Disable or deactivate WordPress Plugins per page

Today I am going to show you how to disable or deactivate WordPress plugins for a page or post. To increase website features, normally we use a plugin. This plugin has JS and CSS codes which load when a visitor is browsing a page. Sometimes, it increases the page loading time and creates an effect on the overall performance of a website.

Suppose, you are using a plugin for Google Maps to display that on a specific page of your website but the CSS/JS files are loading on all over the pages, which is not necessary. These codes on other pages are not doing any work but reducing the page speed. So it better to deactivate those codes on the pages where they are not required.

That is why we have built this awesome plugin “WP Plugin Manager” to deactivate plugins per page. Which helps you to improve website performance.

How to use WP Plugin Manager

To install this plugin, go to your WP Dashboard, Plugins and add new.
Search by “wp plugin manager by hasthemes
Install and activate the plugin.

How to install WP Plugin Manager

After activating the plugin, you'll find an option “Plugin Manager” under the Plugins menu.
All of the plugins, installed on a website will be found here.
There is an option to disable plugins per page/post.

WP Plugin Manager Option panel

A plugin can be deactivated by a custom URL (a URL that contains certain words). This is a pro feature.

Suppose, you are using WooCommerce Plugin. It is not required to load WooCommerce CSS/JS files on about and contact pages.

– Enable deactivation
– Select URL Type (Page/Post)
– Select page

Disable or deactivate WordPress Plugins per page

Performance Checking:

There are a few tools available to check the website performance ( Loading time, page analyze etc.)
1. Google Pagespeed Insights
2. Pingdom 
3. Firefox Dev Tools 
4. Chrome DevTools 
5. Edge F12 Dev Tools 
6. Safari Web Inspector Guide 

If you view page source,

view source

plugins code

You will find that unnecessary WooCommerce or other plugin files on the home page or about page are loading and increasing the page loading time.So, you can disable the plugins for your respective pages and it will make your page faster.

To test the loading time and performance,You can check a page speed before and after disabling the plugins using the WP Plugin manager.Definitely, your website speed/performance will be better than before.

Why we should use the “WP Plugin Manager” plugin?

1. Reduce the page size.
2. Reduces the number of HTTP requests.
3. Increase the overall performance of a webpage.
5. Make a webpage faster (up to 90%).
6. Increase conversion, because conversion is proportional to website performance.

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