Essential Addons Plugin for Elementor

If you’re using Elementor, then you need to be using Essential Addons. It’s as simple as that. This plugin adds essential features to Elementor that will make your life a lot easier. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a look at all of the features that Essential Addons provides and show you how it can help you create better websites with Elementor. So if you’re looking for an essential set of addons for Elementor, look no further than Essential Addons!

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What is the Essential Add-ons Plugin for Elementor and What does it do:. Other benefits of using this plugin are:

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the popular plugins developed by WPDeveloper. This plugin was first introduced in 2017, just a year after Elementor was built. This plugin is packed with both freemium and premium add-ons that you can easily access from the plugin directory of WordPress. 

Though it is believed that this plugin is specially designed for Elementor, however, the truth is, WordPress has another page builder named Cornerstone which is also suitable for this plugin. 

Now, the point comes what does the Essential Addon Plugin do?

Though, both Elementor and its pro version have a number of basic and pro widgets, but still these are not enough to unleash your creativity. Essential Addon Plugin for Elementor comes with 70+ additional widgets to discover your best potential. 

Essential Addons for Elementor
Essential Addons for Elementor

Elementor Essential Addons plugin enhances the core page builder by adding its exclusive extensions and elements. Basically, it offers a boost to the ability of the Elementor plugin with strong components and design options. The best part is as this plugin is lightweight and fully flexible, it will not slow down your site. Other advantages that you will enjoy after installing Elementor essential addons include:

  • Multiple alternatives for controlling the variability of elements
  • Easily customizable features
  • Versatility for different websites from static to dynamic web presence
  • Fast loading with minimum response time

How to install and Use Essential Add-ons Plugin for Elementor

Installing WordPress Essential Addons is one of the easiest things to do. Following is a step-by-step guideline to help you with installing and configuring the plugin from scratch. 

Step 1: In your WordPress Dashboard, go to wp-admin, then click Plugins > Add New. You will see the search box, where you can type “Essential Addons”. After that, you can simply click the “Install Now” button to install the item.

essential addons plugins add new
essential addons plugins add new
essential addon plugins install
essential addon plugins install

Step 2: You can click the “Activate” button after installing the Essential Addons for Elementor plugin.

essential addons active plugins
essential addons active plugins

Step 3: The Essential Addons for Elementor WordPress Menu will show up in the Dashboard whenever you will complete Step 2. You will be directed to the Settings page of this plugin.

essential addons plugins settings
essential addons plugins settings

To see all of the accessible Essential Addons components, navigate to the ‘Elements’ tab. You can enable or even disable the elements using the toggle. To regenerate the files and clear the cache, you can go to the “Tools” page and simply click the “Delete Cache” button. 

essential addons plugins settings tools
essential addons plugins settings tools

Using the Essential Addons Plugin

If you have successfully installed the plugin, then you will see the option to find the elements of Essential Addons listed in the sidebar.

To start with, open the Elementor editor >> Essential Addon elements. You can easily find all the elements as these start with EA.

If you need to edit any element, simply drag the element to the interface of the page builder. When you will drop it, you will see the ‘Style’ and ‘Content’ tabs right with multiple customization options. The ‘Advanced’ tab is also available to display the same customization option. ‘EA Particles’ are available in the ‘Layout’ tab along with ‘EA Parallax’ extensions. You can also use ‘EA Advanced Tooltip’ simply by clicking the ‘Edit’ button and enabling the extension. 

This was a fast outline of how you can make changes to the components and arrange them without any problem. You can try as many customizations as you need using this walkthrough.

The widget list of Essential Add-ons for Elementor

Elementor Essentials Pack accompanies 70+ widgets that developers and designers can use to improve the site-building experience.  We can divide the elements of this plugin into several categories: 

  • Content Elements
  • Dynamic Content Elements
  • Creative Elements
  • Form Style Elements
  • WooCommerce Elements 
  • Documentation Elements and much more.

Content Elements: Starting with content elements. These elements are used to design, create and display different types of content on your website. Among the 22 content elements, some of the elements are available in the elementor essential addons pro version. 

  1. Advanced Search: Create a fully customizable advanced search panel to search any kind of files, keywords, or documents with this widget. 
  2. Simple Menu: According to your preference, you can showcase the navigation menu anywhere on your site with this widget.  
  3. Creative Buttons: Add exclusive button styles and create stunning CTA with this widget. 
  4. Static Product: Design your static content by adding a proper header, link, image, description, and demo text.
  5. Event Calendar: Showcase your upcoming events with beautiful features and help your visitors to know exactly with beautiful calenders. 
  6. Flip Box: Enjoy interactive layouts and animation effects on mouseover using EA Flip Box. 
  7. Dual Color Heading: Provide an interactive look by highlighting content heading with multiple colors. 
  8. Logo Carousel: Style up the features of Logo Carousel with your favorite design and carousel effects. 
  9. Advanced Accordion: Decorate your pages, posts, or your site with a beautiful accordion. 
  10. Team Members Carousel: Style up each section of overlay, social icons, or images to give your team page a new look.  
  11. Info Box: You can highlight important information with elegant style using this widget. 
  12. Sticky Video: Customize your video layout and display any sort of video with style with Sticky Video. 
  13. Tooltip: Display your images, icons, shortcodes, or text with mouse hover for more engagement. 
  14. Team Member: This essential addons free widget offers creative ways to introduce your team members with short profiles, images, and social shares. 
  15. Testimonial Slider: Create interactive testimonials and showcase customer reviews to influence potential customers. 
  16. Advanced Tabs: Display key information like a pro with this widget that also supports nested tab designs. 
  17. Feature List: With custom design and icons, personalize the features of your products.
  18. Content Toggle: Reduce scroll time and showcase your content using different styles, images, and layouts to attract more visitors. 
  19. Advanced Menu: Implement different menu types, set the layouts, and position the menus wherever you want.
  20. Offcanvas: Display stunning sidebar, configure the direction, button position, and add multiple transitions to your content. 
  21. Protected Content: Restrict important information and content by setting up passwords or user permission to certain areas.
  22. Testimonials: Showcase customer’s review with client images, valuable words, short portfolio, social share icons, and more. 

Dynamic Content Elements: These widgets help you manipulate and display the dynamic content like a pro on your website. 11 elements of dynamic content are given below:

  1. Post Block: This one is available in Essential Addons Elementor Pro Version. With the power of modern CSS Flex, you can choose multiple hover effects, animation, and layouts to display your blog post.
  2. Post Grid: From layout settings, you can choose your preferred grid layout to display blog posts.
  3. Smart Post List: Apply visually stunning grid layouts for your blog post with separate cards view. 
  4. Post Timeline: This widget let you display pages, blog posts, custom posts in a vertical layout with image overlay, number of post, and animation effects. 
  5. Advanced-Data Table: Easily arrange the large-scale data set with unlimited styling options. 
  6. Dynamic Gallery: Choose an attractive masonry layout or stunning grid layout with popup and hover animation to display your content. 
  7. Content Timeline: You can create a stunning memory lane using your content. 
  8. Content Ticker: You can add ticker type to showcase your current news with animation effects. 
  9. Advanced Google Map: Get full control over the Google map to configure the type and themes. 
  10. Post Carousel: Add overlays and transition effects to showcase your posts beautifully. 
  11. Data Table: With desired icons, columns, rows, filter options, and header, you can display your data in a table layout.  

Creative Elements: Developers and designers can employ 16 creative widgets to add innovative functions to their site which will ultimately improve the overall user experience. The Essential addons creative elements that you can use to improve your WordPress site are given below: 

  1. One Page Navigation: Create an amazing one-page site with full customization options with this widget.
  2. Interactive Promo: Design the outlook of your website with creative promo effects where you can insert your preferred content as well. 
  3. Interactive Cards: Another widget from Essential addons pro for elementor that will let you display your content in a stylish manner with advanced content management opportunities. 
  4. Interactive Circle: Try an interactive circular layout to display your content with this widget. 
  5. Image Hotspot: With a custom-made tooltip, you can create image area hotspots using Image Hotspot.
  6. Filterable Gallery: Display your images with high-quality image layouts using this widget.
  7. countdown: Boost your click-through rate by adding a countdown timer. 
  8. Counter: Customize the layout of the counter and add stunning animation. 
  9. Fancy Text: Customize the texts of your website by adding different types of animation effects to your text. 
  10. Divider: This Essential Elements Elementor widget offers an excellent way to separate two content sections. 
  11. Image Comparison: Another widget from essential addons pro for elementor that lets your potential buyers compare different product images in an amazing way. 
  12. Image Scroller: Add interactive scrolling effects to your images using this widget. 
  13. Image Accordion: Highlight your images using amazing animation and hover effects. 
  14. Progress Bar: Grab the attention of your visitors by displaying the progress update of your projects, future plan, or even success rate. 
  15. Flip Carousel: Impress your customers using this widget to showcase your images. 
  16. Lightbox & Modal: Add animation, set trigger actions, and display your content, images, videos with a popup. 

Form Styler Elements: To create professional forms and improve its functionalities Essential Add on Elementor offers 11 exclusive form styler elements:

  1. Ninja Forms: With multiple form styles this widget gives you the flexibility to design your ninja forms.
  2. WPForms: Design a professional contact form for your site with your preferred form styles. 
  3. Contact Form 7: This is one of the popular essential addons for Elementor that will let you create exclusive forms.
  4. TypeForm: You can create your own survey form, add or remove the header/footer with this widget. 
  5. Gravity Forms: You can personalize the look of the form to grab the attention of the customers. 
  6. Formstack: You can integrate with this widget to create and manage multicriteria forms. 
  7. weForms: Add more fields, containers, and your favorite style while creating your contact forms. 
  8. Fluent Forms: Design your contact form with your desired layouts using this widget.
  9. Login Register Form: This advanced widget can help you guide your visitor’s register/login themselves easily.
  10. Caldera Forms: Another type of contact form widget that helps you create user-friendly contact forms. 
  11. MailChimp: Create stunning subscription forms within a few clicks using this form. 

WooCommerce Elements: Essential Add on for Elementor offers 8 useful WooCommerce elements that can help your store stand out. 

  1. Woo Product Gallery: You will amazing product layouts to showcase your products with this widget. 
  2. Woo Product Carousel: Ready carousel layouts, effects, and styles options are available to display product sections. 
  3. Woo Product Slider: Amazing slider effects and ready layouts are available to create your product slider. 
  4. Woo Cart: Decorate your cart page with stunning styles and layouts to boost your sales with the essential addons WooCommerce. 
  5. Woo Product Grid: Showcase products by tags, category, or attributes and amazing hover effects. 
  6. Woo Product Collection: Display the collection of your products with amazing layouts. 
  7. Woo Product Compare: A bunch of ready themes is available to compare the products of your site. 
  8. Woo Checkout: Design your checkout page and give it a stunning look with this widget. 

Marketing Elements: 3 useful marketing elements you will have with this plugin:

  1. Price Menu: Amazing price menu you can create for any kind of product with multiple layouts and top-notch design. 
  2. Call To Action: Drive more conversion by creating an effective CTA for your visitors. 
  3. Pricing Table: Perfect styling options are available to create an effective pricing table. 

Social Elements: 4 social widgets are available to help you with integrating social media.

  1. Facebook Feed: Display your latest Facebook post in an overlay layout or stunning card using this excellent widget. 
  2. Instagram Feed: Add eye-catching hover effects and animation to display your Instagram feed.
  3. Twitter Feed: Display your tweets in your own way with an attractive list layout or masonry layout. 
  4. Twitter Feed Carousel: Showcase your tweets like a pro with professional Carousel effects and choose your favorite layout.

Documentation Elements: For better documentation support, you will also get 3 exclusive widgets with this plugin.

  1. BetterDocs Search Form: Enhance the user experience by adding an advanced search bar and customizing it according to your choice. 
  2. BetterDocs Category Box: Stunning box styles are available for BetterDocs with full customization scopes. 
  3. BetterDocs Category Grid: Grid layout is available for BetterDocs with customization options.  

LearnDash Element: One widget is specially designed for this category.

  1. LearnDash Course List: You can display the online courses and personalize the appearance according to your choice. 

Extensions: 9 Powerful extensions are available with essential add-ons plugins to assist you with multiple options.

  1. Post Duplicator: With a click, you can duplicate any of your pages or even post to create multiple pages or posts within a very short time. 
  2. Content Protection: restrict access for any of your content by setting up a password or user permission. 
  3. Scroll to Top: This one is an Elementor Lite extension that will let your visitors navigate to the top instantly.
  4. Cross-Domain Copy Paste: from one website to another, it is possible to instantly copy-paste any section or block using this plugin.
  5. Advanced Tooltip: Display useful messages, key information, quick guidance, and other info in an impressive manner. 
  6. Particles: Add your custom styles and create creative sections on your website. 
  7. Reading Progress Bar: Add a progress bar to your site and style it as you wish. 
  8. Parallax Effect: Create dynamic pages by adding advanced scrolling effects with multi-layered customization options. 
  9. Table of Contents: Display all of your content in one table using this extension. 

The Template list of Essential Add-ons for Elementor

While creating a functional and beautiful site, a lot of little details you need to add to make it work. Adding special effects, building layouts, and ensuring compatibility with browsers and devices takes time. To make the process faster, designers and developers constantly looking for templates, plugins, tools, extensions, or widgets to take advantage of.

There are a bunch of templates, both free and premium, that are specially designed for Elementor where you can easily add the Essential Addons Plugin to enhance the functionality of the templates. Following we tried to cover a few of those templates that will give you the idea of versatile niches where you can install the plugin.  

  • Agrofood: This is an Elementor WooCommerce Theme specially designed for grocery and organic items. It offers flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use features to assist the users. 
  • Jupiter: Basically this one is a Multi-Purpose Elementor Theme with an exclusive checkout optimizer, shop customizer, and sales funnel builder.
  • Monztera: A popular Elementor NFT Portfolio Template kit with a collection of creative and ready-made designs. 
  • Karma: A beautiful Elementor Landing Page template with styling page editing options, Top-Notch Theme Support, Extensive Plugin, and Software Compatibility. 
  • Phlox Pro: This is another Elementor MultiPurpose Theme for different types of websites that also includes SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle, Site Origin Page Builder, and more. 

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Benefits of Using the Essential Addons Plugin

WordPress Essential Addons Plugin elevates the efficacy of the Elementor by adding creative elements that assist you with effectively building stunning websites. Other benefits of using this plugin are: 

  • Pre-Built Templates and Blocks: Fully customizable pre-built templates and blocks will let you design your site fast. You can also save the template designs to the cloud and deploy them anytime 
  • Completely Customizable Elements: Customizable components of this plugin will give you the full flexibility to adjust the elements according to your brand needs. This will also help you create a masterpiece website. 
  • Light Weight and Responsive: The Elementor plugin is lightweight and will not slow down your site like other plugins. Essential Addons plugin is fully optimized for speed. You will also have a live editing option. 
  • Element Control Options: User-friendly element control system with the enable and disable options will help you easily manage the addons and run the plugin smoothly. You can also deactivate unnecessary add-ons to help your site load faster.  
  • Elementor Expert Support: A reliable fast technical support team is also available with this plugin. In the forms of the support forum, contact forms, or even live chat, you can ask for help from the experts. 

Pros and Cons of Essential Addons Plugin

Pros of Essential Addons Plugin:

  • It offers a wide range of features and design options.
  • It is fully compatible with all WordPress themes.
  • The plugin is available in both free and premium versions.

Cons of Essential Addons Plugin:

  • The free version does not include all the features that are available in the premium version.

FAQs About the Plugin

We have also covered some of the frequently asked questions that you may also have in your mind:

Is Essential Addons Plugin Free?

Both free and paid versions of this plugin are available with an amazing widget list. 

Is This Plugin Safe?

This is one of the most popular plugins with more than 1 million active users and this plugin is absolutely safe to use. 

Does Elementor Pro Come with Essential Addons Plugin?

No. the Essential Elementor Addons Plugin does not come with the pro version of Elementor. To use this plugin, you just need to install the free version of Elementor and this plugin is absolutely compatible with the pro version of Elementor. 

How Do I Download Essential Addons Plugin?

You can easily download the free version from the WordPress plugin site. Flexible pricing options are also available for different kinds of users. You can check it out from the WPDeveloper site. 

Essential Add-ons for Elementor Alternatives

If you are looking for some other alternatives for Essential Add-ons for Elementor, the following plugins could be perfect. These Elementor based plugins below also have a plethora of functionalities and handy options. So, don’t miss checking them out as well.

HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder

HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder
HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder

HT Mega is a comprehensive collection of Elementor addons. You’ll find 782+ Elementor blocks, over 107+ Elementor widgets, 91 webpage templates, and much more in this element package, all of which will help you embellish your WordPress website wonderfully and professionally.

Positive Response: Ht Mega has an average rating of 4.81/5 with 525 ratings.

Active Installation: The HT Mega Elementor Add-ons plugin currently has over 90,000 active installations.

Pricing: HT Mega Elementor Add-ons plugin is available in various pricing plans based on the number of websites or the time of usage.

There are three types of plans named Personal, Developer, and Growth.

In the Personal plan, you can only use the plugin on a single website. The developer plan will allow you to use the plugin on 5 websites. With the Growth Plan, you will be able to use the plugin on 999 websites.

The Yearly license for the Personal plan costs USD 39$ while the Developer and the Growth plan cost USD 69 and USD 99 respectively.

If you don’t like to go for a Yearly license and want to make a one-time purchase then the Personal license will cost USD 59 while the Developer and the Growth plan cost USD 149 and USD 199 respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with 782+ Elementor blocks.
  • A vast collection of 107+ different Elementor widgets are available.
  • 91+ Page Templates.
  • A huge number of active users.
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste / Live Copy
  • Fast and Friendly Support.
  • Easy to use, convenient and reliable.

Move Addons for Elementor

Move Addons for Elementor
Move Addons for Elementor

Move Add-ons is a package of 80+ Elementor add-ons, templates, and more. It has been designed to improve the functionality of WordPress‘ default interface with its sleek layout design for ease of use in modifying your website content without touching a single line of code.

Positive Response: Move Addons has 5-star ratings with 100% customer satisfaction.

Pricing: The Move Elementor Addons plugin is available in different pricing plans based on the number of websites or the time of usage.

There are three types of plans named Personal, Developer, and Agency.

In the Personal plan, you can only use the plugin on a single website. The developer plan will allow you to use the plugin on 5 websites. With the Agency Plan, you will be able to use the plugin on 1000 websites.

The Yearly license for the Personal plan costs USD 39$ while the Developer and the Agency plan cost USD 89 and USD 179 respectively.

If you don’t like to go for a Yearly license and want to buy the lifetime bundle then the Personal license will cost USD 149 while the Developer and the Agency plan cost USD 349 and USD 549 respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • 80+ Widgets
  • Access to Template Library
  • On-Demand Asset Loading
  • Cross Domain Copy Paste
  • Outstanding Design
  • Support Response 24 hr
  • Updates for Lifetime

WooLentor – WooCommerce Elementor Addons + Builder

WooLentor – WooCommerce Elementor Addons + Builder
WooLentor – WooCommerce Elementor Addons + Builder

WooLentor is an exclusive plugin for WooCommerce with thousands of satisfied users. It is an Elementor-based drag and drops WooCommerce page builder plugin that allows you to create and modify WooCommerce pages without touching any code.

WooLentor is equipped with a whopping collection of 76 widgets, a massive template library, and plenty of features like Custom Cart, Checkout Page Builder, Custom Shop Page Builder, Single product page builder, Horizontal/Vertical Product Filter, Multi-Step Checkout Page Builder, and so on.

Positive Response: WooLentor has an average rating of 4.3/5 with 163 ratings.

Active Installations: The WooLentor WooCommerce Elementor Page Builder plugin currently has over 1,00,000+ active installations.

Pricing: WooLentor is available in various pricing plans based on the number of websites or the time of usage.

There are four types of plans named Plus, Elite, Growth, and Agency.

In the Plus plan, you can only use the plugin on a single website. The Elite plan will allow you to use the plugin on 5 websites. With the Growth Plan, you will be able to use the plugin on 100 websites. The biggest plan “Agency” will enable you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites.

The Yearly license for the Plus plan costs USD 59 while the Elite, Agency, and the Bundle plan cost USD 159, USD 299, and USD 449 respectively.

If you don’t like to go for a Yearly license and want to make a one-time purchase then the Plus license will cost USD 149 while the Elite, Agency, and the Bundle plan cost USD 259, USD 599, and USD 699 respectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • WooCommerce Template Builder
  • Custom Cart Page Builder
  • Custom Checkout Page Builder
  • Custom My Account Page Builder
  • Sticky Add to cart
  • Template Library (Premium)
  • Essential woocommerce modules
  • Included 5 Premium WooCommerce Themes
  • Top-notch Support


Elementor Essential Addons Plugin is one of the best plugins that you can use to enhance the functionalities of Elementor. It offers a bunch of exclusive widgets that will help the overall web-building process. Aside from the widgets, you will also get full professional support to solve any sort of technical issue. So jump-start to ease your site-building experience with the powerful Essential Addons WordPress Plugin.