Vodoma Shopify Theme

Vodoma is one of the most popular Shopify themes available today. It's a 100 percent mobile-friendly Shopify theme, so it looks great on every device. It includes all of the functionality necessary to launch an eCommerce business. This online store theme does not require any prior coding knowledge. It has comprehensive documentation and very high-quality video tutorials that will make it a snap to develop an individual and professional-looking eCommerce website.

Vodoma Shopify Theme
Vodoma Shopify Theme

You can also use the internet marketing product for free to assist you to start your online eCommerce business. It comes with an unrestricted trial, allowing you to modify and use it without having to pay anything until you are completely pleased and ready to launch your online eCommerce store to the rest of the world.

Benefits of using the Vodoma Shopify theme

The Vodoma Shopify theme has everything you need for a complete eCommerce solution, including a custom design and responsive layout. It's optimized for speed, so your company will benefit from a faster loading speed that provides your clients with a better shopping experience. The Vodoma Shopify theme is a multi-lingual theme that has also offered RTL layout support. The Vodoma Shopify theme includes over 48+ beautiful designs and modern homepage templates that can be used immediately to create elegant, high-quality online eCommerce businesses.

However, with the Vodoma Shopify theme, you can control and customize every aspect of your website. We'll take a look at some of the most prominent features and functions that are discussed in detail below. 

Features of the Vodoma Shopify theme

100% Responsive Design

With the Vodoma Shopify theme, you can design a website that looks great on any device. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so it will have an excellent user interface no matter what screen size people are using to view your site!

Speed Optimized

In the online world, people want to do their shopping as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Vodoma Shopify theme was optimized for speed so that you can give your customers an exceptional user experience from start to finish of any transaction on our website!

Easy Installation

This responsive Shopify theme is perfect for those who want to have a one-stop shop. It has an easy-to-remember and intuitive installation process that takes minimal time, so you can get right into your eCommerce site without any hassle or stress!

Multiple Languages

The Vodoma responsive Shopify theme will make your clients feel at home, no matter what language they speak. They can browse through products and services on the eCommerce website in their native tongue without any trouble whatsoever!

Mega Menu

The mega menu feature allows you to display a functional, drag-and-drop menu on your eCommerce website's navigation. This option allows you to have pictures or backdrops with items that are always visible rather than scrolling away.

How to add the menu, drop down, and Mega menu in Shopify store

48+ Multipurpose HomePages

The Vodoma online store theme comes loaded with 48+ uniquely designed homepage. You can use these prebuilt templates to build your own website and promote a variety of products including electronics, fashion accessories, watches, or jewelry!

Unlimited Colors

The Vodoma online store theme also has support for unlimited colors, this gives you the option to design your Shopify eCommerce website in any color that suits you!

Shop Grid View and List View

The versatility offered by the Vodoma responsive Shopify theme makes it easy to find a custom design that suits your needs. Whether you want an engaging grid-style layout or prefer something more simple, there are plenty of options for every type!

Social Sharing

The Vodoma online store theme also supports social sharing. This feature lets you easily share a particular product or item for sale on your eCommerce website with various social media outlets, ensuring that the customers are getting the word out about what they have in stock!

Blog Grid View & Blog List View

The Vodoma online store theme gives you plenty of options when it comes to building a unique blog page. You can choose from the grid-style layout, list-style, or even combine both for an interesting hybrid look that is sure not going to be seen anywhere else on any other websites!

GEO IP Currencies

This feature of Vodoma's online store theme allows you to switch the default currency on your eCommerce Shopify website according to where or what IP address your client is from. So that they can easily purchase with their local currency – no more guessing at prices!

SEO Optimized

The Vodoma online store Shopify theme is a well-optimized site for search engine optimization. It has been designed to have SEO in its core and supports various other methods like alt tags, building links, etc., which are important when you want your store ranked by Google or any other relevant engines out there!

10+ Desktop Header Styles & 5+ Mobile Header Styles

The Vodoma responsive Shopify theme comes with 10+ styles of desktop header that can be switched between on the fly and 5 different mobile page templates. This gives you an ample amount of options for creating your unique look!

Some other additional features include:

  • Cart Hold Timer
  • Recent Products
  • Product Unit Price
  • Ajax Search
  • Add Videos to products
  • Product Custom Fields
  • Product Layout
  • Advanced Filter
  • Shop Page Layout
  • Product Section

Pros and Cons of Vodoma Shopify theme

Pros of Vodoma Shopify theme:

  • You can control and customize every part of your website with the Vodoma Shopify theme.
  • This theme offers RTL layout support.
  • This theme has been optimized for speed, so you can get faster loading times.

Cons of Vodoma Shopify theme

  • Limited customization option
  • Too many features to use, which may take more time to optimize


The Vodoma Shopify theme is reasonably priced at $69 per year and Extended license cost $3750.

Vodoma Shopify Theme Alternatives

Lezada – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

lezada multipurpose shopify theme
lezada multipurpose shopify theme

If you are looking for an alternative for Vodoma Shopify theme, check out the Lezada Shopify theme that has a massive collection of 225+ homepage variations letting you create a Shopify store for any niche you want. Plus, it has tons of modern and useful features and is updated to the latest version of Shopify.

Premium Shopify Themes Bundle

shopify themes bundle
Premium Shopify Themes Bundle

We have a special bundle of premium Shopify themes that are suitable for a variety of niches. Our Shopify themes are of excellent quality and have been created in accordance with current industry standards.

Watch the video about Vodoma Shopify Theme

Watch the video about Vodoma Shopify Theme


The Vodoma responsive Shopify theme is a fantastic option if you want to create an online business and need an eCommerce website. The Vodoma mobile Shopify theme allows you to develop high-quality eCommerce websites that look professional.

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that's both simple to use and cost-effective. It has several current and contemporary features that are required for a successful internet business. This Shopify theme, which is compatible with all devices, can be used to construct niche internet stores as well as big eCommerce websites.

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