How to increase sales on ThemeForest

Hello everyone, I am excited because today I explain how to increase sales on ThemeForest? ThemeForest is one of the best marketplaces for selling ready made website templates and Themes. We are selling our products on ThemeForest and already have touched the 1 million dollar milestone on ThemeForest.

I still remember our first month earning was only $264. However, by the course of time, it’s nearly 20,000USD.

Today, I am going to share a few tips to increase sales on ThemeForest. Anyway, do not forget to subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get an alert for our upcoming videos.

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Let’s see the steps of how a visitor turns into a customer.

Phase 1: A visitor search for a product on Google or in ThemeForest.

Phase 2: If he finds your product, he may click on your product or may not.

Phase 3: Once he comes to your product landing page, it’s less likely that every visitor will go to the preview page.

Phase 4: Even if he likes the preview, he will mark it to his favorite list and start looking for other items.

Phase 5: After checking a few items, he makes a shortlist of the items that meet his requirements.

Phase 6: This is a crucial stage of the buying decision process. The customer compares the shortlisted products. Before purchasing the item, he checks the ratings, comments, price and also tries to find out which profile is most trustworthy

Phase 7: Finally, he purchases the product.

Since we have a long-time experience in Themeforest, I would give you some essential tips to boom in ThemeForest. 

Tips No. 1: Design & Quality.

We started selling products on ThemeForest, with low quality design. Hence, we had very few sells with those ordinary designs. Anyway, we have developed our designs and still doing so.  We believe that it is better to release a single item rather than 10 if the design quality is good. 

There are few items, which generate only 100-200 dollars, on the other hand, we have earned 30,000 dollars from a single product. 

Tips No. 2: Item Description Page.

The item description page is the most important page to increase sales. For most of the items in ThemeForest, customers never click the preview button and bounce back within a second. But, there are chances to impress your customers with the description page.

Here is an analytics report for one of our products.

themeforest analytics report

Try to do enough homework and extensive analysis of one product description page.
A product having a bounce rate of over 10% is likely to get lower sales. Try to add proper content like text and images to describe your product.

If possible, add a FAQ section, from the questions in the comment sections. Better content will convince the visitor to click the preview button and increase the possibility to get more sales.You can check this item . We added the available features and benefits of purchasing this theme.

Tips No. 3: Live Demo Quality.

Try to create a professional landing page for the demo. Use CDN services like AWS Cloudfront, MaxCDN, or Netlify to make the demo page faster. We will create another video later about this CDN service. Our revenue increases by 20% after we started using the CDN service. Subscribe to our channel to get that next video about the CDN services.

Tips No. 4: Video Tutorials.

Video tutorials increase customer confidence to purchase your product. Try to make a professional video to describe your products. One of our products was getting only 15-20 in sales per week. After adding How-to videos, we are getting 40-60 sales per week from that item. Videos can multiply your sales overnight.

Note that, videos with voice performs better than without a voice. We provide services to create How-to Videos. Contact us on our website to create a video tutorial for your products.

Tips No. 5: Use Proper Keywords.

Keywords are king. It’s the main way to be listed on the search list. Most of the customers use the search to find an item. Item Title, Key features, and Tag is the best way to get a higher rank on the ThemeForest search.

To find better keywords, go to the respective category and you will find the Popular Keywords or searches. 

From here you can get keyword ideas.

At the bottom of the search page, you will get related keywords. Try to include those words as Key features or tags of your item.

Another Technique to get a keyword idea is Google search. Search on google with your focus keyword and get which keyword from ThemeForest has the rank on Google. Here, I am searching using “react js eCommerce templates”, I can see that there a ThemeForest page with this keyword has a higher rank.

Here, a link with the tag “react eCommerce” is at the top Add this keyword and it will bring more visitors to your item page. When More people will visit your item page, you will get more sales.

Tips No. 6: Create Collection Page.

Creating a collection page is one of the best ways to get visitors from Google. 
Create public collections, add text, and list a few of your items. If one of your collection gets rank, you will get limitless sales from a single collection page. Apart from improving the item quality, description, tag, key features you can do a few more things to increase your sales.

Tips No. 7: Create a website and Join the Envato affiliate program.

Create a website and list all of your items there. Add a live preview and Buy now link. You can join the affiliate program on Envato. If any customer gets into ThemeForest through your website and purchases a product you will get a 30% commission from the price.

We have earned 4000USD from the affiliate program. If the customer purchases your item, then you can earn 100% of your item price. If your percentage is 70 and the affiliate percentage is 30, so you are getting 100% of your item price. 

Suppose, you have a WordPress theme at $59, a customer comes to your website and purchase the theme from the affiliate link, then you will get $59 full. If the customer purchase item from other profiles, you will also get 30%. You can join the Envato affiliate Program from the link given in the description section.

Tips No. 8: Create a blog and list 3rd party items beside your item. 

We have a blog on our website hasthemes, we create lists and collection 3rd party items besides our item. Some of our posts are getting rank on Google and we are getting sales both affiliate and our items. 

Let me show you my affiliate dashboard panel.

increase sales on ThemeForest affiliate dashboard

When writing a blog, try to increase the SEO score using Yoast or Rank Math plugin. If you get rank on Google, you will get a huge amount of visitors daily and your sales will increase.

Like if you search on Google by “Bootstrap Templates”

Bootstrap Templates

search volume of This keyword is nearly 100,000 and the cost per click is 50 cents. If you publish a post and get rank on Google, you will get visitors, without spending a single penny. 

To write a blog, you can hire a content writer. 

Tips No. 9: Upload content on Social media like Facebook , Dribbble and YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best ways to deliver your message to the website visitors, Upload video tutorial, intro videos for your products. Videos increase trust, engage customers, and doubles the conversion rate. You can check our intro videos from our channel. We can help you to create intro videos for your products. Contact us through our website.

Tips No. 10: Use product licensing to track who is using your product.

You can use a licensing system for your products. It will help you to Protect your software or application from unauthorized usages. You can see the which websites using your products. It helps to take a decision about the marketing plan. 

We are using a licensing system, Elite licenser, to track our product usages. You can check the product from our website.

Elite Licencer

Tips No. 11: Paid Marketing on Google, Facebook and other media.

I would recommend you to follow the previous tips before investing money in the paid marketing. I know a few authors, who spends no penny for marketing, but their avg earning from ThemeForest is nearly 30,000 dollar per month.

For Paid marketing use Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads. You can use Carbon ads or Buy sell ads.  Here is the sample of few Carbon and Buy sell ads.

carbon ads
carbon ads sample

Besides these you can use directory listing services provided by different companies like WPlift, WPMayor, Colorlib, You can check the advertisement page of these websites for more details.

We have an advertising service on our directory and blog, you can check our services as well. We have 6000 visitors per day. This listing will add your brand value and promote your item.

Tips No. 12: Use the email subscription option.

Send an email newsletter to your subscribers. You can accumulate the email subscribers and your customers. Send product updates and new product releases and tutorials to their email which will help you to keep a better relationship with your subscribers.

That's all for today, in the next post I will try to cover these topics:
How to track your visitors for retargeting using Google analytics and Facebook pixel,

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