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Was this helpful? is a WordPress plugin that allows you to take visitors' feedback on your post/pages or any article. A visitor can share his feedback by like/dislike/yes/no. There is a comment input form as well if he wants to write anything. By receiving the feedback from the visitors, you can make necessary changes to your article which increase customer satisfaction and move your website to the next level.

Was This Helpful?

Option Panel

  • – Option to change the text/icon etc. 
  • – Select Post Type. 

Customization Options

  • – Manage margin, padding, width, etc. 
  • – Manage color, background color, border color, etc.  
    – Add custom CSS. 

Feedback Report

  • Check positive/negative feedback reports. 


  • Basic style to display the feedback option in a post/page/article.

Pricing Plan

For 1 Website


19 USD

  • For 1 Website
  • 1 Year Update and Support.
  • For personal/client website.
Personal - Lifetime

1 Website

39 USD

  • For 1 Website
  • Lifetime Update and support.
  • For personal/client website.
For Unlimited Websites


99 USD

  • For Unlimited Websites
  • Lifetime Update and support.
  • For personal & client websites.

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