Elementor Posts Widget: A Modern, Responsive Way to Display WordPress Post

The Elementor Posts Widget is one of Elementor’s most powerful features. It allows you to display a list of any post types, including custom posts, in various responsive layouts. You can even use it as a slider or carousel with Elementor Page Builder! In this article, we will show you how to use the Elementor posts widget and all its great features.

The Elementor posts widget is an easy way to display a list of any post type. Elementor blog Widget can be easily added on any site by dragging n dropping into your desired position on a page or post. When Elementor launched their new Elementor posts widget, they knew it had a lot of potentials. They wanted to create a modern and responsive way to display WordPress post content, which is why Elementor Post Widget was born.

Elementor Post Widget is available in the pro version.3rd party Addons/plugins businesses have added the Elementor Post Widget in both free and paid versions. Here, we will discuss two Elementor Addons plugins that include the post widget in their plugin.

Elementor Posts Widget by HT Mega

HT Mega Includes ELementor posts widgets in the free version. List of widgets are

  1. Post Carousel 
  2. Single Post 
  3. Post Grid 
  4. Post Grid Tab 
  5. Post Grid Slider
  6. News Ticker
  1. Post Carousel: HT Mega Elementor Post Widget or Elementor archive posts widget add ons allow Elementor users to turn their posts into a modern and responsive carousel. In this Elementor Addons plugin, the Drag n Drop post widget can be used as the main content in your site or blog posts. This Elementor Posts Carousel is available for free with HT Mega Plugin!

Elementor Single Post Widget: The Elementor single post widget or recent posts Elementor widget allows you to display a single post to any page of your website. You may use this functionality to include any highlighted article in any part of a page or post. This Elementor single post widget setting panel may show or hide the Post meta from this Elementor single post widget.

Elementor single post widget

Elementor Post Grid Widget: HT Mega’s post grid widget has five distinct variations to display posts in grid formats. These designs are modern, clean, and stylish. It is simple to exhibit/hide various aspects of the grid from the configuration window. This can be used as a recent post widget and popular post Elementor widget

Elementor Post Widget

Elementor Post Tab Widget: This Elementor widget is entirely free and comes with the HT Mega Elementor add-on. This is an Elementor widget that creates a tabbed layout for WordPress posts.

Elementor Post Tab Widget

Elementor post slider Widget: You can use this widget to create a carousel slider for your WordPress post. You may now easily integrate the HT Mega plugin into your site to display your posts.

Elementor Post Slider Widget
Elementor post slider Widget

Elementor News Ticker for WordPress: Elementor News ticker widget for Elementor is a news/posts presentation tool that displays your latest news in a marquee or ticker style. You may choose the post category, the number of posts to show as a news ticker, and more. This function is most commonly used on a news or magazine website.

Elementor News ticker for worpress

The above six Elementor Posts widgets are totally free to use by HT Mega plugins. You can download the HT Mega free version from this link. These widgets can be used as ELementor recent posts widget, Elementor featured post widget, Elementor popular post widgets, Elementor posts widget by category, etc.

Elementor Posts Widget by MoveAddons

There are two Elementor blog post widgets are provided by MoveAddons. The free version provides the Post list. The post slider widget is accessible only in the Pro version of MoveAddons. 

  1. Post List (Free)
  2. Post Slider (Pro)

Elementor Post List: You may also use the List Addon by MoveAddons to create horizontal and vertical list-style post lists.

Elementor Post List

Post Slider: By MoveAddons, you may use the Posts Slider Widget to show posts in a slider or carousel format. This add-on has a very modern and clean design.

Elementor Post Slider

Pricing Plan: HT Mega and Move Addons

Check the pricing table for Move Addons and HT Mega plugins.

HT MegaMove Addons
1 Website: $39/year1 Website: $39/year
5 Websites: $69/Year 5 Websites: $89/Year
999 (Growth Package) Websites: $99/Year Unlimited Websites: $179/Year
Buy Now or Check Pricing Plan Buy Now or Check Pricing Plan
Pricing Plan: HT Mega and Move Addons
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