Shopify FAQ

  1. Extract/unzip your download file, there you will find a theme file (
  2. Login the Shopify backend and click “Online Store”.
  3. Upload the zip file( that contains the theme file.
  4. Finally, Publish it.
  1. Upload the updated version of your store.
  2. Click “Edit code” of the current version –

    then open “settings_data.jason” and copy the code.

  3. Now click “Edit code” of the updated version, then open “settings_data.jason” and paste code –

  4. Finally, publish the updated version.
  1. You will get a folder named “Demo Content” from the downloaded files. Open the folder first. There you will see a folder named “Presets”. You'll get all the home demo versions inside that folder.
  2. All you have to do is:
    1.Choose the demo version which you want to use and open it. After that copy the code.
    2.Now click on “Edit code”. To do this please follow the screenshot:

    then open “settings_data.json” and paste the code like the screenshot below:

You uploaded the wrong file! First, extract/unzip the downloaded file, then enter the “Theme File Needs to Upload” folder then upload the theme file.

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