WordPress Podcast: Most Popular Elementor WooCommerce Builder

Ever wanted to know how to design your own online store? In this episode, you will learn what WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce builder is and the benefits of using it. You’ll also get a pricing plan breakdown so that you can choose which license type fits your business best!
Ever wondered if there was an easier way for busy entrepreneurs like yourself to create their very own e-commerce website without having any coding experience at all? There actually is – with WooLentor from Elementor Builder. So tune in as we show off the plugins’ key features and see just how easy building a beautiful site has become!


Transcript: Elementor WooCommerce Builder Podcast

Interviewer: Hello, everyone, welcome to our new show, where you can learn about the best Elementor WooCommerce Builder in the WordPress repository. You’ll also get a chance to be familiar with their functionality and applications along the way. I’m your host … Let’s get started.

At first we’d like to welcome our honorable guest Mr. Aslam Hasib, Managing Director of HasThemes. Basically, HasThemes is a team of 45 experienced designers and developers who have been working relentlessly for years to build high-quality web applications such as WordPress themes and plugins, Shopify themes and apps, HTML templates, and so on. Today, we will talk about one of their best products called WooLentor which is widely used all over the world.
Hello Aslam, welcome to the show. We are really glad to have you.

Aslam Hasib: Thanks a lot for inviting me to the show. It’s such an honor. I really appreciate it.

Interviewer: You are very welcome. So, how are you doing today?

Aslam Hasib: I am doing great. Thanks for asking. What about you?

Interviewer: I am doing awesome as always. So, I would like to ask you some questions about the famous WooLentor plugin. Alright?

Aslam Hasib: Yeah, sure.

Interviewer: There are many people out there who don’t have any idea about WooLentor, so my first question is: what exactly is WooLentor?

Aslam Hasib: Thanks for the question. WooLentor is an Elementor WooCommerce Builder. It allows customers to create amazing layouts for all the WooCommerce pages. Such as Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account, and many more. We all know that the Cart and Checkout page plays a significant role in an eCommerce store. Right?

Well, WooLentor is equipped with a number of useful widgets that enable users to change the look and feel of these pages by replacing the default page designs with their own personalized ones in little to no time. In this way, a user can create an extraordinary store that doesn’t look like any other regular store.

Also, there are loads of features available in WooLentor that will take an online store to a whole new level by adding some amazing functionality.

Interviewer: Could you please tell us about some of the features of WooLentor that are worth mentioning?

Aslam Hasib: Well, I am glad that you asked. Before getting into the features of WooLentor, first, let me tell you who should use this plugin.

Interviewer: Certainly!

Aslam Hasib: Any online store owners, freelance developers, or companies who have tried to customize the default layouts of WooCommerce pages by using custom code or design will understand its worth better than anyone. Because they know how tedious and time-consuming it is to change the default design of the WooCommerce pages. Well, with WooLentor on your side, you don’t need to rely on the traditional and common design of WooCommerce. Because WooLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) comes with an intuitive WooCommerce template builder that enables the users to create stunning layouts for all the WooCommerce pages without having to write a single line of code.

Interviewer: Woah! That’s awesome.

Aslam Hasib: Thank you very much. You know thousands of users are using WooLentor. While providing the support we got to know that each brand has its own preference regarding how they want to display the products in their store. By keeping this matter in mind there are a total of 42 styles available in WooLentor to display the WooCommerce products.

Interviewer: Very useful feature I must say. I think it will allow the users to showcase their products in a more personalized way and it will definitely help them to convey their brand details effectively. Right?

Aslam Hasib: Yeah, absolutely!

Interviewer: Would you like to share some more features of this plugin?

Aslam Hasib: Of course. Why not? There are tons of remarkable features included in the WooLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) plugin. Let me share the name of some noteworthy features and what they do.

Interviewer: Surely!

Aslam Hasib: Alright. Let me start with the Horizontal & Vertical Filters. It’s an amazing feature that I think every store owner should integrate into their store. This feature allows adding product filtering options to a WooCommerce store both horizontally and vertically. With the help of these filtering options, customers can filter through the products based on different parameters to find their desired products within just a few clicks.

Interviewer: Great! I am sure that this feature will increase the overall user experience of an online store.

Aslam Hasib: Yes, indeed.

Next, I would like to introduce another feature called “Sales Notification”. Using this feature, one can display live sales notifications for recent or custom orders placed by the customers on a store. Apart from displaying the notifications, it is also possible to customize the style of these notifications. Hence, I can assure you that it will increase a brand’s credibility amongst its potential customers.

Interviewer: Undoubtedly!

Aslam Hasib: Now let me share two very useful features of the WooLentor plugin. One is “Call for Price” and another is “Suggest Price”.

Have you ever come across any e-commerce store where the product price is hidden?

Interviewer: Oh! Yes, I have seen such types of websites.

Aslam Hasib: Well, actually the store owners usually do this so that customers can call them directly to know the price. There are many online stores out there where the products are displayed without mentioning the price. We have added the “Call for Price” feature by keeping this type of website in mind. A customer can easily contact the store owner via a phone call just by clicking on the “Call for Price” button from a mobile device.

The “Suggest Price” feature is almost similar. The only difference is that this feature enables the customers to suggest a price for the products of a store.

Interviewer: Both of these features are really useful in some cases.

Aslam Hasib: Yeah! We always value our customers’ needs. That’s why we have been constantly updating the plugin with new features and improvements since we released the plugin for the first time. While updating the plugin, we mainly focus on our customer’s requirements as well as modern trends and technologies.

For instance, we have recently added a couple of unique features to our plugin. By implementing those features, a store owner can build an exceptional eCommerce website that will stand out from the competition.  

First, Multi-Step Checkout – This amazing feature helps users to create a more organized Checkout page by splitting the long Checkout process into several easy steps to offer them a better user experience. Because most of the customers prefer a simple, neat, and clean Checkout page.

Interviewer: Yes, indeed.

Aslam Hasib: Another amazing feature is “Quick Add to Cart”. With the help of this feature, a customer can instantly select product variants and add them to the cart without having to visit the product details page. Apart from the Shop page, this feature can be used on any other pages of a WooCommerce store.

Interviewer: Cool!

Aslam Hasib: Moreover, if a store owner wants to change the default texts, field labels, etc. the “Rename Label” feature is there. It allows renaming the default label texts for the Shop, Product Details, Cart, and Checkout page.

Interviewer: Wow, awesome. Those are some excellent features. I am pretty sure that WooLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) will come in handy to those people who want their stores to stand out from thousands of other stores out there.

Since the plugin is based on the Elementor page builder, is it possible to use the WooLentor plugin with the free version of Elementor?

Aslam Hasib: Yes, of course, you can use WooLentor with the free version Elementor.

Interviewer: Fantastic!

Okay, let’s move on to the next question? Is that alright?

Aslam Hasib: Yeah, why not?

Interviewer: So, when I was gathering some details about the WooLentor plugin from your website, I noticed that there are three different types of licenses available for both one year and lifetime. Would you please briefly describe what the differences are?

Aslam Hasib: Yeah sure. Thanks for the question.

First of all, let me tell you the differences between “one year” and “lifetime”.

Well, “one year” license means that you will get one year of update and support. On the other hand, the “lifetime” license will provide you access, update and support for a lifetime.

Now let me introduce you to the three different licenses you saw on our website. The first one is the “Personal license”. This license can be used for a single website only and we provide the “WooLentor Pro” files with it.

The second one is the “Developer license” that comes with all of our Elementor themes and plugins. Furthermore, you can use this license for a total of 5 websites.

The last one is “Agency license”. This license can be used on unlimited websites. But the main perks of this license is that it comes with more items than the “Developer license” does. All of our WordPress themes and plugins are included in the “Agency” license.

Elementor WooCommerce Builder Pricing plan
WooLentor Pricing Plan

Interviewer: Oh! I see. Can we use the plugin for our client’s websites?

Aslam Hasib: Yes, you can use this plugin for your client’s website.

Interviewer: Now I would like to ask a very important question. How do you provide support to the customers of this plugin in case they encounter any issues?

Aslam Hasib: Thank you so much for such a valuable question. Thought you would never ask (laugh).

There are many platforms via which we provide support to our customers. In case customers find any sort of issue in our plugin after purchasing a license, they can contact us via:

Support ticket, Live chat, Email, Skype, etc. Also, they can contact us directly from our website. We are trying our best to provide the best quality support to our customers. We even help them to set up the plugin for free. Plus, we have made plenty of video tutorials for our customers so that they can use our plugin properly.

Interviewer: Wow! That’s very kind of you.

Aslam Hasib: Usually, we take 24 hours maximum to fix an issue.

Interviewer: If I may ask, what if you are unable to solve any issue?

Aslam Hasib: If we are unable to solve any issue, we refund the full amount to our customer. No need to worry about that. Our refund policy is pretty simple. We recommend reading our refund policy before purchasing any product from our website.

Interviewer: Okay, so, what’s your plan for the WooLentor?

Aslam Hasib: I want WooLentor to become the best WooCommerce Elementor plugin for WordPress. We are adding new features to this plugin constantly and keeping it updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Interviewer: Sounds promising. My next question might sound a little mean, but believe me, I have been asked this sort of question numerous times on the previous episodes. So, may I?

Aslam Hasib: No problem at all.

Interviewer: Okay, thanks a lot! Why should a customer purchase the pro version of your plugin?

Aslam Hasib: Well, I must admit that you have asked a very important question. Well, I do believe that this is one of the best plugins for Elementor WooCommerce Builder. This plugin offers tons of features that are helpful not only to design a unique online store but also boost the number of sales in a store. Already more than 15 thousand stores or websites are using this plugin. They can’t be wrong. Not to mention, the plugin is well-received in the WordPress repository as well. Also, I can guarantee the best quality support to those customers who purchase our WooLentor Elementor WooCommerce Builder plugin.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for such a wonderful answer. Again from the bottom of my heart, I highly appreciate you for attending the show.

Aslam Hasib: You are very welcome. Thank you!

Interviewer: Thank you everyone for being with us. We’ll be back soon with another episode. Till then, take care and bye bye.

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