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Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

HT Easy GA4 (Google Analytics 4) is one of the best WordPress Analytics Plugins that offers a unified view between app and web, a user-friendly interface, intelligent privacy features, and a wide range of standard and e-commerce reports. Gain valuable insights and optimize your online presence effortlessly.

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Exciting Features

Discover the dynamic features of HT Easy GA4 that empower your analytics journey. From a unified view between app and web to customizable reports, e-commerce events, and a user-friendly interface, it's a powerhouse for data-driven decision making.

Google Analytics 4 Support

WooCommerce Integration

Affiliate Link Tracking

Unified View Between App and Web

Enable E-commerce Events

Standard & E-commerce Reports

Choose Measurement ID

A Plethora of Parameters

E-commerce Events

Video Tutorial and Documentation

HT Easy GA4 provides comprehensive support through video tutorials and documentation. The plugin offers easy-to-follow video tutorials that guide you through its features and functionalities. Additionally, detailed documentation is available to help you effectively utilize and maximize the benefits of HT Easy GA4.

Exclusive & Special Features

Experience the power of HT Easy GA4 with its exclusive and special features.

Google Analytics 4 Support

Harness the power of Google Analytics 4 with HT Easy GA4. Gain a unified view between app and web, access advanced reporting tools, and leverage intelligent user privacy features for enhanced analytics insights.

Unified View Between App and Web

Experience a seamless and unified view of your app and web analytics with HT Easy GA4. Consolidate your data across platforms for a holistic understanding of user behavior and performance insights.

E-commerce Events

Track and analyze e-commerce events effectively with HT Easy GA4. Monitor crucial actions such as product views, category views, add to cart, initiate checkout, and purchases to optimize your online sales and marketing strategies.

Generate and View Reports for a Custom Period of Time

Tailor your analytics reports to your specific needs with HT Easy GA4. Generate and view reports for any custom period of time, allowing you to focus on the data that matters most to your business.

WooCommerce Integration

Seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with HT Easy GA4. Track e-commerce activities, monitor sales performance, and gain valuable insights to optimize your online store and boost revenue.

Choose Measurement ID

Take control of your analytics tracking by choosing your desired measurement ID with HT Easy GA4. Customize and configure your tracking setup to align with your specific tracking requirements and objectives.

Login With Google

Streamline your login process with the convenience of the "Login with Google" feature in HT Easy GA4. Sign in effortlessly using your Google account, making access to analytics and data management a breeze.

Compare Chart Reports With Previous Periods of Time

Effortlessly compare chart reports with previous time periods using HT Easy GA4. Gain valuable insights into trends and changes in user behavior to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategies.

Affiliate Link Tracking

Effortlessly track affiliate links with HT Easy GA4. Gain valuable insights into referral traffic, track conversions, and optimize your affiliate marketing strategies for maximum effectiveness and revenue generation.

Standard & E-commerce Reports

Access comprehensive standard and e-commerce reports with HT Easy GA4. Gain valuable insights into user behavior, website performance, e-commerce transactions, and revenue to make informed data-driven decisions for your business.

View Reports from WordPress Dashboard

Effortlessly access and view your analytics reports directly from your WordPress dashboard with HT Easy GA4. Stay informed about your website performance without the need for separate platforms or logins.

Quick and Easy Setup (no coding needed)

Set up HT Easy GA4 quickly and effortlessly without any coding required. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that allows you to start tracking and analyzing your website and app performance in no time.

At a glance, you can see all the reports.

Standard Reports

E-commerce Reports


eCommerce Events

Unlocking Business Potential with HT Easy GA4 Your Pathway to Enhanced Analytics Insights

HT Easy GA4 caters to a diverse audience, including individuals and businesses seeking to leverage Google Analytics for insightful performance enhancement.

Website Owners

Strategically monitor site traffic, user behavior, and engagement patterns.

Content Creators

Tailor content by measuring performance, engagement, and user preferences.

eCommerce Business

Optimize online stores by tracking sales, revenue, and customer interactions.

SEO Specialists

Craft successful SEO strategies through organic traffic, and user path analysis.

Digital Marketers

Refine marketing strategies through effective campaign analysis and identification.

Small Business Owner

Optimize marketing efforts by comprehending customer behavior and user experiences.

App Developers

Enhance user experiences by understanding app usage and user demographics.

Marketing Agencies

Provide clients with valuable analytics reports to support data-driven recommendations.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses. Choose the plan that matches your needs and unlock powerful insights today.ย 

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For 1 Website (Yearly Fee)


59 USD

  • For 1 website.
  • 1 Year Update and Support.
  • For personal/client website.
  • 1 Year Access.
For 5 Website (Yearly Fee)


99 USD

  • For 5 website.
  • Free Update and support.
  • For personal/client website.
  • 1 Year Access.
For 25 Website (Yearly Fee)


199 USD

  • For 25 websites.
  • Free Update and support.
  • For personal/client websites.
  • 1 Year Access.

Wisdom Shared by Those Who Utilized Google Analytics

Google Analytics transformed ArtVista, boosting revenue by 300% YoY. The insights enhanced our strategies, understanding user behavior for tailored experiences.
Sarah Williams
Marketing Lead
Data-driven strategies with Google Analytics mean 40% higher revenue growth, per Dell Global Technology Index. Market insights pave the way for expansion.
Emily Walker
Finance Manager
Investing in analytics, like Google Analytics, yields $10.01 ROI on average (Nucleus Research). It's more than data โ€“ it's a pathway to profitability.
Laura Martinez
Google Analytics means 116% higher profits, says McKinsey. Analytics empowers businesses, uncovering patterns for competitive advantages.
Ryan Carter
Data Analyst
Google Analytics is a small business's best friend. Features and insights help me track progress and make smart decisions in real-time.
Jason Taylor
MIT Sloan reveals top performers use analytics 5x more. Google Analytics is the growth catalyst, enabling data-driven decisions for success.
Alex Turner
Operations Director

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Yes, Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress HT Easy GA4 provides a unified view between app and web, allowing tracking across platforms.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 is compatible with WooCommerce, enabling seamless tracking of e-commerce activities. HT Easy GA4 is a WooCommerce analytics plugin.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 offers the ability to compare chart reports with previous periods of time for insightful analysis.

HT Easy GA4 offers standard reports like session chart, page view chart, bounce rate chart, and more.

HT Easy GA4 includes e-commerce reports that display metrics such as transactions, average purchase revenue, and total purchase revenue. Optimize your online store with Google Analytics for WooCommerce, enhancing informed decision-making.

HT Easy GA4 WordPress analytics plugin offers comprehensive e-commerce reports, including transaction data, average purchase revenue, total purchase revenue, and product-specific metrics, helping you measure the success of your e-commerce efforts.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 WordPress traffic analytics includes a device types chart that enables you to monitor and analyze the usage patterns across various devices.

Absolutely! HT Easy GA4 allows you to track the performance of individual products, including views, purchases, and quantity. HT Easy GA4, is the best analytics plugin for WordPress.

Absolutely! HT Easy GA4 allows you to generate and view reports for any custom period you desire.

HT Easy GA4 provides a convenient feature that allows you to view reports right from your WordPress dashboard.

Absolutely! HT Easy GA4 enables tracking of e-commerce events such as product views, cart additions, and purchases. Optimize WooCommerce Google Analytics integration for insightful e-commerce decision-making and enhanced insights.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 provides charts to track user types and device types for a comprehensive understanding of user behavior.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 best Google Analytics WordPress plugin offers lists of top referrers and top products to help you identify valuable traffic sources and popular products.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 best free analytics plugin for WordPress allows you to track and identify the top sources of referring traffic to your website or app.

HT Easy GA4 provides a user types chart that allows you to analyze and compare the behavior of different user segments.

Yes, HT Easy GA4 best Google Analytics plugin WordPress incorporates intelligent user privacy and tracking features to ensure compliance and protect user data.

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