Start an eCommerce website with WordPress

eCommerce websites are becoming more prominent day by day as an increasing number of people are shopping online. According to Statista online retail e-commerce sales are going to reach USD 4.13 trillion in 2020.

plugins available to set up your online WordPress

What can you do with WordPress e-commerce website?

WordPress is easy to use and is the number one Content Management System ( CMS ) in the world. WordPress provides one of the best e-commerce platforms for selling your products online. There is a list of plugins available to set up your online WordPress e-commerce website.

Things you need for a WordPress e-commerce website?

To Start an eCommerce website with WordPress you need a domain name and a hosting service.

Domain name – A domain name is your unique address on the web. It is the name of your e-commerce shop or website which people can access online by typing on a web browser.

Hosting service – You need to sign up for a hosting service. A hosting service will provide you with access to a web server where you can upload your WordPress files. A web server is the home of your website.

7 Simple steps to Start an eCommerce website

Install WordPress

After you have purchased a domain and a hosting service. You need to install WordPress either through using an auto-installer from your Cpanel or manually uploading your WordPress files after you downloaded and unzipped them from the WordPress repository.

You can upload your WordPress files to your web server's public_html directory to do so you can use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program like FileZilla. You should use the FTP account information provided by your hosting company to use the FTP software application.

Choose, install and customize a theme

WooCommerce Theme

After you have installed WordPress on your web server, then you need to choose, install, and customize a WordPress theme of your choice which is woocommerce friendly. You should consider selecting the WordPress theme that meets your design, functionalities, features, and other requirements.

Install and configure woocommerce


Now you need to install and configure the woocommerce plugin. The woocommerce plugin is the number one e-commerce plugin for WordPress. You can install the woocommerce plugin by logging into your WordPress admin dashboard and clicking the plugins tab. There you will find an option to add new plugins.

After you have installed the woocommerce plugin you need to configure it by setting up the currency, payments, and shipping information. You also need to set up a cart page, a shop page, a checkout page, and account pages.

Choose, install and configure additional plugins

You will also need to choose, install, and configure additional plugins as well as recommended plugins for woocommerce. Some of the additional plugins you might need are Yoast SEO for optimizing your website content for SEO, contact form 7 plugin for setting up a contact form, different page builder plugins like Elementor page builder, etc. The additional plugins you might need depending on the different features you might want for your website.

Add new products with woocommerce

You can add new products with woocommerce by clicking on the products section from your WordPress admin dashboard. You also need to create new product categories, add a product description, and provide product-related information like inventory information, shipping information, pricing information, etc.

Add relevant content to your pages

You will need to check if any information on any of your pages is missing and fill them up with relevant content like proper texts, images, videos, etc.

Publish your website

After you have completed all of the steps above, now it is time to publish your website. You can do so by just clicking the publish button on all of your pages and posts.

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Start an eCommerce website with WordPress
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