in Your Shopify Store How to add products in a Shopify store Shortcodes for Shopify Product Description...
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How to Add Shopify Section Content

Section Content 1. Every section has 3 common content - Section Padding, Section Margin, and Section Background. 2. Click Add Content and add content which is need. 3. Section Padding - You can set Section padding top and bottom for desktop and mobile device. 4. Section Margin - You can set Section margin top and bottom for desktop and mobile device. 5. Section Background - You can set Section background image and color.
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