Call for price and Suggest price in WooCommerce using WooLentor

When it comes to pricing, there are two schools of thought: those who believe that the customer is always right, and those who think that the seller should always be in control. However, when it comes to WooCommerce call for price, there's a third option: call for price and suggest a price. By using these call for price for WooCommerce  features, you can let the customer decide how much they're willing to pay, or make a suggestion that they can either accept or reject. So if you're looking for a flexible pricing solution for your WooCommerce store, be sure to check out WooLentor today.

Two features are added to Woolentor. One is “call for price” and another is “Suggest Price”.
In your online store, you may have products without any price. Your customer can call you to know the price. We found many websites where they display products without any price. For this type of website, we added these features.

If anyone clicks on the “Call for price” from a mobile, a customer can quickly contact you by phone call. It makes a website more user-friendly for customers.

For the “suggest price”, your customer can suggest a price for your products. You can add this button anywhere on your product detail page. We put it on the right side of the add to cart button. If a customer clicks here, a contact form will open to send the price suggestion.

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Call for price and suggest a price in WooCommerce Product using WooLentor

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