11 Best Gaming Website Templates HTML5 in 2021

If you're looking for Gaming Website Templates HTML5, then we have some great news: we've compiled a list of the 11 best Gaming Website Templates in 2021. These templates are perfect for any gaming website and will help your business stand out from the competition. In addition, we discuss features, pricing, and what makes these templates so great!

Are you a gamer? If so, I know how difficult it can be to create your gaming website. There are many gaming website templates available for help in this process, but they all seem to lack the features you want.

Well, worry no more! We have found an excellent template with everything you need, from social media integration to games and forums.

There are several Gaming Website Template HTML5 available in the marketplace today. However, not all Gaming Website Templates HTML5 have been created equally. If you're looking for the best Gaming Website Templates HTML5 in 2021 to start your gaming website, then this article is just for you! We've compiled a list of 11 Gaming Website Templates HTML5 that we think will serve as great options and give your business an edge over competitors.

Importance of Gaming Website Template HTML 5

Most forms of entertainment come and go. Some are just fads and others can’t seem to adapt to what the consumers want or are just not innovative enough. But throughout the years, there’s been one form of entertainment that’s always adapting and creating the best experience for their target market.

We’re talking about none other than VIDEO GAMES!

Given the popularity of the gaming industry even more so now in the digital age, you have got to make sure that your target audience can access your site anytime from anywhere, and of course, your site needs to be interactive, innovative, and aesthetically top of the line.

You don’t have to look far and beyond when it comes to ideas on designing your gaming website.  Here are some of the best gaming website templates you can choose from.

Gaming Website Templates

THEMEFOREST ­– all of these wonderful themes and templates can be accessed through the world’s largest gaming website template marketplace Themeforest.  

1. Bonx – Gaming Website Template HTML5 Version

Bonx - Gaming Website Template HTML Version

The Bonx gaming website template HTML5 version has a sleek and modern design that will suit any gamer. Whether you're looking for gaming news, reviews, or even ways to get started with esports betting on this platform – Bonx offers it all!

When you use this excellent bootstrap gaming template to develop a professional gaming website, you get over 20 HTML web pages, including an eye-catching homepage.

Try Bonx today to offer your website a unique gaming website design.

2. Gilbard Gaming Bootstrap 4 Template (HTML5)

Gilbard Gaming Bootstrap 4 Template

If we are talking about gaming website templates then we need to include the Gilbard Gaming Bootstrap 4 Template into the conversation first of all. This is what you can call an elite-level gaming template due to its adaptability on any screen which is very important today given that websites and games are played on almost all types of screens.

Of course, we are considering smartphones, tablets, and any other mobile devices where things are viewed from. This template is well-responsive and looks great on all devices. This template is also perfect for XBOX One, Origin, PS4, and a lot of other platforms.

It has got robust features and supports animation like a charm to give anyone who visits your website a unique and swell experience.

3. Godlike the Game Template

Godlike the Game Template

It’s not just the name but the Godlike the Game Template is indeed living up to expectations. It’s also based on Bootstrap 4 so you are sure that it’s adaptive on any screens that your website will be viewed in.

This HTML gaming template can showcase your game like no other and it has a clean and straightforward design that will surely be accommodating for any visitors. It’s perfect for forums and any other social pages that you plan to put up.

Also, it’s a good gaming website template for selling stuff online.

4. Good Games – eSports & Magazine Gaming Template

Good Games eSports & Magazine Gaming Template

With the advent of eSports today, you need to make sure that your gaming website can handle anything that comes with the demand. Fortunately for us, this Good Games – eSports & Magazine Gaming Template is specifically designed to do so.

 With this template, you can not only showcase your game but also whatever you want to sell. Also, it is perfect for a magazine website. This eSports template comes with a lot of news and updates so this template is also perfect for that functionality. Apart from that, it looks sleek and very interactive.

5. Indiega – Gaming HTML Template

Indiega Gaming HTML Template

Gaming, news, and entertainment, that’s what the Indiega – Gaming HTML Template is all about. You will not only have a website to showcase your game’s intricacies but a platform for everything else that you need to promote it.

Showcase your team, get a FAQs page up, testimonials, galleries, updates, and more. It’s based on BootStrap 3 and is guaranteed to have a clean and modern design.

6. MonsterPlay – eSports and Gaming HTML Template

 MonsterPlay eSports and Gaming HTML Template

MonsterPlay – eSports and Gaming HTML Template is an HTML template for your eSports and gaming needs. It has got 4 pre-packed demos and so you have a wide variety of looks and functionality to choose from.

It is perfect for E-commerce, so if you want to sell stuff online then go ahead and do so. It is ready for your social media pages, blogs, news, and everything else to get the word out that your game is online and ready to conquer the industry.

7. Ophela – Gaming Studio HTML Template

Ophela Gaming Studio HTML Template

The Ophela – Gaming Studio HTML Template aims to provide everyone a premium quality gaming website template. It is specifically designed to increase your conversion rates and get your game off the ground fast.

If you plan to put up a lot of gaming videos, updates, news, eSports and cater to an entire community then you need to take a closer look at this awesome template. It’s got stunning payouts and will surely entice anyone who dares steps foot in your realm.

8. Alchemists – Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News HTML Template

Alchemists Sports, eSports & Gaming Club and News HTML Template

This Alchemists – Sports, eSports & Gaming Club, and News HTML Template is everything that any developer can dream of. First of all, it is true to its name that it can create anything you want for any game you’ve developed.

That’s how interactive, innovative, and up-to-date this template is. Whether it is merchandise, news, updates, forums, FAQs, scoreboards, it covers everything at your disposal. It can accommodate any type of game too with its unique aesthetics and fun look.

9. Dooplo – Gaming Website HTML Template

Dooplo Gaming Website HTML Template

When you think about range, you think about Dooplo – Gaming Website HTML Template. This template can accommodate just about any gaming idea. So, if you think that you have a weird game then this is the template to go for.It’s highly customizable so you won’t have to worry about design.

10. Playdo – Online Gaming HTML Template

 Playdo Online Gaming HTML Template

For a crazy, stunning, and beautiful gaming website, go for Playdo – Online Gaming HTML Template. With all and everything available in this template package, you have limitless opportunities to build an outstanding gaming website.

For live gaming studios, pixel-perfect design, and everything else that comes in between this template is your best bet.

11. Necromancers – eSports Team HTML Template

Necromancers eSports Team HTML Template

Last but the least, we present the Necromancers – eSports Team HTML Template. As dark as that name sounds, this is one of the most innovative templates you can try today.

eSports? Let this template showcase your game to the world with all its full-screen glory. It is a perfect match for news pages, match results, FAQs, community building, etc.

Gaming Website Templates

There is nothing more exciting than playing a good game and winning. Gaming can be addicting, and it's no surprise that people want to share their gaming experiences with others. Gaming websites are the perfect place for gamers to do this – they provide an opportunity for gamers to talk about their favorite games, post pictures of themself in-game, or even show off their gaming skills by streaming live videos of themselves playing.
Gaming website templates HTML5 has become increasingly popular over the years because they offer a variety of features that make it easier for players to interact with each other online.
In this article we will discuss some of the best gaming website templates HTML5 available right now – 11 pages worth!

There are so many different types of gaming website templates available, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your requirements. Sure, there are some stunning designs out there that might work just fine depending on how you want your site to look. But we recommend taking our advice and selecting one of these 11 high-quality premium gaming website templates instead. Which template do you think would be most beneficial? Please let us know in the comment section!

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