Build custom my account page in WooCommerce using WooLentor

How to Build custom my account page in WooCommerce using WooLentor Today I am going to talk about how you can build a custom “My Account” page for your store. Using the WooLentor pro version, you can create a custom “My Account” page for WooCommerce. 

To make it easier for our customers we have added a few pre-built layouts, those are available in the template library. These templates can be imported very easily. Here is a sample of a custom “My Account” page. We can see the menu is on the left. You can also show the menu on right, top, and bottom. These 4 templates are for left, right, top and bottom menu respectively. 

Suppose, you want to use the left menu, then click on import and edit template. In the settings panel, there is an option to show or hide the user info. You can also change the position of menu items by drag n drop. Custom menu title can be used. To add a custom menu, select custom from the menu items. Use a unique key name. Right now, you can add custom links only using the custom menu. 

In the future, we will add an option to add content. In the “style” settings there are options to change user info colors, typography, position, etc. In the menu section, there are options to change the position of the menu. Menu width can be increased or decreased by percentage or pixels. You can also manage the alignment. Margin and padding of the menu items can be controlled from here. For the content section, you can manage the width, color, typography, and alignment. 

To build an “Account” page without using our pre-defined layouts, go to templates and add new then click on “create template”. Search the widget “My account”, drag the widget to the right side and make necessary changes as we described before. You can add row before and after the widget. Add any Elementor widget and content based on your requirements. Pro version of WooLentor is available on our website. If you need any more features in this widget, feel free to contact us

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