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How to build a custom product template using WooLentor Plugin

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How to customize woocommerce single product template using Elementor and WooLentor

Today we have discussed another excellent feature of our WooCommerce WooLentor plugin. Using this feature you can create a custom WooCommerce single product template effortlessly.

WooLentor will allow you to create a single product page template for WooCommerce. If you use the free version then you can create a common custom template for all the products. But the pro version will enable you to design a custom WooCommerce product page template for each product individually.

In this video, we have demonstrated how you can design a custom single product page template easily without even writing a single line of code. WooLentor plugin comes with a few predefined templates for the WooCommerce product page template that you can use within some clicks and customize according to your needs.

You’ll have the flexibility to add any Elementor widgets to your WooCommerce single product template. Such as banners, videos, frequently asked questions, and so on. Adding frequently asked questions will even increase the possibility to get ranked on the Google search results page. You can even add a QR code widget to your WooCommerce product page template that will allow your website visitors to copy the page link on their mobile so that they can share the link with their friends or save the link on their mobile.

Once you are done creating the single product page template, all you have to do is click on the publish button and set the template from WooLentor settings. If you are searching for such a WooCommerce plugin that offers a lot of options to build a custom single product page template then WooLentor Pro is highly recommended for you.

This amazing plugin will also help you enormously with customizing WooCommerce product page. Do you have any feature requests or suggestions to improve this feature? If the answer is yes, please let us know in the comments below. We always appreciate your feedback.

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How to build custom product template using WooLentor Plugin

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