Top 10 Best Code Editors 2023

The Best Code Editors of 2023 can have a huge impact on your everyday workflow productivity. As a software developer, you are likely to spend hours every day on a code editor. This means the right code editor customized according to your particular need is essential for increased productivity and to eliminate and fix coding errors.

So, today we are going to take a look at top 10 best code editors of 2023.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is an open-source and completely free code editor from Microsoft. It provides autocomplete features based on IntelliSense. It is particularly helpful in code refactoring and debugging. It is also easy to use with Git and is fully customizable with many extensions. It is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.


Atom has an easy to use interface and has an integrated package manager for plugins support. It also supports auto-complete features and allows cross-platform editing. The atom code editor is completely free and supports the command palette. Atom is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.


Notepad++ was written in C++ and is a very popular code editor. It supports syntax highlighting for the most common programming languages. It has an entirely customizable Graphical User Interface. It also supports auto-completion and macro recordings and playback.

Notepad++ comes for free. It is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.


Textmate is a free code editor for Mac Computers. It supports many programming languages and has auto-indent features. It also has a dynamic outline for working with multiple files and can run shell commands from within a document. It also has visual bookmarks to jump between places in a file and has CSS like selectors to find the scope of actions and settings. Textmate also has a pop-up function for quick overview and navigation. Text Mate is one of the best code editors of 2023.


NetBeans is an open-source code editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It has easy to use and efficient project management tools, and offers fast and smart code editing. It also supports rapid user interface development and helps you write error-free code. Netbeans comes for free.

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Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a lightweight and easy to use code editor. It is highly customizable with a growing list of plugins that can be installed from a package manager. It also comes with many themes and color pickers. It is priced at around 80 USD. Sublime Text is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.


Brackets code editor was built by Adobe. It is an open-source code editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has quick edit features and offers a live preview. Brackets also come with an inbuilt extension manager. It is free to download and use.Brackets is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.


Vim is an open-source and advanced code editor that comes for free. It provides extensive plugin support and can be integrated with many tools. It also supports macro recording and playback and has a powerful search and replace option. Vim also supports hundreds of programming languages and file formats.

Komodo Edit

Komodo edit is an easy to use code editor. It helps in debugging, unit testing, and code refactoring. It is also easily integrated with Grunt, Docker, and Vagrant, etc. Komodo edit can be run on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. Komodo Edit is now available for free to download and use. Komodo Edit is one of the Best Code Editors of 2023.

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Emac is a UNIX based code editor that allows you to easily add, delete, and modify code. It also has complete built-in documentation and supports Unicode for many human scripts. Emacs also has a packaging system for installing and downloading extensions and is highly customizable using Emacs Lisp code.

Emacs can be used in Mac, Windows, and Linux computers and comes for free.

Why do you need code editors?

Code editors are essential tools for software developers, programmers, and web designers, as they provide a streamlined environment for writing and editing code. Here are some reasons why you need code editors:

Syntax Highlighting: Code editors use syntax highlighting to color-code different parts of the code, making it easier to read and understand. This feature is handy when working with large code files that contain multiple lines of code.

Auto Completion: These tools can automatically complete code snippets, functions, and variable names, saving time and reducing errors.

Debugging: It comes with built-in debugging tools that help developers identify and fix errors in their code.

Customizability: These are highly customizable, allowing developers to customize the interface, add plugins, and configure settings to suit their needs and preferences.

Collaboration: These editors often come with features that allow developers to collaborate on code with other team members in real time.

Efficiency: It also helps developers write and edit code more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing development time.
So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, a good code editor is an essential tool for writing and editing code.

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Top 10 Best Code Editors 2023, Top 10 Best Code Editors For PC Windows and Mac