Corporate Website Redesign: How to Plan and Execute a Successful Overhaul

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably thought about redesigning your corporate website at some point. It’s a big project, but if done correctly, it can result in a more effective website that reflects your company and its brand better. This article will discuss planning and executing a successful corporate website redesign. We’ll cover everything from deciding whether or not to do it yourself or hire a professional to design and launch the new site. So if you’re ready to give your corporate website a makeover, read on.

What is a website redesign, and why does it

A website redesign is a process of improving a website’s appearance, usability, and functionality. 

The goals of a redesign can vary, but they often include simplifying the user interface, making the site more visually appealing, and adding new features or functionality. 

Sometimes, a redesign may also be motivated by a need to update the site’s underlying technology or architecture. 

Regardless of the motivation, a website redesign can be complex and costly. 

Therefore, it is essential to consider the redesign’s goals carefully and ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks. 

However, when done correctly, a redesign can give a website a much-needed boost and help it better meet its users’ needs.

Planning the redesign – who to involve, when to start, what to consider

Planning the redesign of a website is a complex process that requires input from a variety of stakeholders. 

  • First, you have to justify who will be involved in the project. If you plan to do it yourself, you don’t need to apply. However, if you’re planning on hiring a professional, you need to include them in the planning process. 
  • Next, you’ll need to decide when to start the project. This will depend on how much time you have and how much money you’re willing to spend. 
  • Finally, You must think about what you want to improve. Are you looking for a complete overhaul or just a few minor changes?

Once you’ve finalized all these factors, you’ll be ready to start planning your redesign.

The redesign process – designing the new site, testing it, launching it

Redesigning an existing website is one of the most difficult projects for a web designer. However, a few factors will determine the overall aesthetic and user experience. And, of course, you want to ensure that the new site is compatible with all the latest browsers and devices. Fortunately, you can take a few easy steps to make the process a bit easier.

  • First, start by designing the new site. Sketch out a rough idea of what you want it to look like and how you want users to interact with it. 
  • Then, create a prototype and test it out with a few users. 
  • Gather feedback and use it to improve the design. 
  • Finally, launch the new site and monitor its performance closely. 

Regularly check in with users to see how they find the experience and make any necessary tweaks. By following these steps to redesign your website, you can be confident that your site will be a success.

After the redesign – maintaining the new site, measuring success

After a website redesign, it is vital to maintain the new site and measure the success of the redesign. The description helps to ensure that the goals of the redesign are met. The report also allows you to track changes and identify areas that need improvement. 

Additionally, a description can help evaluate the redesign’s effectiveness by measuring page views, bounce rate, and conversion rate. By setting up reports and tracking these metrics, you can ensure that your website redesign is successful.

Best Companies for Corporate Website Redesigning Services

HasTech It Ltd

HasTech It Ltd
HasTech It Ltd

HasTech It Ltd is a website design company that offers a wide range of services, from custom web design and development to e-commerce solutions and corporate website redesigns. HasTech has worked with clients of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results. 

HasTech is the perfect partner to help you plan and execute a successful overhaul if you consider a corporate website redesign. HasTech’s team of experienced designers and developers will work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives and create a custom plan to ensure your new site meets your expectations. 

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HasTech has the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of your website redesign project, from start to finish. So contact HasTech today to start planning your successful corporate website redesign.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Services: Website template design & development, custom website development, Website Optimization.



Exadel has been providing custom software solutions for businesses since 1998 and delivering Digital Transformation services for more than 20 years. Exadel is a digital transformation company that helps businesses of all sizes find new ways to stay competitive in this ever-changing industry. Their services and solutions leverage creative thinking with cutting-edge design skills for the growing needs of our client’s endeavors while utilizing technical innovation as well.

Exadel has a proven track record of success in helping businesses to plan and execute a successful corporate website redesign. Exadel can help you assess your current website, identify areas needing improvement, and create a plan for an overhaul to meet your business goals.

Exadel’s team of experts will work to create a stunning new website that is user-friendly, optimized for search engines, and aligned with your brand identity. With Exadel’s help, you can launch a new website that will help your business reach its full potential.

Location:1340 Treat Blvd., Suite #375, Walnut Creek, CA 94597, US

Services: Big Data & Analytics, Integration of middleware, SOA, open source, mobile development tools, software development, enterprise services, Extended & Dedicated Teams, QA automation & testing, IoT, application support, UX/UI, product development, enterprise mobile development, PaaS, SaaS.



QArea’s software outsourcing service is a full range of services that includes design and development, and optimization. The company provides these vital functions to companies looking for increased efficiency in their business operations while maintaining quality control at all times. QArea was founded in 2001 and has collaborated with a UI designer and WordPress developer for a custom development project. 

The project entailed a complete redesign of QArea’s corporate website. QArea’s team of developers worked closely with the designer to create a modern and responsive website that would meet the needs of the company’s target audience. 

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The developers also used QArea’s extensive experience in WordPress development to create a custom theme for the website. As a result of QArea’s efforts, the corporate website was successfully overhauled and now provides an excellent user experience for visitors.

Location:Heroiv UPA, L’viv, 79000, Ukraine

Services: C++, Java, PHP, .Net, testing, QA, cost effective, e-commerce, Angular, WinCE, iOS, React, UI/UX, outsourcing, software development.



Gulo is a global digital agency with offices in Cincinnati and Chicago. It specializes in Web Design, Content Marketing, SEO, and Conversion Rate Optimization. It has been on a mission to build beautiful, award-winning marketing websites since 2003. This company recently designed and developed a new marketing website for a client. 

Gulo updated the existing information architecture and visual design to be brand compliant. It’s new marketing website is modern, sleek, and easy to navigate. The Gulo team is passionate about helping their clients achieve their goals. If you are looking for a digital agency that can help you with your web design, content marketing, SEO, or conversion rate optimization needs, look no further than Gulo!

Location:4256 N Ravenswood Ave., Suite 110, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

Services: Digital Marketing, Marketing Websites, Web Design, Web Development, Conversion Optimization, Web Strategy, SEO, Shopify Websites, UX Design, Content Marketing, and Content Strategy



The leading product and web design agency, Adchitects have completely redesigned an exploration group’s website. They have also created a login portal for their members and integrated the WordPress site with Salesforce API to provide more efficient customer service options that will perfectly meet your needs. As a result, adchitects have a lot of experience when it comes to corporate website redesigns. 

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When planning a website redesign, Adchitects makes sure to discover what their client’s business goals are and who their target audience is. Adchitects also look at the competition to see what they’re doing well and what they could improve upon. Finally, adchitects strive to create a website that is not only visually appealing but easy to use and navigate. If you’re thinking about redesigning your corporate website, Adchitects is the perfect agency for the job.

Location:Aleja Niepodległości 36, Poznań, 61-714, Poland

Services: Web design, Product Design, Web Development, UX Design, User Interfaces, User Experience, UI Design, Web Apps, Websites, Web Experiences, React, WordPress, and Shopify

Storm Brain

Storm Brain
Storm Brain

The Storm Brain company is a digital agency specializing in online digital marketing campaigns, brand strategy, design, web and e-commerce development, and services related to implementing creative marketing strategies. Storm Brain has been in business since 2005. It has continued to offer innovative and top-quality digital marketing, branding, development, and creative services to organizations of every size, industry, and scale. 

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Storm Brain recently redesigned aspects of a website with a focus on accessibility. The Storm Brain team understands that not everyone approaches or interacts with a website similarly. Hence, they made it a priority to consider various user needs when redesigning the site. As a result of their efforts, Storm Brain was able to create a more accessible and user-friendly website that everyone could enjoy.

Location: 1902 Wright Pl Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States

Services: Website Design, Website Development, SEO, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Shopify, WooCommerce, Online Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization

PopArt Studio

PopArt Studio
PopArt Studio

The PopArt Studio full-service digital agency provides professional web design, web development, graphic design, and internet marketing services. Founded in 2010 in Novi Sad (Serbia), PopArt Studio’s creative agency has the experience of working on more than 10000 projects, cooperating with more than 7000 clients from 50+ countries worldwide. 

A lifestyle blog hired PopArt Studio to design their site and implement features such as custom headers and a contact form. PopArt Studio’s extensive experience in corporate website redesigns ensures that your website overhaul will be executed flawlessly, from start to finish. First, PopArt Studio will work closely with you to understand your vision for the new website, and then PopArt Studio’s team of expert designers and developers will bring your vision to life. 

In addition, PopArt Studio can also help with ongoing website maintenance and support after the redesign is complete. So if you’re looking for a full-service digital agency to help with your corporate website redesign, PopArt Studio is a perfect choice.

Location: Hajduk Veljkova 11, Master center, 7th floor, Novi Sad, 21000, Serbia

Services: Web design, Web development,  Logo design, Graphic design, Internet marketing, SEO optimization, Google AdWords, , Branding, Programming, WordPress, Laravel, Front-end development, and Back-end development.

BigTuna Interactive

BigTuna Interactive
BigTuna Interactive

BigTuna specializes in Drupal site builds and optimizations and search engine optimization programs. Their unique expertise lies in their ability to take an existing website and design a new one that is responsive, modern, and easy to use while still being true to the original brand. 

A significant corporate website redesign always starts with a solid plan. The BigTuna team begins by evaluating the current site’s user experience, content strategy, SEO performance, conversion goals, and overall business objectives. 

Once they clearly understand the client’s needs, they start working on the creative brief, which details the new site’s look, feel and functionality. Then, with a firm plan, BigTuna can execute a successful corporate website redesign that meets all of the client’s goals.

Location:706 W Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Services: Email Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, social media optimization, Drupal Development, online marketing, Drupal SEO programs, and Landing Page Optimization.

Start Smarter

Start Smarter
Start Smarter

Start Smarter is a website design service that was founded in 2011. Start Smarter has handled web design services for several clients, including a webinar marketing company and a tech startup that provides blockchain technologies to other businesses. 

In each case, Start Smarter has delivered a modern, professional website that meets the client’s needs. Start Smarter takes pride in its ability to provide a complete web design solution, from initial planning and strategy to execution and delivery. Start Smarter should be your first choice if you are considering a website redesign. 

With Start Smarter, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality website that meets your specific needs. Contact Start Smarter today to discuss your web design requirements.

Location:44 Crantock Road, London, LND SE6 2QP, United Kingdom


Efir Media

Efir Media
Efir Media

Efir Media is an award-winning full-service Web Design, Development, and Branding agency based in Philadelphia, USA. Founded in 2016, Efir Media was established to manifest the spirit of creative freedom and expression. 

Efir Media has a long history of designing and developing successful WordPress websites, including a recent project for a marketing agency’s client.The customer required a platform with SEO that targeted fleets, businesses, and investors. Efir Media’s team rose to the challenge, redesigning the branding and website from the ground up. 

The result was a sleek, driver-focused AI platform that met all client expectations. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner to help with your next website redesign, look no further than Efir Media. We assure that we can help you achieve your desired results.

Location:500 Ellis Avenue, Darby, PA 19023, United States

Services: Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Character Design and Illustration, Animations Design, Ecommerce, App design, Graphic design, Production, Branding, Interaction, and Art direction


Organizing and managing a corporate website redesign is no small feat. However, following the tips outlined in this article, you can streamline the process and ensure that your new site is successful. By clearly defining your goals, engaging stakeholders early on, and using user testing, you can avoid typical problems and create a website that meets the needs of your users. A corporate website redesign can be a significant positive step for your business with careful planning and execution.

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