8 Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins 2024

If you’re running a WooCommerce store, then you know how important it is to have a robust WooCommerce product table plugin. By offering a superior product listing experience to your customers simply by installing a product table WooCommerce plugin on your site. Using the default product table WooCommerce is not the choice anymore. It is time to get out of the box and create a personalized WooCommerce price table to come up with a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

List of WooCommerce Product Table Plugins for Easy Shopping

Make ordering from your WooCommerce store more comfortable and convenient for your customers using the best product tables WooCommerce plugin. Are you not sure about how to use WooCommerce product table? Well, you are just an installation away. Then you will have good documentation, demos, tutorials, and online support to answer your questions!  

But which WooCommerce product add-ons should you install? From a lot of options, it is always a daunting task to make a solid decision. To hold you up with the process, we listed 8+ competent WooCommerce Product addons that you can try out!

JustTables – WooCommerce Product Table by HasThemes

WooCommerce Product Table JustTables

Starting with JustTables – an incredible WooCommerce plugin product table with a filterable and sortable WooCommerce table view. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to increase your online sales, then JustTables is the WooCommerce order table plugin for you! This product table WooCommerce offers a variety of exclusive features to give your site a professional look.

Using JustTables, you can allow your customers to navigate through a variety of product attributes smoothly. JustTables is an incredible WordPress plugin that lets you showcase all your WooCommerce product list tables in a sortable and filterable table view.

The best part is from one single page, they can even compare different product attributes. A user-friendly tabular format is also available for the customers who are tired of using grid format as it is time-consuming. 

You can display your wooCommerce product table widget in a way that will make it easier for your customers to make their buying decisions. Definitely, with the help of this plugin, you can increase the chances of landing more sales on your site. You can also display additional information about the product within a responsive table layout. Without having any coding knowledge, you can personalize your product tables WooCommerce according to your needs.

The Premium version of this product display plugin WordPress also includes some exclusive features including thumbnail on click, title on click, product display options by price, stock status, unlimited taxonomy filters, header sorting options, rich designing options, and many more. 

Core Features

  • 28 premade columns with enabling and disable options for WooCommerce list products 
  • Table header and a search box with enabling and disable option
  • Options to set the number of products per page
  • With custom taxonomies and custom fields options to add custom columns
  • Product display options in a table layout

WooCommerce Product Table by Woosuite

WooCommerce Product Table by Woosuite
WooCommerce Product Table by Woosuite

WooCommerce Product Table by Woosuite is one of the best WooCommerce product table plugin for anyone looking for a streamlined ordering process. WooCommerce Product Table by Woosuite – an extremely easy-to-use plugin that assists with creating a streamlined ordering process with a one-page order form for WooCommerce. This plugin will help customers to make quick purchases from your online store. 

WooLentor WooCommerce Builder

With the drag and drop column builder, you can create wholesale order forms, product bundles, product comparison tablets, or restaurant menus in the span of a few minutes only. With this plugin, you can incorporate an unlimited number of products in a user-friendly manner. 

This plugin makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for with the click of a single button. In addition, the customer support team of this WooCommerce product table is highly responsive and always willing to help with any issues that you may encounter. You can increase your conversion rate and order value by making it easier for customers to add to the cart and complete the checkout process. 

It is compatible with third-party themes and plugins. The form layout of this plugin is also responsive on all devices, including all mobile phones and tablets. 

Core Features

  • Drag and drop column builder with predefined columns
  • Helps to have your entire product catalog in the same place.
  • Fast filtering, sorting, and searching option
  • Include an unlimited number of products.
  • You can increase your conversion rate by making the process of checkout easier for customers.
  • WooCommerce Product Table is compatible with third-party plugins and themes. 
  • Form layout is responsive across all devices.

WPC Product Table for WooCommerce by WPClever

Product Table for WooCommerce WPC

Another practically powerful plugin with professional functions and features to display your products and services uniquely. As it offers highly customizable features to create WooCommerce custom product tables, you can easily define the columns of your tables and the front-end design. 

You will have 15 types of properties that you can add to your product table in WooCommerce including Order, SKU, Name and Price, Stock, Availability, Review, Thumbnail, Price HTML, Quick view, Add to Cart, Short description, and Compare.

Customers will also have the flexibility to change the order of their product properties according to their choice to create a professional product variations table for WooCommerce. However, you will have the power to enable or disable this option while using this product plugin WordPress. 

Support Genix-Support Ticket Plugin for WooCommerce

The arrow symbol is available in the front to allow the customers to put the product items in an ascending or even descending order. It can assist them to find their best choices and make the buying decision in less time. You will also have a WooCommerce product table filter and WooCommerce product table sort options. 

The easy one-click installation will offer you a smooth installation experience with this WooCommerce product display plugin. Upon installation, you can enjoy versatile assistants and can give your WooCommerce product table a very fascinating look. 

Whether you’re running a small online store or a large eCommerce operation, this WooCommerce product list plugin can help you save time and improve your customer’s ordering experience.

Core Features

  • Pagination, item display filter, and instant search option
  • Options to pull multiple items from tags or category
  • Options to limit the maximum numbers of products to be added to the list
  • 15 types of property columns with drag and drop options
  • Options to build a multilingual site with WPML integration

Free Woocommerce Product Table View – Woo Table Pro

Free Woocommerce Product Table View Woo Table Pro

Introducing one of the amazing drag and drop WooCommerce product addons with a bunch of powerful features. From sorting the table products to product filtering options, all the necessary features are available to offer a smooth user experience.

Why Would You Use Woo product Table Pro? Well, there are several solid reasons behind that and its flexibility is one of the absolute reasons. This WordPress item list plugin comes with multiple shortcodes to display your products in different ways.

Another one is, you can display as many product tables as you want. Isn’t it amazing? There is no limit on product display even in its free version as well. This WooCommerce table plugin is highly customizable and allows you to define new columns and personalize the front-end display to match your site’s design scheme.

13 Premium WordPress Plugins Bundle

An easily adaptable drag and drop sorting option is available to change the order of product display. Without ajax request, you can also experience the fastest sorting experience while using this Woo table plugin. This handy products tables plugin provides a one-page order form that makes it quick and easy for customers to find and purchase the products they need.

No matter whether you are from a non-technical background, its user-friendly features will let you personalize your product tables like a pro. You can add, remove, rearrange, drag, and drop the product table as per your need. 

Core Features

  • Fastest real-time filtering option on product name, price, or rating
  • Drag and drop filed builder for the product table
  • High-quality product image display in a lightbox with one click
  • Fully functional Ajax buttons for adding products to the cart
  • Options to add product variation on the product table to make the buying decision easier for the customers

WooCommerce Product Table Lite by WC Product Table

WooCommerce Product Table Lite by WC Product Table

To achieve a masterly result, you can use this intuitive and powerful WooCommerce product table lite. How to use WooCommerce product table lite? To help you out, you will get step by a step video tutorial that will make your task easier. You can comfortably create your first product table WooCommerce.

As this plugin allows you to create highly customizable and fully responsive product tables, you can easily change table columns, layouts, style, and content according to your preference. 

On the table editor page, you will also have options for multiple shortcodes that you can use for different purposes. The product table editor of this plugin will offer you a hassle-free experience. Download the lite version of this WooCommerce product table plugin for free. 

You can also try its premium version that offers more than 30 exclusive features Archive override, Variation table, Checkbox add to cart, remove from cart, ‘CSV Download’ button, Product add-ons compatible, ACF integration, Total cost calculator, and others.

WooLentor WooCommerce Builder

Core Features

  • Easy to use product table editor with powerful features
  • Options to create complex layouts with the available features
  • More attributes for the shortcodes to save time while creating product tables
  • Sorting options from column headings
  • All the tables are fully responsive and translation ready

Watch the overview of Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins in the video mentioned above

5 Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins Video

WOOT – WooCommerce Products Tables Professional by realmag777

WooCommerce Products Tables Professional WOOT

Experience a new dimension to display your products in a table format using this woot product table. This wooCommerce product table also offers tremendous flexibility to the admin while designing the product tables. A bunch of exciting functionalities of this WooCommerce product addon will let you design your product tables uniquely. 

Among its inbuilt product field attributes, you will have Thumbnail, Description, Slug, Category, Title, custom taxonomies, tags, meta fields, price, sale time, status, on sale, gallery, featured, dimension, variations, comment, review, author, date, total sale, average rating, and others. 

Multiple shortcodes are available to create a smooth CSS gallery, custom cart page, to show products on a single page, to display cross-sale products, shortcodes to display related products, product attachment, compared products, and product parameters. 

All the product tables are responsive and you will have a big set of options for the WooCommerce product tables including features like Show cart, Sorting Dropdown Fields, Show Sorting Dropdown, Compact view width, Hide filter form, Load more button, Show print button, Drop-down position per page, and Default order by option.

WooLentor WooCommerce Builder

Core Features

  • More than 25 ways to sort products professionally
  • Options to spread your shop products using remote tables with filtration
  • Options to create custom columns for special product tables
  • Inbuilt shopping cart with mobile compact view option
  • Strong API, CSS editor, and pagination 

Woo Product Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table view solution  by CodeAstrology

Woo Product Table Pro

List your products in a searchable table layout that is also easy to operate at the same time. Woo Products Table Pro allows you to customize your product tables like a pro.  WooCommerce plugin product searching option becomes easier as you will be able to search by price, SKU, color, size, date, or other custom fields. An advanced search option is also available with a custom taxonomy.

It is not necessary that you have to choose from a pre-designed template. You can easily personalize your product table simply by changing attributes like font size,  color, padding, background color, spacing, and others using its option panel. 

For the music site, this product table WooCommerce offers two different demo tables. You will also get different pre-made restaurant product tables, Jewellery Product Tables, fashion tables, book tables, accessories tables, Quotation Table, and wishlist tables.

You can also use multiple shortcodes to display all of your products on one page. This WooCommerce Product table pro is also compatible with YITH. You will also have well-commented code, Instant Search option, mini-filter, page load options for pagination, mini cart per table, customizable message table, and other powerful features to give your product table a new dimension. 

Core Feature

  • Ajax LoadMore button and pagination
  • Product Variations and Product Attributes in different columns
  • Shortcode Generator and Ajax add to cart
  • Search Box and instant search option
  • Mini-filter taxonomy Sorting

WooCommerce Product Table by woobewoo

WooCommerce Product Table

For different kinds of WooCommerce product types, this WooCommerce plugin is an ideal solution as you can easily create filterable products tables with necessary functionalities. This is one of the most popular WooCommerce plugin product tables and is perfect for quick order forms, restaurant order systems, large product catalogs, price lists, wholesale layouts, and more. With this product table by woobewoo plugin, you can display items in a responsive table.

The product table that you will create with this plugin will be fully responsive and you will have full control over the display option. 

A sortable and searchable form is available that will help you to add any kind of product to the WooCommerce plugin product table. You can also position these tables anywhere on your site according to your needs.

Multiple shortcodes are available that will allow you to add custom fields and position the WooCommerce plugin product table in different areas. WordPress product table plugin is the perfect way to turn your products into a beautiful table that your customers will love.

Support Genix - Support Ticket Plugin for WordPress

This WooCommerce table for showing product supports any content type and it also has a quantity selector. You can design your Buy Button and can change the design of your existing product table. It also offers Compatibility with Custom Fields, live preview, customizable table elements, Image size and lightbox, control over the content of the product table, and more.  

Core Features

  • Instant Table navigation with sorting, searching, and filtering option
  • Server-side Processing and page pagination with WooCommerce plugin product table 
  • Product filtering option by author, tag, category, or attribute.
  • Options to automatically add products from selected category
  • Product table with variations and multi-select add to cart

Product Tables for WooCommerce by Codup

Product Tables for WooCommerce

Introducing another WordPress product table plugin to offer an intuitive table layout for your customers. You can create an eye-catching WooCommerce table product list to proffer your customers an amazing shopping experience. Simple customization options are available for WooCommerce product columns. 

Give a boost to your conversation and allow your audience to gain a one-page shopping experience with this excellent product table plugin WooCommerce.

Another amazing feature of this WooCommerce product table WordPress plugin is that you can select buy multiple products from one single page. With one click, you can add all of the products of your choice. To assist you with that you will get checkboxes. 

WooCommerce product types can also be displayed in the WooCommerce product list table. You will also have easy shortcodes to try custom features, and can also add Quote feature using this WooCommerce product listing plugin. 

Core Features

  • Well-optimized and lightweight with minimum impact on site’s loading performance
  • Options to create multiple product tables with different settings
  • Product fileting options by price, attributes, and category
  • Fast filtering, sorting, and searching option
  • One-page checkout features with advanced cart options

Bottom Line

It’s tough to choose the right WooCommerce table plugin that can fulfill all of your requirements. Based on the features and quality, above we have listed 9 WooCommerce product table plugins that are easy to use and focus on efficient usability. Let us know which one fits your needs.

Watch the video about Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins 2024

Watch the video about Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins 2024
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