Ella Shopify Theme Review 2021

Ella is a multipurpose Shopify Theme that enables you to create different sites with specific layouts easily. Multiple purposes make it versatile for any type of business and simplify the installation process, which takes only one click! 

No matter what industry you are in, a professional website design is crucial for showcasing your products to potential buyers and impressing them with sleek features.

Fortunately, Ella does not disappoint! With eye-catching banners and product blocks over 17 Homepage layouts, 07 stunning Shopping pages, and 09 Product pages, you will be able to make your website perfect for any niche and skyrocket your sales like a pro!

Plus, with multiple headers & footers that are customizable too, you are sure to find the style of layout that suits all tastes.

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Installing this theme is super easy, and the process includes three basic and simple steps. All you need to do is: 

1) Downloading the theme package that comes in zip format from ThemeForest.

2) Extracting the downloaded zip file.

3) Now finding the file: ella-4.1.0-sections-ready.zip in the folder titled New Ella Sections Ready 4.1.0. After that, you are required to upload the ella-4.1.0-sections-ready.zip file to your Shopify store.

It is recommended to back up your theme and content before installing any new version of a theme.

Let's see what the Ella Shopify theme has to offer in terms of professional and creative design possibilities, as well as advanced functionality.

Ella Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme

22+ Stunning Homepage Layout

The theme offers 22+ homepage with different layouts for you to choose from. You can also customize your own homepage by adding sections, such as menu bar, blog section, featured products, collection, Instagram, etc.

6 Blog Page Layouts

In the Ella – Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme, you will find a variety of blog pages to help you tell your store's story on different topics. You may add a great and professional blog page to your business for some reading content for visitors and improve interaction by choosing any of the 6 blog page styles.

12+ Product Page Layouts 

A product page is an integral part of any online store and should be made to capture customers' attention. It is so much more than just a description of the item. It is an opportunity to showcase your brand and demonstrate why people should consider purchasing a particular product!

There are 12+ product pages designed here, which vary greatly based on their layout type and design style like Modern Style Product Detail Layout & Wide Image Gallery Design.

09+ Layouts Options for Category Page

This theme contains different category layouts available out-of-the-box. The default layout has the product image in a thumbnail, title of the section, number of products under the category, buttons for each category prompting to the shop page, etc.

They are extremely useful in better arranging your items and making it easy for visitors to browse through them and make purchases.1

Fast Loading Speed

fast loading shopify theme

Ella Shopify Theme is a lightweight theme with a blazing fast loading speed. It includes only the essentials and has been built on Bootstrap, meaning it will load quickly in any browser or device (PC, tablet, mobile). It has a very high score in terms of speed performance by GTMetrix.

Multiple Headers + Footers, Multiple Mobile headers

Ella Shopify theme has multiple headers, footer, and mobile header variations. You can choose from 10 header variations, 9 footer variations, and 3 mobile header variations. The headers of your shop will stand out with beautiful typography, icons, and menus.

Plus, you personalize it to make it resonate with the choices that are right for you! The footers have been designed with options to include a newsletter popup, links to important pages, and social media accounts.

There is also the option of removing any section that you don't need from your footers, such as adding logos, images, or colors using the customizable settings. The mobile header of the theme is explicitly designed to make it easy for visitors on mobile devices to find what they need and navigate.

Upsell Bundled Products (Offer Discount feature)

Upsell feature in the Ella Shopify theme

Is there a bundle of products in your inventory that you would like to be purchased together? If so, this feature will come in handy for you in the most efficient way without using an additional app! Create product packages for as many items and collections as you like!

When a client views a product, he will see the bundled items beneath it, which will display how much money he will save from purchasing bundled products. Also, an “add to cart” button for the entire product kit will be visible. In a single click, the bundled goods can be added to the cart!

Numerous Custom Pages 

To enable you to create a successful online store on Shopify, Ella brings all the essential custom pages at your disposal. This incredible multi-functional theme offers Lookbook; whether it is Lookbook, FAQs, Contact Us, Landing Page, Brands layout A-Z, Portfolio, About us, 404, Shop Instagram, etc., you will get them all in this incredible multipurpose Shopify theme.

08 Advanced Mega menu layouts

If you want your website to be user-friendly, it is important that you choose a theme with an attractive mega menu. Especially when you have a large website with multiple categories and subcategories, it can be difficult to find the perfect spot during product search.

But, Ella Theme offers 8 different stunning mega menus that are sure to get users where they need to go!

Quick Shop

quick shop option of ella shopify theme

One of the primary goals of online business is to reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to add items to their cart. A site may remove numerous hurdles, including clicks, and let customers begin their orders with simplicity and speed by employing Quick View/Quick Shop.

The advanced Quick Shop functionality in the Ella Shopify theme gives fast access to your product preview to the visitors mentioning the key details such as price, product size, etc., without loading the product page. You won't require any additional app for this state-of-art Quick Shop functionality!

Multiple Languages

ella shopify theme Multiple Languages supported

The theme's built-in functionality of multiple languages allows you to make your online store accessible to customers who speak other languages. This functionality is beneficial if you have a consumer base speaking languages other than English.

Express Order Module

The Express Order Module is a powerful feature that allows your customers to view all the variants (e.g., size, color) of the same product on a single page and quickly create orders based on their choices. It is perfect for businesses that need an efficient way of managing their orders from start to finish.

When customers place an order through your website, they will be automatically directed into this module, where they will complete their order in one place. 

One-Click Checkout

One-Click Checkout is a phenomenal module that creates an effortless checkout process for your customers. With this enabled, you can reduce the time it takes to complete a purchase with just one click!

Lazy Loading Image

The lazy loading image feature of this theme will speed up the initial load time and enable you to defer slow-loading page elements.

Advanced Size Chart (Different size chart for each product)

The Ella theme allows you to display the size charts for the items you sell. In your online store, you could have a variety of items in various sizes. This option is used to provide buyers with a view of products of varying sizes.

Size charts can be shown in one of four ways: using a product type, a product vendor, a different size chart for each product, or using the same size chart for all products.

Custom Product Tabs (Different content for each product)

Ella lets you display up to five distinct product tabs. The content of the tab can be the same for all items or unique to each one.

GDPR Cookie Popups

GDPR Cookie Popups come in real handy to make sure you are compliant with EU law in regards to privacy protection yet still keep up on what's happening now in the eCommerce world at the same time. 

Sticky Add to Cart

If you want your Add to Cart to be visible as visitors scroll down, the sticky add-to-cart becomes a useful tool. It is great for making your store more efficient. By including an option like this in your store, you can showcase brief details about the products added to the cart even while people keep scrolling down the webpage to explore more. The checkout process will become straightforward for all users in no time!

Ajax Popup For Login & Registration

With Ella, you can create AJAX Popup to ensure seamless login and registration experience, allowing users to log in or register for your site without leaving the page they are currently on.

Automatic Image resize

With the automatic Image resize option, you can impress visitors with your most attractive images. It will make the product images square automatically and perfectly so that they have a standout appearance to help boost sales. This auto-resize function is powerful but user-friendly for any Shopify store owner who wants to get ahead in their game!

Ajax Infinite Scroll module + Pagination/ Product Count

The Ajax Infinite Scroll module can be turned on for product pages so that new products continue to load automatically as the user scrolls down. Pagination/ Product Counts is a dynamic and responsive Shopify Theme feature that allows you to split products, blog articles, and search results across multiple pages.

Product Image Swap/ Advanced Product Swatches

Product image swap is a trending option for online stores. This feature allows customers to get a feel of the product instantly with all its colors and different looks. Ella lets you swap product images right away.

Also, the theme offers advanced product swatches replacing the regular drop-down menu of your color variants with elegant swatches. This option would be very crucial if you offer products that are available in different color variants.  

Lookbook Module

With the Ella Shopify theme, you can easily create lookbooks to keep your customers engaged with your products, as you can create custom product collections with this function. This is a marketing tool, and it is perfect for showcasing images of different products on offer in an exciting way.

There are two types of Lookbook page layouts which are Lookbook default and Lookbook custom.

Builder Sections on Homepage

This Shopify theme is built with Shopify Sections that allow you to create a variety of layouts on the homepage. With Ella, your homepage can be anything from a grid layout or timeline design where each item has its own individual section – perfect for displaying collections and other products in an easy-to-navigate way.

The Homepage Layout Builder allows you to choose if certain sections are sticky, allowing them to stay at the top of the screen as users scroll through their browsers.

You also have control over how many columns appear on your website's front page! Plus, customizing these screens is super simple thanks to our drag & drop builder interface, which lets you customize all text content and images effortlessly.

shopify theme bundle

Video Slider 

Incorporating video into your Slider can be done in two ways, either by using a Youtube or MP4.

New Wishlist Module

Ella's Wishlist feature is highly customizable – you can set the number of items a user can have in their wishlist and decide whether they should be able to add products from any category on your store.

Instagram Gallery

This feature adds a stylish and sophisticated Instagram section to your storefront, allowing customers to browse your finest products. You can add any number of images to your Instagram gallery and then display it on the home page. The widget is fully responsive, so you don't need to worry about whether or not your visitors are viewing it from a mobile device.

Grouped Product/ Frequently Bought Together with Discount

This theme allows you to generate grouped products based on product variants (size, color) and quantity and then add them all to the cart on a single page! For this, you will not require any additional Shopify app. You may also apply discounts to items purchased together in a group.

Brands Page by using Alphabet

If you have a brand page on your Shopify store, you can quickly display the products of multiple brands in your inventory to site visitors and determine your customers' preferred brands. The Ella theme allows you to exhibit your brands on a single page organized in an easy-to-use A-Z format.

Recent Sales Popup Notifications

The Recent Sales popups are designed to notify the store visitors about the latest purchased items, thereby developing trust and social proof among new store visitors.

Ajax Cart popup/ Ajax Sidebar Cart, Quick Edit Cart, Quick Update Cart

With Ajax Shopping cart popup and sidebar, you can now more conveniently manage the contents of your online store. Your customers will be able to quickly change and update quantities while browsing and also add products to the shopping cart without the hassle of reloading the page!

It will eventually enhance the usability and user experience when shoppers buy browse your online store to buy their products. 

Easy Custom logo, Favicon Uploading

Ella is a powerful multipurpose Shopify section theme that can be customized to your heart's content. Uploading a custom logo and favicon has never been easier, thanks to the modern interface, making it easy for any novice user with some basic skills. 

Newsletter Signup Popup

Ella includes a newsletter popup that you can use on your website to get subscribers. Get your site noticed with a professional newsletter popup that Ella makes available to you.

Upsell features

The Upsell feature in the Ella Shopify theme is perfect for taking your customers down a path to purchase more items from you. It is a good sales technique to allure your customers to purchase the upgraded version of the currently purchased product. 

Custom Product Labels

You can add a custom label (e.g. New, Sales, Trending, etc.) to the products to attract customers’ eyes at a glance. By adding the appropriate labels to the right products, you can give more exposure to your products and boost your sales.

Multiple Currencies, Auto currency by GEO location

The Ella Shopify theme auto-detects GEO location and changes currency according to it, so as a store owner you do not have to worry about changing or displaying prices in different currencies all across your product pages.

By activating this built-in feature of the Ella Shopify theme, you can allow your customers from different geo locations to see the item price in their respective currencies.

Hover Effect for Product Images

The theme introduces hover effects on images.  Therefore when anyone mouses over an image on your site, it will grow big with attractive animations that do not distract from browsing other products or content.

Fixed Header

Ella Multipurpose Shopify Sections Theme includes a fixed header.  This means that the header does not scroll with the rest of your page, but instead remains in a fixed position at the top.

In a word, Ella is the ideal solution that will help your Shopify store grow bigger and bigger! It has tons of advanced features and customizable options, so it can be tailored to each unique customer’s needs. With responsive design across all devices, you never have to worry about potential customers not being able to see what they want on their screen size. Give it a try today!

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