How to Set Contact Form 7 Redirect After Submit: Tips and Tricks

Do you have a contact form on your website? If so, then contact form 7 redirect after submit is something that you might want to work with. One of the most important features of contact form 7 redirects after submission.

This article will give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to set contact form 7 redirect after submitting. A contact form is an essential part of any website that needs user contact, but it can be tricky to get your contact form just right.  You can quickly redirect contacts to a certain page or URL after users submit their information using the contact form 7 redirect plugin. This is useful to forward contact form redirect to a thank-you page or refer them to another section of your website. This guide will offer up some simple contact form setup tips that anyone should be able to follow.

In this article, I will show you how to set contact form 7 redirect to a thank you page or any page you prefer. Here, we will use a plugin, Extensions for CF7.

What is Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin:

Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin for WordPress. It's a free, lightweight, simple, and easy-to-use contact form solution that will allow you to manage multiple contact forms with ease. This powerful contact form submissions plugin makes it simple to design and manage forms so you can manage the contact information with ease. This is one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the WP Repository, actively used by 5 million websites.

Contact Form 7 Extension plugin:

Extension for CF7 plugin is a contact form 7 addon developed by the HasThemes team. The Redirect Contact Form 7 extension plugin is the perfect tool for managing contact form submissions. This plugin extends a lot of features of the Contact Form 7 plugin. This plugin lets you save contact form submission data and handle it in the dashboard, easily apply conditions to any field to show or hide, Quick and easy integration of Contact Form 7 with Mailchimp, and many more. 

Check these steps to set up Contact Form 7 Redirect After Submit

Step 1: Install Contact Form 7 plugin (Ignore if you have already installed it)

Step 2: Install Extension for CF7 Plugin.

Step 3: Go to your contact form list

 Install Contact Form 7 plugin
Install Contact Form 7 plugin

Step 4: Edit the form where you want to add the redirection.

Step 5: From the Redirect Actions tab, enable the redirection.

Step 6: Select a page, where you would like to redirect after the form submission.

  Contact Form 7 Redirection
Contact Form 7 Redirection

Step 7: Choose the page open in the same tab or a new tab.

Step 8: Enable the Javascript function if you want to add the JS code after form submission. (Ignore, if it is not necessary)

You can set the redirection delay from the CF7 extensions setting panel.

 Contact Form 7 Redirection Delay
Contact Form 7 Redirection Delay

Watch the video Contact form 7 redirection | Redirect To Thank You Page or any URL after Submission

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