Elementor Category List Widget

The Elementor Category List Widget is the perfect way to list different categories on your webpage nicely. Displaying a list of categorized posts helps site visitors quickly see what content is available on your site. This category list widget is ideal for adding to your sidebar.

This widget is designed for bloggers and online store owners who want to showcase their content on their websites. It’s a fantastic way to add categories without having to create each one individually.

This Elementor category list widget is useful because it’s so easy to use and can be customized according to each user’s needs. 

This handy widget is compatible with all custom taxonomies, including default WordPress posts and WooCommerce products. You can easily exclude/include the taxonomy terms.

Move Addons is a powerful plugin that enables you to customize and add different functionalities to your website. 

Here we will discuss the Elementor categories widget offered by the Move Add-ons Plugin.

Elementor category list widget by Move Addons

Elementor category list widget by Move Addons
Elementor category list widget by Move Addons

The Elementor categories widget is available in Move Addons free version. This category list widget for Elementor is efficient to make changes to your website without touching any code.  You can also choose the order in the WordPress category widget in which the categories are displayed and whether or not to display the number of posts in each category.

Both vertical and horizontal category lists are available for displaying your products or blogs. Choose the one that best represents your company. Not only that, this widget allows you to rearrange the order of your list according to your preferences.

With a single click, you may choose whether to sort the elements in ascending or descending order. The category list option of the content tab allows you to limit the number of products or content you want to display. Simply enable the option and enter your desired taxonomy key to build a custom category list.

Elementor category list widget by Move Addons
Elementor category list widget by Move Addons

The Elementor post categories widget by Move Addons has additional options to add icons to your categories.  Not only does the WordPress categories widget allow you to add icons to your categories, but also you can also choose from a variety of different fonts and colors. You can either choose the icon from the icon library or from your device. Choose what suits your needs well. Also, add a custom subtitle to your list with the help of this amazing category list widget.  With its ability to seamlessly integrate with the other elements on a page, the Elementor list widget provides endless possibilities for website design and customization.

Best Elementor Addons Bundle
Best Elementor Addons Bundle

Additionally, this website category list widget includes a custom subtitle option, allowing you to add a little personality to your lists. The style tab has elements to create an attractive web page for your categorized listings. Personalize the color, typography, and margin of your lists of items. Adjust the space between each item with a simple drag slider available in the style tab. 

For instance, if you have a blog with multiple categories, you could use the widget to display links to all of the categories on your site.

Furthermore, the additional features of the Elementor category widget by the Move Elementor plugin offer the capabilities to customize Hover Effects, Motion Effects, Background, and Border customization.

What are the use cases of an Elementor Category List Widget on a website?

Whether you’re looking for a way to organize your posts or simply want to add a bit of personality to your blog, the Elementor post category list widget is the perfect solution. The Elementor Categories widget comes in handy to help your site visitors quickly see the categories you want to present. It displays a list of the categories that you’ve assigned to published posts, so people can easily find the information they’re looking for. Additionally, the listing elementor can be used to showcase products or portfolio items on an eCommerce site.

The following are some significant benefits of using the Elementor category list widget:

  • Great for creating a list of blogs or items on your website. 
  • Automatically show an image with each post-perfect for showcasing your products.
  • Easy to customize to suit your needs. 
  • Categorize your content as per requirements. 
  • It assists users to find their desired information quickly and efficiently.
  • Provides an easy way to display your categories, allowing you to keep your website’s navigation neat and tidy.

Pricing Plan: HT Mega and Move Addons

Check the pricing table for Move Addons and HT Mega plugins.

HT MegaMove Addons
1 Website: $39/year1 Website: $39/year
5 Websites: $69/Year 5 Websites: $89/Year
999 (Growth Package) Websites: $99/Year Unlimited Websites: $179/Year
Buy Now or Check Pricing Plan Buy Now or Check Pricing Plan
Pricing Plan: HT Mega and Move Addons


The Elementor Categories Widget is the perfect tool for adding an engaging and professional-looking category list to your website. With this widget, you can quickly and easily add a list of categories to any page or post on your website. The widget is easy to use and looks great on any website. With such a widget, you can easily and quickly add a list of categories to any page on your website. To add a professional touch to your website, the Elementor WordPress Category Widget is the perfect solution.

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