Shopify Theme Installation

Theme Installation

Extract your download file and upload Theme file (

Install theme via Shopify Dashboard

  • Login the Shopify backend and click “Online Store”
  • Upload the zip file that contains the theme file
  • Finally Publish it
shopify online store
upload shopify theme
publish shopify theme

Import Demo Content

If you want to design your store like our demo/preview site

Demo content files are included in the downloadable file (that you have downloaded from our market place)

import shopify demo content

Go to “Demo Content” folder and open “Presets” folder

import shopify demo content

1. Choose any preset file, open it using any text editor (e.g. notepad, notepad++) and copy all the code.
2. Now go to your online Shopify store backend Click “Online Store”
2. Click on “Actions” button then click “Edit Code”

Open “settings_data.json” file and paste the copied code here

Now save it and you're done

Store Settings

General (Currency)

Editing the HTML for currency formatting

1. From your shop admin, go to the Settings / General
2. Scroll down and then you will see a “Standards & formats” block. Find the “Currency” there
3. Select your currency
4. Click “Change formatting”
5. Replace selected text and click Save

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>
<span class=money>${{amount}}</span>

shopify currency settings


1. From your shop admin, go to the Settings / Payments
2. Choose a payment gateway to accept payments for orders. Than checkout page is work


1. From your shop admin, go to the Settings / Checkout
2. Select Accounts are optional

shopify checkout


1. From your shop admin, go to the Settings / Shipping
2. To enable shipping calculator, please configure your shipping rates. Set up shipping rates

Install Apps

Set Product Review APP
1. Install product review app Shopify Reviews or Ali Reviews

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