How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error for a Website: Quick & Easy Ways

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error? This is a question that troubles many website owners. The 502 Bad Gateway error can be a major inconvenience, preventing people from accessing your website. In this article, we will discuss quick and easy ways to fix the 502 bad gateway nginx. We will also provide some tips on preventing it from happening in the first place. Let's get started!

What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error

How to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error
What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error

The 502 Bad Gateway Error is a type of HTTP Status Code error that tells users they were able to connect to an origin server however, the server was unable to deliver the requested web page. This error often occurs when something is blocking the request between your browser and the destination web server, such as a firewall or misconfigured proxy. 

It can also be caused by overloaded web servers or slow connections between the origin and destination servers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue and determine its source quickly.

What are the causes of 502 bad gateway error

Server overload

When Web servers are overwhelmed with requests due to incorrect coding, poor website maintenance, or sudden increases in web traffic, it can overload the server and result in a 502 Bad Gateway error.

Request blocked by a firewall

Additionally, if there is a security measure in place such as a firewall installed on the system, it may be blocking certain requests that it sees as malicious or suspicious and thus resulting in the 502 error. Both of these issues can usually be fixed quickly by increasing the capacity of the server or setting the appropriate firewall rules.

Faulty programming

The primary cause of this error is faulty programming, which can create an obstacle between users and the requested content they are trying to access. Additionally, this type of error can also be caused by a misconfiguration on the server side, like an overloaded server or unsuitable coding.

Network errors

There are numerous causes of the ‘502 Bad Gateway Error' message. Network errors are one such cause, usually resulting from a faulty proxy or router, disparate, or malfunctioning connection of two separate networks, or a server failure due to an overload or maintenance.

Server software timeouts

If the server cannot access the other server due to high latency or fails to receive a valid response, it can result in the 502 error. An overloaded web page or database connection may also be to blame for this error, resulting in an extended period of insufficient resources and associated timeout.

How to fix 502 bad gateway error

Refresh your browser:

When you come across the frustrating ‘502 Bad Gateway error', there might be hope yet to fix the issue. It is recommended to start off by refreshing your browser, as this can sometimes help reset the connection between your device and server, allowing you to resume regular browsing.

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Restart your equipment:

If you are experiencing a 502 Bad Gateway error, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but don't give up just yet! The first step in getting your system working again is to try giving it a restart. Rebooting your computer could help resolve the issue and get you online faster.

Clear your browser’s cache:

Even with a simple 502 Bad Gateway Error, such as when a website won't load properly, there's almost always an easy fix. One great place to start is by clearing your browser cache. Like most setting options within major browsers, finding the cache option should be fairly straightforward. Simply go into settings and search for it in the browser's search field. This information in the browser cache can become cluttered or corrupted over time, leading to errors like this.

Change your DNS server:

If you're constantly getting 502 Bad Gateway errors while browsing the Internet, it may be time to change your DNS server. Changing the DNS server service to Google's public DNS servers can help reduce this frustrating error as it allows your computer to connect to different websites quickly and easily. Open DNS servers offer improved speed, security, and reliability over what you might have set up by default with your Internet service provider.

Contact the website administrator or your ISP:

Dealing with a 502 Bad Gateway Error can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Fortunately, it’s possible to resolve the issue without much difficulty. One of the most important steps is to contact the website administrator or your Internet Service Provider (ISP). When you reach out, let them know that you’re receiving a “Bad Gateway Error” and they should be able to assist you with troubleshooting and helping fix the problem. 

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FAQs on 502 Bad Gateway Error

Can a firewall lead to a 502 Bad Gateway error?

Your Content Delivery Network (CDN) or firewall may also be to blame for the 502 gateway error.

Is a 502 Bad gateway always present?

The 502 bad gateway error is one of several common server issues that is only momentary and not permanent.

Is a virus a 502 Bad Gateway?

The 502 Bad Gateaway Error is not a virus. Rather, it is an error message that frequently results from problems with server communication.

The different 500 error codes

Although 500 errors can be very annoying, each status code bad gateway holds a significant amount of information for those who know how to read it. 

  • 500 – Internal Server Error” is the catch-all sign of a generic server error, while 
  • 501 – Not Implemented” means the server cannot comprehend or process the request. 
  • 502 – Bad Gateway” is displayed when there's an upstream server response error and 
  • 503 – Service Unavailable” suggests there's currently no access, usually due to maintenance or too much load.
  • 504 – Gateway Timeout” occurs when the gateway has timed out, waiting for other DNS servers to respond. 

All such issues can be resolved by the server admin or by contacting service providers if necessary.


The 502 Bad Gateway error is widespread and frustrating for many users. Thankfully, most of the time, it only manifests as a temporary issue that can be rectified by refreshing your browser or trying again later. It is highly recommended that users not attempt to fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error themselves but rather contact an IT specialist who can identify and resolve the problem due to its complexity.

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