Watch the video about WooCommerce Sales Notification using WooLentor

WooCommerce Sales Notification using WooLentor

Recently we add a lovely feature is our WooLentor plugin. That is sales notification or popup. In this video, we showed how to use WooCommerce Sales Notification using WooLentor. 

These notifications can be real or fake. In the dashboard panel, there is option to manage it. We added 4 predefined design in our plugin, but you can create more design or layout. 

Check the live demo at

To enable this feature, go to WooLentor, Setting and sales notification tab. You will find the option to enable or disable this feature. 

In free version there are a few limitations. Only real notification option is available in free version. 4 positions are availableto display the notification (Left, Top, Right and Bottom). 

There are options to edit the functionalities and styles. 

When you use pro version and fake is selected then you can use our predefined design from our predefined templates. 

Feel free to contact us to share your ideas to improve our plugin. 
Also, check the pro version of WooLentor Plugins at

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