Download Free Bootstrap Templates

If you're planning to start your website with a bootstrap template, ‘Download Free Bootstrap Templates’ is a ready cake for you. We have compiled a list of 26 high-quality free Bootstrap templates that are perfect for your next website project. Download these beautiful HTML files and use them on your new or existing site to give it a modern look with clean lines and plenty of white space. This list includes everything from multi-page corporate websites to simple landing pages – there's something for everyone!

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Agench – Corporate Bootstrap 5 Template

Agench Corporate Bootstrap 5 Template

If you are looking for an agency template but ready to pay no penny, Agench – Corporate Bootstrap 5 Template is a massive solution for you. It’s a responsive Bootstrap 5 template that's elegant in design and perfect for any agency.

Agench provides 100% responsiveness layouts in any kind of display size. So it will look great on all devices!  In addition, The Agench Bootstrap 5 template comes with 6 main pages. They include the Homepage, About Us page, services page, work page, and blog Page; the latter of which has a section dedicated to testimonials. The homepage is well designed and user-friendly.

It also contains an about us page in addition to a testimonial section where you can easily showcase all your services or posts related content as required for business purposes.  

 However, Agench fully compatible with all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, or Microsoft Edge so you don't have to worry at all about compatibility issues.  One thing to emphasize is, the UI and UX of this template will surely fascinate you. Lifetime update, 5 star support is also soothing for the users.  

  This is a great site; you can find all the different layouts for showcasing your work or projects! The contact us page comes with Google Maps and even 2 types of forms to make it easy for our customers. This website has almost everything you need. You can stop searching around because this one will do the job – no problem.

Archo – Architecture & Interior HTML Template

Archo Architecture & Interior HTML Template

In terms of Architecture & HTML templates, Archo is a massive production. You probably don’t expect such a complete thing in free items. It’s a fully responsive and unique HTML template designed with HTML and CSS. 

All the five pages- Homepage, Project Page, About Page, Contact Page & Blog Page are rich with the necessary elements in the perfect places. It brings a catchy look that helps visitors find the elements at a glance. 

Clean homepage with latest projects in various categories and there is a section to add videos on company information or show you can include anything you wish in the videos. 

Most importantly, the home section has a multimedia section where videos, presentations, and other animated contents can be displayed. The overall homepage is so elegant to attract visitors.

As an architect and interior HTML template, you must show creativity. Archo is such a creative and catchy HTML template. 
However, let me explain the other pages of Archo. You can see an About Page in the menu. It’s certainly a nice place to represent your team members and other details of the company. 

Look at the project page and project detail page. Project page as a photo gallery with different categories like Residential, Commercial, Indoor etc. Can it be smarter than this? On the other hand, the Project Detail page displays the image and other specifications of the project. 

In addition, blog pages are also carved with importance in Archo Architecture and Interior HTML template. Blog pages are nice places to write about the industry. You can publish creative, informative, or descriptive blogs about the architecture and interior design industry. It helps your website’s marketing and grows your business. 

Optico – Photography Bootstrap 5 Template

Optico Photography Bootstrap 5 Template

If you are trying to Download Free Bootstrap Templates and wishing to get a professional template,  Optico – Photography Bootstrap 5 Template is certainly a massive option for you. 

Optico HTML template comes with 8+ pages including a uniquely crafted home version. The purpose of photography is to present things in an artistic manner. To do so, you can’t choose a faded website. So, this kind of creative design is the first requirement of a photography website. 

However, the Swiper Slider, responsive layouts and smooth browser compatibility will ensure ultimate ease for the users. Optico Bootstrap template has all plugin optimization, CSS & JS files for better performance. 

In addition, different gallery styles are embedded in this HTML template so that your visitors enjoy the variety of your website. Split gallery, full-screen gallery, classic gallery, and single gallery- all are catchy to look at.

On the other hand, blog pages are another crucial way of the SEO activities of your website. Optico Bootstrap template has two unique blog pages that you can use to engage your visitors. 

Most importantly, this 100% valid and W3 standard HTML template has 5-star support and lifetime free update for the users.

Roomedia SEO & Marketing Bootstrap 5 Template 

Roomedia SEO & Marketing Bootstrap 5 Template

It's perfect for digital marketing and SEO companies with 6 main pages including the home page, about page, services page, project or portfolio section of their site; blog post area as well as contact information. 

The homepage includes sections to display company services in addition to showcasing recent projects they've been working on too!

About page is an excellent field to showcase the company profile, team members who are continuously struggling for the companies betterment and the background of the company can also be displayed here. 

Roomedia is cross-browser optimized with valid HTML5/CSS3 code, fixed footer, and amazing animation. Its clean and commented code will worth your purchase for you to spice up all your projects!

The W3 Validate Markup makes it possible to validate any content on the site by highlighting incorrect data in red or green.  Since Roomedia is built with CSS you don't have to worry about layout issues or broken pages. Stylish design completes an outstanding product.

The project or portfolio page displays the different completed projects of the company according to various categories. The project detail page also provides in-depth information about a specific project, such as the client's location and size when appropriate.

Though Roomedia is a free template, still it ensures a lifetime update to the users. 

The contact page embeds Google Map which will nicely describe the location of your company.  Roomedia SEO & Marketing Bootstrap 5 Template's digital marketing or SEO Company and as well as a form for messages and queries from clients. Try out this modern template today!

Unore Creative Agency HTML Template

Unore Creative Agency HTML Template

Unore Creative Agency HTML Template is an elegant and professional design template. It has 5 main pages which are the home page, about us page, portfolio or work page, blog post section that includes a testimonial section from clients.

In addition, it’s easier to display team members behind Unore so that a clientele can find you or your team members as soon as they needed.   

The contact page includes an embedded Google Map that shows the location of your company as well as a form for getting messages or queries from any client or visitor to your company website.  

The blog page is an excellent hub for all of your writing. It's broken down into categories, and there are pages that show you a particular post in detail to make it easier to find what your clients are looking for!  

Unore Creative Agency HTML Template is a stunning and elegant website template to stand out as a market-leading digital agency or consulting company. It's completely free to use, so try it out today.

Hutche – Furniture ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

Hutche Furniture ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

Hutche is a Bootstrap 5 website template made for furniture stores. It's 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, so it'll work great on desktops as well as laptops or tablets like iPads!

The 6 main pages are the home page, about us page, shop page, single product page blog post 

The page has a variety of sections for displaying new arrivals, the most popular products, and featured items. Additinally, it the homepage has featured product section. 

The shop page displays all the products for sale, categorized by their types. Sometimes your visitors may wish to view the product detailed in single page. Here in Hutche, there are single products page that can nicely portray the ins and outs of the products in a single page.

In addition, Hutche bootstrap template comprises blog page and blog detailed page. Blog page assimilates all the blogs together in a single page and on the other hand the blog details page can display a particular blog in detail view.

How professional are you? However, having an active contact page is crucial to show professionalism. Embed your google map location in your website so that people can reach you effortlessly.

What do you need? Cross-browser compatibility, latest HTML, W3 School validation, responsive layout? All are handily available in Hutche free eCommerce HTML bootstrap template. 

Moreover, Hutche furniture HTML template renders a high-end user experience.

Outeli – Fashion ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

Outeli Fashion ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

The new Outeli is a Fashion eCommerce Bootstrap 5 Template. Outeli brings a flawlessly responsive layout and mobile-friendly features that are most suited for making professional online stores of any type of product, including fashion items!

There are 2 main home page versions to choose from with 4 other pages -including the Home Page, About Us Page, Shop Pages (and) Blog Pages!

However, Outeli is crafted with a wide variety of product range. You can sell nearly all kinds of fashion goods using this template. 

Outeli responsive template brings two home versions and 17 other crucial pages that an eCommerce website may need.

While using this template as your website, you can show off the new arrival products based on the category, promotional offer, hot sale and weekly promotional offers.

Check out the features of Outeli. I think you will forget that this is a free template. 
The website has a number of different sections that are easy to navigate. The shop page displays all the products by category, and you can also search for something specific if needed.

Blogs have their own section on the site where visitors will find blogs listed according to categories as well as blog details pages with full information about individual ones. 

If you're looking for a website template that guarantees to give your online store the professional look and feel it needs, New Outeli Fashion eCommerce Bootstrap 5 Template is definitely worth checking out.

It's free of any cost  so there's absolutely nothing stopping you from giving this stunning design a try!

Uthr – Fashion ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

Uthr Fashion ECommerce Bootstrap 5 Template

The Uthr Bootstrap Template is a 100% responsive and mobile-friendly design that has 5 main pages.

These include the home page, shop page, single product display for your products on sale; shopping cart where you can order multiple items at once and save money when shipping costs are calculated together – not to mention generating new orders from all of those who have expressed interest in what they see in their individual carts!

The home page will show a featured collection for sale as well as the bestselling items. The shop displays all products on their categories and single product pages can be seen in detail with one click.

The shopping cart page displays the products you've chosen to purchase. Your visitors can change, cancel any product from the shopping cart and they can add new products to the cart. 

Do you know the importance of blogs in your  eCommerce site? If not, let me tell you. Your blogs can bring your website to a new horizon. Even if, it’s an eCommerce site, you have to publish blogs on a regular basis to catch new visitors and to increase your site’s authority. here comes the point.

In uthr, the blog detail page shows a particular blog in full detail. The blog section holds posts relevant to readers interested in one or more specific topics.

If you are looking forward to showing off your products with a strong impact among the customers, Uthr is a perfect solution. 
Uthr runs smoothly in all the major browsers like, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge. 

If you are in need of a fashion HTML template, Uthr would be an excellent choice.

Bistro – Restaurant Bootstrap 5 Template

Bistro Restaurant Bootstrap 5 Template

Presentation and outfit is massively important in restaurant industry. If you are looking for an elegant Restaurant Bootstrap 5 Template and don’t have any budget for it, Bistro – Restaurant Bootstrap 5 Template is the best suit for you.

Bistro comes up with 8+ unique  HTML pages. Keep in mind that, a gorgeous design having no valid relation with the relevant industry will fail for sure. Here, Bistro portrays the restaurant industry exhaustively. 

Bistro bootstrap template has a responsive layout, multiple browser support and other necessary variation. 

 Let’s analyze the inner technology of this site. Bistro is built with HTML5 and CSS3. It’s Saas compatible at the same time.

Moreover, Bistro clean-coded bootstrap template has W3 validate markup. It’s optimized with all plugins of CSS and JS files for better performance.

In addition, lifetime free update and five star support will add some extra competitive advantage.

You can collect your customer data using the contact form. Even, it adds professionalism to your business.

Barbero – Bootstrap 5 HTML Template

Barbero Bootstrap 5 HTML Template

Barbero is a haircut, shave, and barbershop Barber Salon HTML Template. It has an attractive design that's both user-friendly as well as professional.

Designed to be 100% responsive and mobile-ready with 4 main pages – the Home Page, About Page  plus Blog page plus Contact page – Barbero will make for great use in any business or organization looking for this type of template!

The home page has a section for showcasing services and also a pricing list of different types of services that your company provides. The homepage is designed to be user-friendly with interactive features such as testimonial slider, latest blogs sections, and the ability to easily find what you're looking for on the site's navigation bar at top.

The about page has a section for showcasing your different services as well as a section for showcasing your hair stylists or team members. 

The about page also has a pricing page which includes a price list of your different services. The blog page shows all your blogs organized in different categories as well as has a blog details page for showing the details of a particular blog.

With the Barbero HTML Template, you can create your own website that is professional and modern. The design features an embedded Google Map for showing clients where you are located as well a contact form to receive client queries quickly from anywhere in the world!
 With this template there's no need for any coding or programming skills– just drag-and-drop content into place with ease on our easy templates builder editor.

This beautiful free template will make your customers love your business site.

Consulte – Consulting Finance HTML Template

Consulte Consulting Finance HTML Template

Consulte is a modern-looking, fully responsive HTML template for financial institutions and investment companies.

 It comes with 6 main pages – Home Page, About Us Page, Service Pages (web design/development), Projects section (with testimonials), Blog Section where the latest website updates are posted on an ongoing basis) as well as Contact Form to get in touch easily!

The company has a professional about us page with sections for team members and testimonials. There is also an investment service section that includes free consultation sign-up form, as well as details pages on services offered by the company. 

The home page features both project showcase space and information about all of their offerings including consultations; projects from clients; the latest news in technology investing (which might be important to anyone who invests).

Consulte bootstrap temple is built with HTML5, CSS3 and other modern website building tools. This template is supported by all major browsers and all device sizes.

Such a beautiful and unique design, saturated with modern features is available for no penny is really a surprise.

The blog page is a great resource for bloggers. It has an extensive list of blogs categorized by type and detail pages to view individual posts in more depth.

The contact page includes embeddable maps as well as a form so you can get your questions answered quickly!

If you're looking for a professional and affordable website template, then the Consulte Consulting Finance HTML Template is perfect!

It has an easy-to-use UI that lets anyone create some pretty awesome websites.

Fastc – Startup Agency Bootstrap 5 Template

Fastc Startup Agency Bootstrap 5 Template

With Startup Agency Bootstrap 5 Template, you can create an all-inclusive website for your startup company with the most modern and trendy features. It is responsive so it will suit any size device!

You can build a website for modern agency, consulting firm, consultation agency, or any type of startups, financial advisory firm, The homepage has a sleek design that includes plenty of space to show off your work in text or video form.

It also provides ample information about what services you offer as well as who should contact you if they are interested in hiring someone like yourself.

The home page includes a section for the services of our company and informative pricing plans.

It also has a blog sections that show off new posts from employees who are blogging to represent their perspective on what it's like working with us or just common topics they feel passionate about.

The “about us” pages contains text explaining how we came up as an idea, which team members have been doing what since day one, and more information about the history of this startup company!

Moreover, the service page displays the variety of services that this company can offer. The portfolio or project detail pages are also very interactive and help to display what is being offered.

The blog page contains all the blogs according to their category as well as has a blog detail page that displays a particular blog in detail. 
The contact form was designed for clients and potential customers who have queries or messages from either past, present, or future relationships with the company.

However, Fastc free bootstrap template has every possible latest technology inside. It’s built up with HTML5, CSS3, and the latest version of bootstrap. 

To download free bootstrap template someone may have minimal expectation from the template. But, here in Fastc agency bootstrap template, it’s kind of all in one.

Lens – Photography Bootstrap 5 Template

Lens Photography Bootstrap 5 Template

The Lens is a high-quality photography website template that will impress your clients. This one has everything you need to get up and running with an impressive online presence, including five main pages: home page, portfolio page, about page, blog post/news feed or contact form. 

With 100% responsive design and mobile friendly features it's perfect for photographers looking to expand their reach on the web!
A total of 7+ HTML pages have been inserted in this template. All the other modern facilities are also available in this template.

Let’s discuss the features in details. To make a home page, you could create an attractive grid of the photography projects with different categories. The about section should include information on your team members who comprise fantastic photographers that will capture any event perfectly!

Additionally, optimized with multiple screen size and browser Lens photography HTML template has been super-flexible.

However, Lens free bootstrap template offers Saas compatibility, W3 standard code and unique design. 

The portfolio page is your home base for all things creative.
You can sort through projects by category, or dive deeper into a specific project on the detailed page. The blog section also displays blogs in grids according to categories – there's something for everyone!

Moreover, a smart contact section with integrated google map is available in this bootstrap template. 

If you're looking for a free web template that is both modern and ready to use.  Lens free photography bootstrap 5 template may be just what you need. This amazing website template comes with no additional cost attached to it so download today. 

When you download free bootstrap templates it’s hard to expect lifetime updates. This nearly impossible stuff is possible here in Lens photography bootstrap 5 template. 

Gymate – Gym Fitness Bootstrap 5 Template

Gymate Gym Fitness Bootstrap 5 Template

Gymate is an elegant and beautiful Gym Fitness Bootstrap 5 Template. It’s such a free bootstrap template which has all the necessary aspects of a sport gym, yoga studio, dance school, Pilates workshop website.

With eight main pages to choose from (home page/ about us / team members) there's really no limit on what your site can offer users with this template.

The homepage of the site has a section to display fitness-related services and coaching or training instructors. The home page also contains an option for calculating your BMI, which is important when taking care of one's health!

 In addition, Gymate HTML template for gym is equipped with numerous latest features.  Latest version of bootstrap, HTML and CSS have signified this template.

 Multi-browser support, responsive layout and smooth animation are emphasized in this template. I will especially rate the User Interface(UI) of this template.

It’s  certainly catchy enough to attract the visitors.   The about page is a great place to display important information concerning the fitness center.

It has text for displaying content related to your training coaches or instructors, and also includes Google Maps embedded in case anyone would like directions on how to find you!

The contact page provides an easy way for clients of our gymnasiums can get in touch with us if they have any questions. It even contains forms so that you might answer them as quickly as possible. 

Moreover, with the help of our program page, you can plan and prepare for your next fitness adventure! The blog section lets you explore other people’s perspectives on all things.

On the other hand, shop page is an excellent addition here. Using gym management website, you can sell fitness products to the customers at the same time.

Mexi – Health & Medical Bootstrap 5 Template

Mexi Health & Medical Bootstrap 5 Template

If you are trying to download free bootstrap templates for health & medical, you have probably triggered the right blog.

Mexi is a Health & Medical Bootstrap 5 Template. It's 100% responsive and mobile-friendly; so you can enjoy your website on any device without compromising its design or functionality! Mexi has five main pages that will be the perfect fit for those starting out in this industry.

Home page, about us, services we offer (just to name a few), blog posts with valuable information, and tips from our team of experts who are always here to help! The contact detail page is another extra addition.

Mexi is an extremely versatile Healthcare/Medical template built using Bootstrap framework v5 which incorporates all necessary components such as pricing tables, appointment forms etc.

The blog page shows a list of blogs according to different medical-related categories, such as diabetes or heart disease. It also has a blog detail page that shows one particular article from the selected category in detail; this is helpful if you're looking up information on an illness not commonly known about by people outside the field.

 A contact form included with your patient messages allows them to get answers quickly when they can't call into their local clinic easily – it connects directly with your staff at all hours!

Mexi free bootstrap template will probably satisfy you with an array of functionalities and the UI/UX. 

Moreover, this free medical HTML template is cross-browser optimized, CSS & Saas compatible.

It’s amazing that such a free HTML template ensures almost every necessary component for the users. Most importantly, you will enjoy the lifetime free updates of this template for free. Install this template with no hesitation. 

Bruno – Business Bootstrap 5 Template

Bruno Business Bootstrap 5 Template

Bruno is the perfect Business Bootstrap 5 template for any small to larger business. With a modern look and sophisticated design, it will attract new clients as well engage older ones!

A bootstrap template that can get your website up and run in minutes. Bruno is the perfect template for any creative entrepreneur, looking to showcase his work online, preferably with a professional voice. 

The home page has five main sections: Latest Work, About Us, Portfolio Section (featuring all of your projects), Blog Page (where you'll post daily updates about what's going on at the company) , Contact & Support which includes an email form as well as social media links.

The portfolio page includes a section to showcase your services and different projects according to their particular categories.

The design of the website should be professional, so we recommend that you use this layout for all pages as it provides consistency in navigation across each project.

The about us section needs to contain an overview on what sets them apart from other companies or organizations. Try to add a clear concept of what your company is and what you do. Focus on how your company can make differences with the competitors.

Owl carousel, responsive layout, W3 validate markup have added some extra spice to this business bootstrap template.

While looking for a free business bootstrap template, you can install Bruno either for it’s components or just for it’s design. It’s complete in every aspect.

Moreover, Bruno free bootstrap template has a clean layout, smooth scroll, and catchy look.

Clenora – Cleaning Services Bootstrap 5 Template

Clenora Cleaning Services Bootstrap 5 Template

Clenora – Cleaning Services Bootstrap 5 Template is an elegant bootstrap template with a professional theme.

This template is designed by keeping various types of cleaning service works in mind, such as, residential cleaning service or commercial cleaning service and other services.

Clean, mild and minimalistic design of Clenora is capable of catching anyone’s attraction. Uniquely designed homepage with marvelous usage of clip arts renders Clenora a top notch look. 

The decoration and structure of the homepage Clenora show how a service should look like. This page is packed with every information that is needed by a customer when he is searching a company for reliable service.

Contact credentials and nearest office locator button at the header is so convenient for any customer who wants to contact with the company.

The service portion of the homepage will let you display every type of service that you provide in a precise manner. On the project page of this bootstrap template, you can showcase every project of yours whether it is residential or commercial.

In Projects details page you can put every details of your completed projects with a contact form for the visitors. Contact page of Clenora has an integrated Google map which displays the current location of the office and a form through which customers can contact with you or they can request quotation of any service from you.

Clenora has more than 7 modernly designed HTML pages with which you can design your website with every details of your service and company.

Besides Owl-Carousel slider as well as responsive layout of this bootstrap template has amazing effect on the overall look. In addition, Clenora is W3 markup certified and SEO friendly. It is optimized and compatible with all the major browsers that are available.

You can download and use this template without any cost. Unlocking pro options will get you Copyright Change facility, Life time update and technical support. 

In the conclusion, if you want to boost your service business with a great website then download Clenora – Cleaning Services Bootstrap 5 Template today.

Tutors – Education Html Template

Tutors Education Html Template

Are you looking for a free bootstrap template for your educational website? Then, Tutors – Education HTML Template is an elegant bootstrap template for you. Certainly, one unique Homepage with Owl-carousel Slider use renders Tutor an amazing view.

This bootstrap template is based on Bootstrap- 4.X. Specialized for Education websites, Tutors has Amazing 5 stars support. Tutor truly serves the purpose of being an Educational template.

Every element of this template is placed by keeping in mind how a conventional education website works.

Entering into the template, you will see a big logo and a search bar for courses available on this website. It gives you info about the institution and its courses within a moment.

Then all the courses are arranged in a productive chronological order in the middle of the homepage. The course description page is truly so informative. At one glance, you will get every need to judge the quality of the course.

The dynamic review section is also present here. All the Html pages of this template has responsive layouts. Most importantly, Seven-plus well-built HTML pages will enable you to design the website with your own accord.

Tutors is easily customizable and fully responsive. In addition, Tutors comes with W3C markup and clean commented codes. Tutors is credible because of its good documentation and Cross-browser compatibility.

It is fully compatible for all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi and Microsoft Edge. 

Above all, the flawless design and smooth transition enhance Tutor’s elegancy. We have validated this bootstrap template with W3 markup. Additionally, free lifetime update will be received by the users.

Moreover, we will provide technical support to maintain the quality after your purchase. In short, if you want to download free bootstrap template, just go with Tutors – Education Html Template without any hesitation. In short, Tutors – Education Html Template is one of the most preferable free bootstrap templates available to download.

Edward – Personal portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template

Edward Personal Portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template

If you are searching a template to build your own portfolio website, Then Edward – Personal portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template is the best tool for you.

We designed this bootstrap template by focusing mainly on personal portfolio.

Especially, beautiful and unique design with usage of Swiper Slider has made Edward more elegant.

Edward is truly a template to design personal websites. Each section of this template such as the banners will help you to glorify your self-portrait. Usage of bold and coloring fonts everywhere in this dark colored template intensifies the look.

Homepage displays self-made projects and client section in a way that anyone will get the knowledge of your works in couple of seconds which is really important for a personal website.

Undoubtedly, Edward will help you to showcase your aura in a very aesthetic way. Certainly, professional design with unique variations in HTML pages renders Edward an eye-catching view.

In addition, eight well-built pages will give you the freedom to design your website proficiently with this bootstrap template. Moreover, Valid HTML5 and CSS3 markup along with the Google Font render a smooth designing experience.

Besides, we have integrated the working Ajax Contact Form with this template so that anyone, who will visit your portfolio website, can contact you easily. Edward has fully responsive layout and good documentation. To increase credibility, we validated Edward with W3C markup and made it match the W3 web standards.

Edward is speed optimized and fully compatible for all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, and Microsoft Edge.It should be noted that premium users will receive lifetime free updates and amazing after-purchase support from us. It will preserve the quality of this template.

Further, it can serve as a Company Portfolio template also. Most importantly, we have arranged lifetime technical support to Edward to maintain its error-free nature.

Edward – Personal portfolio Template is one of the finest portfolio bootstrap templates which you can use freely.

Nordic – Interior Design Bootstrap 5 Template

Nordic Interior Design Bootstrap 5 Template

Nordic – Interior Design Bootstrap 5 Template is an innovative modern HTML template based. We have designed this bootstrap template by focusing on the Interior Decoration Business.

Most importantly, 1 Unique Homepage version with responsive and unique design adorn Nordic with an elegant view. Furthermore, usage of Owl-Carousel Slider has made the transition of Nordic buttery smooth.

It is one of the best template for any websites related to interior design. Being a template for interior design websites, artistic touch can be found in every corner of Nordic.

The banner transition in the homepage with the scroll buttons placed vertically at one side is truly a charming thing. The transition of the header from transparent to a solid background is also attractive.

The project section of Nordic is well designed and premium-looking. At last, the navigation system of this template is super-efficient. All options for every section and page can be found easily. We developed Nordic with Bootstrap 5 and validated this bootstrap template with W3 Markup.

Apart from this, Nordic’s HTML5 and CSS3 structures are also validated. Certainly, Total 7+ HTML pages will assist you to decorate your website tastefully.

In addition, the Project page of Nordic will be able to display all of your projects in an aesthetic way. With a Blog page, you can write different types of blogs related to your interior design and business. Nordic is easily customizable for its user-friendly code, and it has good documentation.

Besides, this bootstrap template has cross-browser optimization feature and is compatible with all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

Additionally, if you avail pro features from our store, you will get after-sell support and lifetime free updates. To make communication with customers more easily, we have integrated Nordic with a dynamic AJAX form.

In short, if downloading a free bootstrap template, to design a website, is your preference, you can go with Nordic without any doubt.

Orgo – Business Bootstrap 5 Template

Orgo Business Bootstrap 5 Template

Orgo – Business Bootstrap 5 Template is a premium template. It is suitable for all sorts of website specialized for businesses such as Real Estate, Business Consultancy, Corporate Business etc.

Anyone can use all the free features of this bootstrap template by downloading the free version.

Certainly, a beautiful and unique design with one unique homepage version provides Orgo a clean and decent view. On the homepage of Orgo, Every picture of every section has an animation of its own. These animations help the homepage to come to life.

The client count meter along with the project count meter dynamically increases the number which is kind of professional to look at.

Each and every part of this bootstrap template is full of surprises that you will be able to roam the whole template without feeling any kind of boredom.

We structured the whole design of Orgo with Bootstrap 5.x along with valid HTML5 and CSS3. Moreover, this bootstrap template is SASS compatible.

Most importantly, with 7+ HTML pages, you can design your business website in a broadway.  Additionally, usage of Swiper Slider with Google font and fully responsive layouts render Orgo with a commercial look.

We have decorated the homepage of Orgo in a productive way so that it can display nearly every piece of information about your business. Moreover, to increase engagement with the customers, we integrated both Ajax contact form and an embedded Google in the same page.

We validated Orgo with W3 markup and W3 web standards.  Besides, this template is user-friendly and easily customizable because of its clean and commented code.

For a better user experience, premium users will receive lifetime free updates and technical support. Apart from this, Orgo is fully optimized and compatible with major browsers such as, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Above all, for

Business-focused websites Orgo bootstrap template is one of the best choices.

Elios – Creative Portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template

Elios Creative Portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template

Want to design a creative portfolio to enrich your profile? Then go with Elios –Creative Portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template.

Elios is a premium HTML template with modern and professional design. Certainly, one unique home variations with Smooth animations and big banner renders Elios a catchy look.

Elios bootstrap template is perfect for any kind of website, especially personal websites. First of all, the homepage of Elios is designed in a different way. Large Banner with bold fonts and images have been used which will attract your eyes at a glance.

Secondly, in the homepage, there is a minimalistic animations which responds with the move of the mouse cursor. It is so appealing. Thirdly, in the contact page, you will get to see a massive, super responsive map along with a much needed contact credentials.

This is an unusual but attractive thing.We designed Elios with HTML5 and CSS3. With 7+ unique HTML pages, anyone can decorate his website, with all necessary things, efficiently and productively.

Most importantly, abstract colors and bright colors of the home page is eye soothing. Besides, this bootstrap template is fully responsive and renders equally decent view in every device. Elios is SASS compatible and it satisfies the W3 web standards.

In addition, we have made Elios SEO friendly so that you don’t have to do massive seo works in this template. Decorative icons under each page will help the visitors to find you in social media.

Moreover, the Portfolio and Blog section of this template is so well organized that you can display your projects and writings in a posh way. Google font gives this bootstrap template a professional look.

Furthermore, Elios is coded in a clean and well-documented way. Eliot has cross browser optimization capability and is compatible to all major browsers available out there.

Along with free features, you can avail some pro features, such as amazing technical support and lifetime free updates, by becoming a premium customer. In conclusion, using Elios –Creative Portfolio Bootstrap 5 Template will push your portfolio website to the next level.

Astory – Technology & IT Solutions Bootstrap 5 Template

Astory Technology & IT Solutions Bootstrap 5 Template

Want to download free bootstrap template to design your own website based on Technology and IT solutions?

Chose Astory – Technology & IT Solutions Bootstrap 5 Template without any hesitation. Whether your IT Company is big or small, this bootstrap template is perfect for all types of websites.

Certainly, unique and modern designs of the homepage accompanied by the usage of Owl-Carousel Slider provides Astroy with an attractive look. The homepage of Astroy is designed by keeping every aspect of a company in mind.

Most importantly, big and eye-catchy icons have been used to display all services that a company provides. Besides, the homepage also displays testimonials from clients and case studies of the previous projects. A dynamic contact form is available under the homepage through which anyone can send their query to the company efficiently.

The portfolio page of Astro is amazingly well structured. You can display all your projects in an organized and attractive way. Clicking any projects will take the visitor to a description page which will render detail information about the project.

Moreover, beautiful fonts and minimalistic looks make Astory a worthy template to work with. The loading time and transition of this template is so smooth. 

With 8 well-built HTML pages, anyone can decorate his website with all sorts of needed things. Valid HTML5, CSS3, and W3 markup enhance the credibility of this bootstrap template.

Astory’s responsive layout gives it a charming view in every device.

Astory is easily customizable and editable for its well-documented code. Amateur persons also can understand every chunk of code because of the comments. Amazingly this template is cross browser optimized.

Furthermore, in every major browsers this bootstrap runs without any kind of latency. If you can avail pro features of this template, you will get life time technical support and free update.

In short, Astory – Technology & IT Solutions Bootstrap 5 Template is one of the best templates for IT Company and Technology websites.

Sandsy – Wedding Bootstrap 5 Template

Sandsy Wedding Bootstrap 5 Template

Websites for wedding planner company is an unusual kind of website. There is a massive scarcity of templates for these kinds of websites.

To relief everyone from this dilemma, Sandsy – Wedding Bootstrap 5 Template is available there.

This free bootstrap template has all the ingredients that is needed to decorate a wedding website. Sandy’s uniquely designed home variant with modern tasteful animation provides it an attractive vibe.

Sandy’s look just defines how a wedding website needs to be. At first, the big elegantly designed header of Sandy will attract you.

The circular logo at the center of the header with contact details at one side and the appointment button on the other side looks so vibrant. The main banner of the homepage is mesmerizing as it goes with the wedding decoration.

Fonts over the banner is lavishly beautiful and appropriate for this kind of website. The decoration of the service page is mind-blowing as all the services are showcased with a little description and a beautiful image related which signifies wedding. These short descriptions and image are so well combined that any visitor will get attracted at first glance.

The graphical icons and animated icons of Sandsy make it different from all other templates available out there. In the gallery page, you can display all your favorite pictures from different projects with great elegance. Sandy’s responsive layout along with the usage of great elements such as Google Font and Swiper Slider flourishes its look.

This bootstrap template is integrated with dynamic Ajax contact forms in order to make engagement with the customers efficiently.

Not only by look but also by technical means Sandy is super productive. Cleanly commented and documented code base of Sandy will provide you the freedom of decorating the template in a tasteful way.

Besides, this bootstrap template is validated with W3 Markup which makes it valid according to W3 web standards. Furthermore, by become a premium member, you will get technical support and lifetime updates of this template.

In conclusion, Sandsy – Wedding Bootstrap 5 Template is one of the most reliable templates for wedding websites.

Lawa – Attorney & Legal Bootstrap 5 Template

Lawa Attorney & Legal Bootstrap 5 Template

Looking for an appropriate template that goes with your law firm, attorney or other legal service providing firm efficiently?

Then Lawa – Attorney & Legal Bootstrap 5 Template is the best solution for you. You can download this template without any cost. Finding proper templates for websites of legal services is a big hassle.

Lawa is an elegant as well as a professional-looking website with tons of productive features to facilitate important works. While using this template, you will feel that Lawa is packed with surprises from top to bottom.

The main attraction of Lawa is its homepage. The homepage is enough to display the significance and dignity of your law firm. The header and footer design are extremely professional. It gives you a minimalistic as well as an intense vibe. This bootstrap is available in two languages.

All banner of the template bears professionalism. The service page of Lawa is massively detailed. All the services that your law firm will provide can be showcased with a grid view.

The color contrast of the page goes with the theme of the law firm, not so bright not so pale. Under the services list, visitors will get the base prices section and a section that displays all the frequently ask questions.

They are really convenient for the visitors. Service Detail page of Lawa exhibits detailed information about the service along with the profile of the lawyers.

In the About section, every detail is given about the company along with its employees. By observing the essence of the about page, anyone will get the idea of the credibility of this firm.

Lawa is designed with Bootstrap 5.x along with Valid HTML5 and CSS3 markup.

Since engagement with customers is important for this kind of website, Ajax contact form is deployed with this bootstrap template.

By unlocking pro features, you will also get all the PSD files associated with Lawa. Above all, for websites related to law firms, Lawa – Attorney & Legal Bootstrap 5 is one of the best options.

Logito – Transport & Logistics Bootstrap 5 Template

Logito Transport & Logistics Bootstrap 5 Template

Logito is a full-free Transport & Logistics Bootstrap 5 Template.
Logito responsive and mobile-friendly bootstrap template  works on any device or browser that needs to view your website.  

Colors, fonts (which include webfonts), backgrounds from preloaded patterns like concrete wall textures and marble stone tiles can be easily customized.

Logito brings five main pages such as an “About Us” page which highlights all kinds of information including company history.
The homepage design including the embedded video section will surprise you for sure. It has another section to calculate the product price.

In the services page, a supply chain company has a list of all the different services it offers and also there is an individual service detail page.

Moreover, to engage more visitors this free bootstrap template include blog pages. Visitors can search the specific categories from the search box.

The contact us page includes an embedded Google Map for displaying the location of your supply chain or freight service company. Logito free transport and logistics bootstrap5 template offers a contact us page to receive messages and queries from clients!

Additionally, you cannot ignore the latest technologies which are used to curve this template. Latest HTML, CSS, Saas, W3 validate code- all are up to date and the best choice of a web developer.

So, to download free bootstrap templates, Logito is more than the average expectation. You can install it with no hesitation and enjoy lifetime free updates.

Download Free Bootstrap Templates (26)

If you are really trying to download free bootstrap templates, the above collection would probably satisfy you in anyway. Collections are quite dynamic and qualities are on top. Choose any free bootstrap template from here and enjoy unlimited ease.

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