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How to install a Shopify theme in my store?

  1. Extract/unzip your download file, there you will find a theme file (
  2. Login the Shopify backend and click “Online Store”.
  3. Upload the zip file( that contains the theme file.
  4. Finally, Publish it.

How to update a new version in my store?

  1. Upload the updated version of your store.
  2. Click “Edit code” of the current version –

    Click on the Edit code

    then open “settings_data.jason” and copy the code.

  3. Now click “Edit code” of the updated version, then open “settings_data.jason” and paste code –

    Configure your code

  4. Finally, publish the updated version.

How to import demo content in my store?

  1. You will get a folder named “Demo Content” from the downloaded files. Open the folder first. There you will see a folder named “Presets”. You’ll get all the home demo versions inside that folder.
  2. All you have to do is:
    1.Choose the demo version which you want to use and open it. After that copy the code.
    2.Now click on “Edit code”. To do this please follow the screenshot:

    Navigate edit code from the action

    then open “settings_data.json” and paste the code like the screenshot below:

    Edit code and clikc on the save button

When I upload the theme then showing the error! How can I solve it?

You uploaded the wrong file! First, extract/unzip the downloaded file, then enter the “Theme File Needs to Upload” folder then upload the theme file.

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