The best Software License Manager for WordPress

Why do you need a software license manager for WordPress?

A software license manager for WordPress is an essential WordPress plugin which will not allow you to add licensing to your product but also manage product updates. Today we are going to take a look at Elite Licenser. Elite Licenser is one of the best software license managers for WordPress.

Elite Licenser is one of the best Software License Manager for WordPress

Elite Licenser is a product licensing software for WordPress. This plugin can be used for product licensing of any type of product on WordPress. It auto-generates license code and has built-in Envato licensing verification system, full license control, and many other features.

We are using Elite Licenser to Manage our license system. 

The new version of the elite licenser has auto licensing integration for WordPress. It also has sample code generation for C#.NET and VB.NET.

Elite Licenser is one of the best software license managers for WordPress and allows auto licensing for your WordPress theme. It is used by many elite authors to license their products on WordPress.

Elite Licenser is a license manager for multiple types of products including multiple WordPress plugins, multiple WordPress themes, multiple PHP applications including Joomla and other content management systems, multiple java or android applications, etc.

Elite Licenser has some built-in awesome and powerful features. One such feature is its custom license type which allows you to create multiple custom license types like single license, multiple licenses, 1-year license, etc.

Elite licenser also allows you to detect forum sharing because you can set the verification counter. You can also set the maximum domain on each license type. Elite licenser also has URL based restrictions that will restrict a license key with URL and if a product is bought with individual license fee you cannot install and use it on multiple URLs.

Elite Licenser, also has a full set of API which allows it to be used by multiple applications.

Elite Licenser can also be used with Woocommerce and you can easily create license code for your Woocommerce digital products.

Elite Licenser protects your products and puts a stop to nulled or pirated versions of your software. Elite Licenser is very easy to use allowing 1 click product license for WordPress and PHP applications. It also has built-in Envato purchase code verification. Its full set of API can support any 3rd party application. Elite Licenser also has a built-in product update manager which will help you to keep your product updated.

Elite Licenser also has 3rd party-app hook which is a hook system that allows instant notification from 3rd party applications like membership apps or when a new client or license is added into the system from a 3rd party app.

It also allows you to remove a license at any time when you think a client has stolen your license or using your product without your permission.

Elite Licenser is the best software license manager for WordPress available today because it is easy to use and comes with multiple and awesome features.

It is also supported by: 

  1. Envato Market
  2. FastSpring 
  3. Paddle
  4. WooCommerce

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