30+ Envato Shopify Themes for Your Business

Do you need a new theme for your Shopify store? If so, then check out this collection of Envato Shopify themes. You are sure to find one that will help transform your website into an online business powerhouse. All themes given below are 100% responsive and fully customizable with an easy-to-use drag and drop sections.

Choosing the right theme for your store can be a difficult task. This is why we’ve put together this handy list of Envato Shopify themes so you know which one to go with!

1.LezadaLezada Shopify ThemeDetails
2. CoranoJewelry Shopify ThemeDetails
3. LeArtsHandmade Shopify ThemeDetails
4. AiriMinimal Shopify ThemeDetails
5.PlantMoreFlower Nursery Christmas Shopify ThemeDetails

Lezada – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Envato Shopify Themes

Lezada is a perfect multipurpose theme for selling electronic products, fashion accessories, and any kind of retail product. Among the features include 11 different slider styles, 5 banner templates, drag and drop sections. The drag and drop sections offer 40 combinations in total! It also includes an extensive collection of header variations and footer variations to showcase your brand’s identity powerfully.

The best thing is you can create beautifully organized sections on your website by customizing the store layout with various banners. Banners include such as grid banners or masonry banners. There is also 7+ isotope filtering which will help customers easily find exactly what they need. You can now be sure customers will stay on your site.

Medizin – Medical Equipment Shopify Theme

Medizin Medical Equipment Shopify Theme

The Medizin- Medical Equipment Envato Shopify Theme is an excellent way to create a professional, modern website for your online medical equipment store. It provides 03 unique homepage variations, 30+ Drag & Drop Sections 3+ Header Variations; the homepage features an eye-catching slideshow powered by the slick slider. It also comes with a mega menu that makes it effortless to browse through all items and find what you’re looking for. You can advertise specific item(s) by showcasing them in one of the organized product categories like Hot Items, Daily Deals of Day, etc.

LeArts – Handmade Shop Shopify Theme

LeArts Handmade Shop Shopify Theme

LeArts is the right solution for building online handmade gift shops, furniture stores, art design studios and more. If you’re still not sure how to get started on your own site; LeArts can help make it happen. You can explore their 11+ homepages and you’ll understand that this company will be a perfect fit for any DIY -handmade website needs. It also has one feature which makes your site different from others is 360 Product View-which is easy to create no matter what level of technology expertise one has – so don’t let fear hold back creativity anymore!

Shopwise – eCommerce Shopify Theme

Shopwise eCommerce Shopify Theme

Shopwise is a robust theme. It is adorned with numerous useful features for the authors and visitors. You can display Furniture Store, Men and Women Fashion, Readymade Garments, Kids Fashion‌—all in the best way on Shopify’s newest eCommerce template: “Shopwise”.

This new design provides 6+ Home Versions (with alternate layouts). It also has 6 + slider Versions (to allow you to showcase your products effectively). More features include 35+ Drag & Drop Sections that are all customizable via CSS or code editor so as they will suit any taste! 5+ Header Variations 4 Footer variations come standard too – giving plenty of room for customization.

Yena – Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme

Yena Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme

Yena – Beauty & Cosmetic Shopify Theme is a modern, unique as well as responsive eCommerce Shopify theme. This eye-catching Shopify theme is looking nice for its clean and smooth design. You can apply this eCommerce theme as your own wish. With 8+ ready homepages, a quick install process, and sections that are fully customizable via drag and drop technology. Now you have the freedom to customize it in any way possible! The features of Yena -Beauty&Cosmetic also include multiple currency support. It also allows multi-language stores worldwide. Other features include a newsletter popup that provides an easy marketing tool to promote new products or deals without cluttering up your site’s main menu. It also has mega menus and 4 different types of sliders (full-screen slider ads).etc.

Payna – Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme

Payna Clean, Minimal Shopify Theme

Payna – Minimal Shopify Theme is a stunning website demo that you can use to build all kinds of eCommerce websites. You can use the Payna theme for selling Fashion Products, watches, Furniture, Flower, Wedding, and Cosmetics with just the click of your mouse button! And if none of those are what you’re looking for? Well then take advantage of our endless customization options which will help make any idea come true. With 19+ Home Versions on offer along with 16 different Revolution Slider Styles this template has something for everyone whether they want it minimal or extravagant – we’ve got them covered!

Raz – Furniture Shopify Theme

Raz Furniture Shopify Theme

Raz – Furniture Shopify Theme is a robust theme. It comes adorned with numerous useful features for the authors and visitors. The features include 15+ Home Versions, 10+ Revolution Sliders, 2+ Revolution Banners, 50+ Drag & Drop Sections, 7 Header variations, 3 Footer Variations

There are also many banners included in this design: including dropdown menus; listed products; articles blogs; videos. Lastly, there is a countdown timer banner that can be used to promote deal offers and new developments happening in the store! While all these helpful details are great saving time and offer plenty of ideas for your next big post on social media or blog. It’s an easy way to showcase various styles of slides to attract customers.

Robin – Furniture Shopify Theme

Robin Furniture Shopify Theme

Robin – Furniture Shopify Theme is a compact, robust theme. It is tailored to meet the needs of furniture merchants. With this theme you can display Men and Women Fashion, Furniture, Readymade Garments, Kids Fashion, Ornaments, Cosmetics and everything else in the most intelligent way on your e-commerce store.

Robin has 9+ home variations with multiple header variations that will pique all tastes and leave no one behind. The features are especially designed for those who want an easy installation like Quick Install (Shopify Builder) or are looking for dynamic ideas such as variable product or countdown product featured under promises & guarantee section rather than boring ‘get started’ section in other themes!

Minimal Shopify Theme – Zuka

Minimal Shopify Theme Zuka

Zuka comes in a minimalistic design that provides an elegant, yet modern look.

It includes many important features like unlimited color and fonts to user’s choice which can be edited with live customization without significant coding skills.

Since it is available as a Shopify Theme, you can make advanced changes to the template by changing personal settings from the theme editor panel. You will have full control over your website and won’t need any webmaster degree for doing so! Compare items side-by-side or list them all below one another – thanks to this eCommerce template’s flexibility it is easy to build any kind of layout or style with just some tweaks on the backend. It is only limited by your imagination!

Minimal Shopify Theme – Airi

Minimal Shopify Theme  Airi

Welcome to Minimal Shopify Theme – Airi! With features like the Quick Install, Alertbar notifying you of discounts or new arrivals, and a MegaMenu with Image; this design is perfect for showcasing your products in whatever language you want.

You’ll also find sections like Product with Carousel, Blog Layout Options (a popular e-commerce website layout that connects product list to editorial content), FAQs page (customizable and mobile responsive), dropdown navigation menu that doesn’t clutter the screen. What’s more? We have 24+ homepage layouts so you can fine-tune your homepage to perfection!

Olivia – Maternity Shop Shopify Theme

Olivia Maternity Shop Shopify Theme

Design your maternity store with this trending and beautiful Shopify theme that will increase sales. Get all the features you need to make a sale, such as an easy install, unique header, sections for product display, drag & drop building tools, plus more design customization options than any other maternity shop templates on Shopify.

Olivia is more than just a well-designed store; it’s also a way to connect with customers through newsletter popup notifications and social media integration. Easy installation guide found inside Olivia’s feature list makes designing your pregnancy website simple!

Billy – Food & Drink Store Shopify Theme

Billy Food & Drink Store Shopify Theme

Billy is the perfect theme for any food and drink store! With 6 different homepage layouts, this template makes it easy to display your products with a product listing slider. Billy’s eye-catching design is clean, professional, and ready to keep your customers coming back for more. It has all of the features you need in order to make your business successful: fully responsive layout; blog option; Brand logo section built-in; multiple currencies supported & sidebars on the left or right of the screen in RTL version).

Noraure – Mega Shop Shopify Theme

Noraure Mega Shop Shopify Theme

Noraure – Mega Shop Shopify Theme is a clean and elegant design – suitable for selling clothing, flower, cookery, accessories, fashion, high fashion, men fashion, women fashion, and more!

The Noraure theme conveys a classic yet modern feel with its creative and simple flat design. If you’re looking for that perfect touch to finish your Online Store – look no further than this awesome theme now! It has unlimited layout variations which will be sure to suit any page arrangement or requirement seamlessly.

Noraures boasts powerful customization features such as Slideshow Backgrounds with hover effect (colorful content slider), Seamless Product Images Featured on the Home Page using either Slider or Static Image mode including featured images from product gallery.

Ecolife – Multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ecolife Multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Theme

Ecolife is a professional multipurpose Shopify theme designed for any kind of business.

The design, the various sections, and drag & drop functionalities that make it easy to configure – all these are features of this modern theme.

Moreover, Ecolife comes with a wide variety of color options, so you can choose your favorite! You will be able to showcase your products in many different ways with the help of the fancy slider or carousel feature – both are responsive and dynamic. Do you want information about your product not just shown on your website but also on social media? The social share icon effectively solves this problem by automatically sharing new items across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+.

Lukani – Plant and Flower Shop Shopify Theme

Lukani Plant and Flower Shop Shopify Theme

With a unified look, the Lukani theme is designed to emphasize functional content and high-quality visuals. The Shopify theme offers a wide range of customization options including headers variants, mega menu design, product layout positions, etc. Lukani has advanced styling options as well as flexible video settings for different marketing needs.

Theme features include 5 home pages; 25+ easy-to-use modules; 4 header variations; dropdown menus; everything you need in one place! You can use various modules like featured products or banners on the homepage that your customers will surely love.

Junko – Electronics eCommerce Shopify Theme

Junko Electronics eCommerce Shopify Theme

Junko – Electronics eCommerce Envato Shopify Theme gives you all the complex features that come with a powerful e-commerce theme. It is combined with simplicity and ease for a great experience of using this theme. This makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced entrepreneurs. Now you don’t need to look any further for an Envato Shopify theme that meets all your requirements. Junko comes with 5+ home versions, 3+ slider styles, 25+ drag & drop sections. All these features will make building your website design more enjoyable. Junko also has draggable header variations, mega menu widget on products page or categories page, Search Bar at the top right corner, etc! The options with Junko are endless.

Safira – Organic Food Shopify Theme

Safira Organic Food Shopify Theme

Organic enthusiasts rejoice! If you require selling organic products on your website, Safira is the perfect Envato Shopify theme for these nature-loving entrepreneurs. Organic foodies will go crazy when they see all of the customization options that Safira offers, turning their site from something ordinary to a title contender — this is one business where taste rules over profit margins any day! It comes with International font support and an exclusive banner slider. The banner slider can be displayed as a home page feature or on selected product pages, and with flexible header layouts. Safira has everything you need to succeed in today’s modern grocery store market.

Makali – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Makali Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Makali is a creative and beautifully designed multipurpose Envato Shopify theme. It has some of the most innovative features available in the market including 60+ home versions, 40+ drag & drop sections for design your website up to your specification. It also comes with 50+ shop templates. Other features of Makali include 14 header variations with multiple slider layouts, 14 footer variations with a professional Instagram gallery. It is also equipped with an integrated page builder for endless customization opportunities.

Moreover, it is well-designed that you can create unlimited combinations based on each component link for every single product category in this theme without compromising its look or maintenance complexity even more!

With over 6 categories banners included to showcase different products in one place, Makali Theme meets all needs as a complete solution for small businesses.

Esther – Tools & Accessories Store Shopify Theme

Esther Tools & Accessories Store Shopify Theme

Esther is a responsive Shopify theme created with attentiveness to all the niche demands of online stores. The site has smooth animations and fluid scrolling, a clean design, and it can be customized according to your needs

The vibrant palette will help you set up your new online store in minutes. There are 16 drag-and-drop sections for easy setup. You will be able to customize anything from banners through tabs without any coding knowledge necessary. This customizable tool is also fully compatible with all devices so you don’t need to worry about not being seen on mobile screens

Website visitors never get tired of seeing the content as there are five home variations that enable them to check out several products at once and choose the one that satisfies their needs.

Antomi – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Antomi Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Antomi – Multipurpose Envato Shopify Theme is a beautiful and modern theme for your online shop. It has many features that will help you to present your items in a visually appealing way to the visitors and to make them buy more products from your website.

Antomi – Multipurpose Shopify Theme comes with a gorgeous slider, 20 color variations, follow/unfollow on social media icons, Thank you page template, and much more!

We offer 3 header variations: minimalist vertical banner as well as verticle drop-down menu which frame the content nicely; it’s also possible to use different hero banners for every product.

For any e-commerce customers, Antomi offers 4 shopping event notification bars that show above the cart button.

Monsta – Jewelry Shopify Theme

Monsta Jewelry Shopify Theme

Monsta is a complete and bold Shopify theme that has the potential to create an outspoken personality.

Creative, witty, engaging, and persuasive. This unique Jewelry Shopify Theme features creative hover effects with sharply textured backgrounds and vibrant product images. With responsive layouts, Monsta can be used on all screens from desktop desktops to mobile so shoppers have the best experience wherever they are shopping!

The vertical mega-menus make it easy for customers of any device size to find what they’re looking for in a visual way thanks to icons associated with each category: people who don’t like clicking around will appreciate these sections as products can easily be seen at first glance.

Koparion – Book Shop Shopify Theme

Koparion Book Shop Shopify Theme

Koparion Book Shop Shopify Theme is a responsive Shopify theme for your online bookstore or library. This theme includes 11 out of the box colors, and 18 widget areas, and 8 pre-installed header layouts. Koparion has been designed to provide customers with a quick and convenient shopping experience while on any type of mobile device including iPhone, iPad, or tablet.

With over 924 color selections, you can design a book store live as how you like it from simple layout changes to full website customization. Go all-in by adding exclusive features such as Mega Menu With Image, Slider With Images To Posts And Brands Testimonial sections and about page, etc. that will give your clientele the ultimate buying experience!

Pullman – Shoes Store Shopify Theme

Pullman Shoes Store Shopify Theme

Pullman- Shoes Store Envato Shopify Theme is a powerful and flexible custom CMS theme with an unlimited number of shop products. This template has all of the features a shopper would want in any shoe store, including:

5 homepages, 4 header variations, 3 sliders, responsively designed blog sections to help promote content effectively on your site; not to mention quick installation and a mobile-friendly layout. Pullman also comes with over 12 innovative banner templates that will never cease to impress shoppers as they browse your online shoe retailer. Pullman with its efficient storefront builder plugin and smooth integration with Shopify’s platform makes the shopping experience a breeze.

Susan – Book Store Shopify Theme

Susan Book Store Shopify Theme

The Susan – Book Store Envato Shopify Theme is a perfect theme for your online bookstore. This responsive and intricately designed theme enables your store to seamlessly fit on any screen size, giving every customer the best experience possible.

Susan allows you to display your book titles in an attractive carousel slider or as featured products. This gives your customers easy viewing of what you offer them. The MegaMenu feature provides an excellent way for visitors to navigate through your selection with ease and delight, ensuring they choose their favorite book from an assortment of genres. With a multitude of fonts to use and several different website layouts available with this theme, you can create the perfect storefront, tailored specifically to meet your needs and attract new customers which will show off just how many books buyers have available for browsing!

Tammy – Pet Care Shopify Theme

Tammy Pet Care Shopify Theme

Tammy helps you build an appealing & responsive e-commerce website for your business, which specializes in pet care. It’s mobile-friendly and one of the best Shopify themes on the market.

This powerful Envato Shopify theme offers beautifully designed pages that are professionally crafted to highlight product photos with a crisp white background and include a blog, newsletter popup, contact form, dropdown menu, and much more. It also comes with multiple currencies support to help save time when shopping for pets abroad! Tammy includes many different header styles with the ability to display banner ads or featured listings at the top of each page as well as successfully created layouts for Google AdSense banners.

Corano – Jewelry Shopify Theme

Corano Jewelry Shopify Theme

Corano is intuitive, elegant, and modern. This Envato Shopify Theme features a dark feel with easy-to-use headers in three variants.  It comes with many great options such as newsletter popup, quick view popup for products, and web banner to sort of captions/descriptions, and featured collections that have always been popular on ecommerce stores. The checkout process is simplified thanks to the Ajax popups cart integrated into the template. Advanced layout generates a user-friendly experience from any device and the store’s performance increase!

Cigar – Grocery & Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Cigar Grocery & Electronics Store Shopify Theme

Cigar – Mega Store Shopify Theme is a gorgeous and versatile Envato Shopify theme for any type of product. The theme features great style, with a simple and intuitive interface to make it easy to start your online store.

Choose from 4 home pages, an amazing set of custom sections in the following categories; header banner, website icon badge, social media channels pages like the Facebook page and Twitter account summary tab or blog posts category- left sidebar menu bar and right sidebar menu bar option; drag & drop layout builder that will help you create content without any coding knowledge required at all! You can be sure our theme will provide many benefits to your business even if you are just starting out because we have taken care of every single detail for you.

Ginza – Minimal Furniture Shopify Theme

Ginza  Minimal Furniture Shopify Theme

Tired of using a generic theme for your online store that hasn’t been updated in five years? Ginza minimal and elegant Envato Shopify theme is designed to help designers create an engaging shopping experience with an incredible number of features. Features include such as Navigation Menu widths, header area customization, improved social media integration, and the unique Quick view. You can even choose from one of three Header Types!

If you’re feeling uninspired, Ginza’s graphics team has got your back too. It has Featured Products on Product Pages, and also Collections for displaying beautifully arranged products together on product pages. Ginza also comes with new Banner designs every month from leading creatives around the world. Now, truly there are so many ways to make your entire website reflect the personality and essence of your company.

Kitchen Appliances Store Shopify Theme – Debaco

Kitchen Appliances Store Shopify Theme Debaco

A creative and beautiful Envato Shopify theme, Debaco has 20+ stunning features that you can use for eCommerce websites. Easily build a stunning site in minutes!

This impressive site template is perfect for any eCommerce website. The design features a modern and minimal web design. It comes with many stunning features such as 20+ drag & drop sections, 3 header variations. It also has 3 menu options (dropdown menu, mega-menu, or grid view), etc. Moreover, it has 1000s of unique products are available in 4 beautiful homepages styles (Clean Design, Modern Tiles Layout, Simple Pixels Home Page, or Flurry Homepage). These exciting page options make it easy to present items of all kinds.

Gengar – Tools & Toys Store Shopify Theme

Gengar Tools & Toys Store Shopify Theme

Gengar is a beautiful, e-commerce, and responsive theme that can be used for many purposes. With the options to customize store color and logo in pops of different colors. This theme will surely capture your imagination with its unique elements to make it one-of-a-kind. Gengar is Built on Shopify’s e-commerce platform. Gengar contains all the functionality you will ever need for selling online. It has features such as product catalogs and allows customization of sites through the Theme Customizer. You can now gain access to everything you need from one place!


Choosing the right Envato Shopify theme for your online e-commerce store can be sometimes a very difficult process. But do not feel daunted by all the options and features because all the above Envato Shopify themes have unique features and can be customized to give your online store a unique design and premium functionalities.

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