Podcast Episode 1: WooLentor

Host: Today we are going to talk with Mr. Aslam Hasib. Managing Director at HasThemes. We'll talk about one of their best products called WooLentor. Hello WooLentor Team, how are you doing today?

WooLentor Team: I am doing great, thank you. What about you?

Host: I am doing awesome. So I would like to ask you some questions about WooLentor. All right?

WooLentor Team: Yeah sure.

Host: What exactly is WooLentor?

WooLentor Team: WooLentor is a WooCommerce Addons for Elementor Page Builder, it allows customers to create custom products grid and WooCommerce pages. Also, there are few features to enhance an online store.

Host: Would you please tell us about some features of Woolentor?

WooLentor Team: Well, I am glad you asked. WooLentor has WooCommerce template builder to create custom products and WooCommerce pages. There are 42 styles to display WooCommerce products. Not only that but also there are some amazing features included in WooLentor which are:

(i) Sales Notifications:
This feature allows showing the live sales notification or popup to display real/fake orders and it is easily manageable.

(ii) Rename Label:
It allows renaming labels for Shop, Product details, Cart, Checkout page text.

(iii) Call for price:
You may have products without any price. Your customer can call you to know the price. There are many online stores where the products are displayed without any price. For this type of website, we have added the feature. If anyone clicks on the “Call for price” button from a mobile, a customer can easily contact you by phone call.

(iv) Suggest Price
Using this feature a customer will be able to suggest a price for your products. You can add this button anywhere on your product detail page and it is easily customizable.

(v) Special Day Offer Banner
There are many special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Discounts and offers can increase store sales these days. A beautiful banner can attract the attention of visitors and sometimes it increases the conversion rate by 15-30%. Recently we have added a feature for adding special day offer.

Host: Can we use it with the free version of Elementor?

WooLentor Team: Yes, of course. You can use it with the free version of Elementor.

Host: What is the difference between the licenses?

WooLentor Team: One year license is for 1 year update and support, on the other hand, lifetime licenses are for lifetime access, update, and support.
Personal license is for 1 website only and we provide only WooLentor Pro plugin with this license.
Developer license is for Unlimited websites, all of our Elementor Themes and plugins are included in the developer license.
Agency Bundle is also for Unlimited websites, but it includes more items than developer license. All of our WordPress themes and plugins are included here.

Host: Can we use it for our client's websites?

WooLentor Team: Yes, you can use it for your client's websites.

Host: How a customer will get support after purchasing your product?

WooLentor Team: We are trying our best to provide the best quality support to our customers. We help our customers to set up the plugin without any cost. They can contact us after purchasing a license. If there any issue found, we try to fix the issue as soon as possible. Normally we take 24 hours maximum to solve any issue. If we are unable to fix any issue, we refund the money to our customer. We recommend reading our refund policy before purchasing any product from our website.

Host: What is your plan for WooLentor?

WooLentor Team: We are adding new features to WooLentor regularly and keeping it updated with the latest technology.

Host: Why should a customer purchase Woolentor Pro?

WooLentor Team: I do believe this is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce. This plugin offers tons of features to boost sales in a store. Already 15,000 websites are using this plugin and they can’t be wrong. We provide video tutorials for our customers so that anyone can use our plugin easily. Also, I can guarantee the best quality support after purchasing a license.

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