Top 8 Live Chat Shopify Apps to Enhance Customer Relations

In the digital realm of eCommerce, effective customer relations are paramount. Dive into a world of enhanced communication with the top 8 live chat Shopify apps. These carefully selected apps redefine engagement, offering real-time solutions and transforming your online store’s customer relations.

Join us in exploring these dynamic applications designed to break communication barriers and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights. It’s time to revolutionize how you connect with your audience and build lasting relationships. 

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Importance of effective customer relations in eCommerce

Effective customer relations are crucial in the world of eCommerce. Building strong relationships with customers helps retain them and contributes to the overall success of an online business. Here are a few reasons why effective customer relations are important in eCommerce:

  • Trust and Loyalty: When clients feel their value is recognized, they begin to build trust in the brand. Complementing this trust by receiving appropriate support often catalyzes their transformation into loyal, dedicated customers. Positive interactions and excellent customer service help build trust, leading to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Providing exceptional customer service can significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Resolving issues promptly, addressing concerns, and ensuring a smooth buying experience contribute to customer satisfaction, resulting in higher customer retention rates.
  • Brand Reputation: The perception of a brand is significantly influenced by the quality and nature of its interactions with customers. Contented customers are more inclined to share favorable experiences, enhancing the brand’s positive image. Conversely, if customer relations are lacking, it can result in negative reviews and harm the brand’s reputation.
  • Increased Sales and Revenue: Satisfied and devoted customers are more inclined to make additional purchases and invest more money in a brand. By focusing on effective customer relations, online businesses can increase customer lifetime value, drive sales, and generate higher revenue.

Overall, prioritizing effective customer relations in eCommerce is essential for long-term success. It helps build trust, drive customer satisfaction, enhance brand reputation, increase sales, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Brief explanation of Shopify and live chat apps on Shopify

Shopify has revolutionized the way businesses sell their products and services online. Shopify, serving as a comprehensive eCommerce platform, simplifies the process for businesses to establish an online store, process payments, and oversee inventory. But what sets Shopify apart from other e-commerce platforms is the availability of live chat apps. 

These live chat apps allow businesses to easily communicate with their customers in real time, answering their questions and providing support. Such apps are essential for businesses to grow as they help to build trust and establish a reliable customer support network. By using live chat Shopify apps, businesses can provide the necessary support to their customers, no matter where they are.


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Why do you need to integrate a live chat app on Shopify?

Integrating a live chat app on your Shopify store can do wonders for your business. There is no secret that providing exceptional customer service is essential to running a successful eCommerce store. By allowing your customers to access an instant messaging feature, you are allowing them to reach out to you at any time with their questions or concerns. 

Live chat applications on Shopify simplify the process of connecting with your customers in real time. They offer personalized assistance, which enhances customer satisfaction. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in sales. With a live chat app, you can engage with your customers, resolve issues, and offer support in a way that is both convenient for them and you. 

If you still need to implement a live chat app on your Shopify store, now is the perfect time to take that step towards an improved customer experience.

Top 8 Live Chat Shopify Apps

Top 8 Live Chat Shopify Apps Live Chat

For businesses looking to improve their customer support and sales, the app is a great option. This Shopify app enables agents to engage with website visitors and customers seamlessly through a free live chat feature. In addition to live chat, it offers a knowledge base and ticketing system that can be integrated with Shopify stores. Live Chat Live Chat

And with its compatibility on iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X, the app is easily accessible to users. One of the most useful features of this app is the ability to monitor website visitors in real-time, allowing businesses to support customers who need assistance and track team progress and performance analytics. 

By leveraging this tool, businesses can provide exceptional customer service while streamlining support operations.

Key Features

  • 45+ languages
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Built-in knowledge base
  • Canned messages
  • Group messaging


  • Free Plan: Free of Cost

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Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots

For business owners, establishing connections with customers and offering immediate support is crucial for success. The live chat app from Tidio for Shopify presents itself as the ideal solution to achieve this. Features such as a visual chatbot editor and automated responses make providing instant customer service straightforward. 

Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots
Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots

Additionally, with Lyro, an AI-powered chatbot, the task becomes even more effortless. Tailoring the chat widget to align with brand colors guarantees a professional appearance and ambiance. 

Tidio’s Shopify app goes the extra mile by providing multilingual support and compatibility with various mobile devices, ensuring seamless customer connections regardless of location or device preference. When customers feel appreciated and supported, their trust in the brand grows, making them more inclined to become loyal patrons.

Key Features

  • Unlimited conversations
  • Live typing preview
  • Live visitor data
  • Visitorsโ€™ profile notes


  • Free: $0 per month
  • Communicator: $25 per operator/month
  • Chatbots: Starting at $29 per month
  • Tidio+: $394 month

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SendPulse – Live Chat

SendPulse seamlessly integrates live chat and chatbots with Shopify, catering to the diverse needs of Shopify store owners. Live chat feature facilitates real-time customer engagement, addressing queries promptly and enhancing the overall shopping experience. The platform’s chatbots leverage AI for automated interactions, streamlining customer support and order processing. Moreover, SendPulse’s CRM functionality aids in managing customer relationships effectively.

SendPulse Live Chat
SendPulse Live Chat

Beyond live chat, SendPulse extends its utility with pop-ups and email marketing, creating a comprehensive marketing toolkit. Store owners can leverage these features to boost sales, increase subscriber engagement, and enhance overall marketing strategies.

While at the moment of writing there is no native Shopify app, integration requires only a simple custom code insertion. The platform’s responsive support team ensures assistance in integrating and optimizing its functionalities within the Shopify environment. Overall, affordability, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes SendPulse a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Key Features

  • Design and style customization, adaptive placement
  • Integrated with chatbots, CRM, and AI (GPT)
  • Create deals right in the live chat
  • Manage chats in a mobile app


  • Free plan: basic functionality, 10,000 messages per month
  • PRO 500 subscribers: $10 per month
  • PRO 5,000 subscribers: $48 per month
  • PRO 20,000 subscribers: $119 per month

20% discount on the Yearly billing period.

BestChat โ€‘ Live Chat & Chatbot

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sales and customer support, look no further than BestChat. This web live chat service lets you connect with your customers in real time, tracking their browsing history on your website and identifying them via different stores.

BestChat โ€‘ Live Chat & Chatbot
BestChat โ€‘ Live Chat & Chatbot

The chatbot and pre-set Q&A make it easy to answer common questions easily, and BestChat supports multiple languages and devices. Additionally, you can customize the look of the chat window with your own logo and avatar for each agent. If you want to take your customer support to the next level, consider incorporating BestChat into your website.

Whether you’re using Shopify or another platform, BestChat can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing system for seamless customer communication. 

Key Features

  • Live chat with visitors
  • Chatbot and multiple languages support
  • Differentiated marketing power
  • Real-time tracking


  • Free Plan: Free of Cost

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JivoChat – WhatsApp & Chat Inbox + CRM

JivoChatโ€™s Shopify live chat app is an essential tool for customer-facing teams in eCommerce looking to provide swift and efficient customer service. The appโ€™s multi-chat feature enables agents to handle multiple requests simultaneously, allowing for seamless customer interaction. 

JivoChat - WhatsApp & Chat Inbox + CRM
JivoChat – WhatsApp & Chat Inbox + CRM

JivoChat’s monitoring capabilities equip agents with valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of customers. Furthermore, it provides essential performance metrics through real-time reports and analytics. 

The appโ€™s CRM features, like tags and statuses, enable rapid access to customer information and ensure effective sales pipeline management. Additionally, JivoChatโ€™s typing insights feature offers a unique advantage, allowing agents to preview what customers are typing and preparing their responses for quick and efficient problem-solving.

With JivoChatโ€™s Shopify live chat app, businesses can deliver the best possible customer experience and set themselves apart from the competition.

Key Features

  • Smart triggers
  • Detailed visitor info
  • Canned responses
  • Chat and file transferring


  • Free Plan: Free of cost
  • Professional: $29/month

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Gorgias โ€‘ Helpdesk & Live Chat

Gorgias proves to be the ideal Shopify app for smaller eCommerce ventures with dedicated support teams. This application effortlessly integrates live chat into its extensive multichannel customer service system. It simplifies the process of organizing customer support tickets for clients. With Gorgias, customers can view, edit, and order cancellations and ask subscription questions. 

Gorgias โ€‘ Helpdesk & Live Chat
Gorgias โ€‘ Helpdesk & Live Chat

Manage conversations from different channels such as email, phone, and social media while having the ability to view past messages. This management also includes the setup of automated responses to streamline the process. Additionally, track the performance of your pages to identify which ones are attracting the most customers. 

Agents can escalate messages and tag urgent responses for urgent issues requiring immediate attention. Moreover, for their convenience, agents can award loyalty points directly within the live chat widget. Gorgias is the need of the hour when it comes to eCommerce businesses.

Key Features

  • Unlimited customer support agents
  • Live chat
  • Customer service
  • Automation add-on available


  • Starter: $10 per month
  • Basic: $60 per month
  • Pro: $360 per month
  • Advanced: $900 per month

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Chatra – Live Chat & Chatbot

Chatra’s Shopify live chat app is a promising tool for small businesses and online retailers looking to enrich their customer experience. With its cloud-based platform, group chat, chat notes, and multilingual support, Chatra ensures a user-friendly chat interface. 

Chatra - Live Chat & Chatbot
Chatra – Live Chat & Chatbot

The live typing insight feature gives customer service reps an edge by showing them what customers are typing prior to them hitting send. 

Additionally, the app offers a real-time visitor list, enabling agents to reach out to those needing assistance. 

Chatra even provides a way for users to collect customer feedback to enhance the live chat experience. However, some reviewers have cited concerns about Chatra’s slow support, limited integrations, and limited scalability. 

Overall, Chatra’s Shopify live chat app is an efficient and engaging option for businesses looking to connect with customers in real time.

Key Features

  • Live chat
  • Chatbots
  • Instagram DM
  • Facebook chat
  • Real-time visitor list


  • Free Plan: Free of Cost
  • Essential: $21 per agent/month
  • Pro: $29 per agent/month

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Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

Reamaze is a cloud-based live chat app that is perfect for Shopify users. The app not only provides a helpful live chat feature but also offers a central help desk that can consolidate all of your communication channels, customer data, and ticketing systems. 

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM
Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

Maintaining an all-encompassing strategy simplifies the process for businesses to monitor customer interactions, ensuring prompt and efficient support. 

Additionally, Reamaze boasts an app marketplace that allows users to connect the app with popular customer service tools. With features like visitor tracking, browsing activity monitoring, and automated messaging, Reamaze takes the guesswork out of customer support.

So, Reamaze is a powerful and flexible tool for businesses looking to streamline their customer support efforts.

Key Features

  • Social media integrations
  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Trainable AI intents
  • Workflows and pre-written responses


  • Basic: $29 per additional user/month
  • Pro: $49 per additional user/month
  • Plus: $69 per additional user/month
  • Enterprise: $899 per month

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Chatway โ€‘ Live Chat & Helpdesk

Having a live chat widget to provide prompt customer service is essential for online businesses. With Chatway’s live chat app, you can engage your store visitors and customers over real-time live chat support, providing proactive assistance and making recommendations based on their past conversations or pages viewed on your store. The app is available on both Android & iOS, making it easily accessible to everyone. 

Not only can you customize the widget’s appearance to match your brand, but you can also assign helpdesk agents to conversations and monitor chats in real time. Improve your customer support with Chatway, one of the most popular live chat Shopify apps available today.

Key Features

  • Real time live chat support
  • Easy file sharing 
  • Monitor chats and assign to support chat agents in a single click
  • See the helpdesk conversation history and get the full picture before responding


  • Free Plan: Free of Cost

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Factors considered in choosing the top Live chat Shopify App

When choosing the top live chat Shopify app, there are several factors to consider. These factors help ensure you select a live chat app that meets your specific business needs and provides an excellent customer experience. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Features and Functionality: Search for a live chat application that provides diverse features and capabilities to elevate customer interactions. Features like real-time chat, chatbots, customization options, file sharing, and integration with other tools can greatly improve the overall experience for both you and your customers.
  2. Ease of Use: Choose a live chat app that is intuitive and easy to use. The app should have a user-friendly interface, a simple setup process, and provide clear documentation or tutorials to help you get started quickly.
  3. Mobile Compatibility: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it’s essential to choose a live chat app that works seamlessly on mobile platforms. Ensure the app has a mobile-responsive design and supports mobile notifications, allowing you to stay connected with your customers even when you’re on the go.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Consider the app’s ability to integrate with other tools and platforms you use in your Shopify store. Seek a live chat application that seamlessly integrates with widely used customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email marketing tools, analytics platforms, and eCommerce platforms. 
  5. Customization Options: Look for a live chat app with customization options to match your brand’s look and feel. This includes customizing chat widgets, colors, fonts, and chatbot responses. Customization helps create a consistent brand experience and makes the live chat feature seamlessly blend with your website’s design.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Consider the app’s ability to provide valuable insights through analytics and reporting. Look for features that track chat metrics, customer engagement, response times, and customer satisfaction ratings. These observations can assist you in gauging how well your live chat support is performing and pinpointing areas where enhancements can be made.
  7. Customer Support: Ensure that the app provides reliable customer support. Search for a live chat application that provides various support channels, including email, real-time chat, or telephone assistance. Swift and well-informed customer support becomes essential when facing challenges or seeking clarification on the application’s features.
  8. Pricing and Scalability: Consider the pricing structure of the live chat app and ensure it aligns with your budget and business needs. Evaluate if the app offers different pricing tiers based on the size of your business and the features you require. Additionally, check if the app can scale with your business as it grows without requiring frequent plan upgrades or additional costs.

HelpZenith โ€‘ Ticket & HelpDesk

If you’re a business owner looking for a streamlined support solution, HelpZenith is the answer you’ve been searching for. HelpZenith is a comprehensive ticket and helpdesk solution designed for Shopify stores to provide exceptional customer service. 

HelpZenith Ticket and HelpDesk Shopify App
HelpZenith Ticket and HelpDesk Shopify App

This innovative platform offers a powerful ticketing system and multichannel support that simplifies the support process for businesses and provides a user-friendly experience for customers.

It also provides detailed reports, enabling store owners to gain valuable insights about their customer support activity. Say goodbye to the overwhelming task of sorting through endless customer inquiries. With HelpZenith, businesses are empowered with a seamless support solution. 

Key Features

  • Effortless Ticketing
  • Transform incoming emails into tickets
  • Manage Email in a centralized system.
  • Detailed Reports – Access insights with comprehensive support activity reports.
  • Workflow Automation 


  • Free plan: $0
  • Starter plan: $10
  • Basic plan: $49
  • Pro plan: $299

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I integrate live chat apps with other customer support tools?

Yes, many live chat apps offer integrations with customer support tools such as help desks, CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and more to streamline your customer support workflow.

Can I customize the appearance of the live chat widget to match my store’s branding?

Absolutely! Most live chat apps offer customization options for the chat widget’s color, style, position, and even the ability to add a company logo or personalized messages.

Do live chat apps support multiple languages?

Yes, many live chat apps offer multilingual support, allowing you to communicate with customers in their preferred language, thereby enhancing the customer experience for a global audience.ย 


In today’s fast-paced digital world, excellent customer service and building strong customer relations can make or break a business. Thankfully, with the convenience of Live Chat Shopify apps, this process has never been easier. 

After thorough research and deliberation, we have compiled the best 8 Shopify apps for live chat. These applications not only enhance customer relations but also contribute to the overall success of your business. With these powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to provide round-the-clock support and personalized interactions with your customers, ultimately leading to heightened satisfaction and increased sales.

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