SupportGenix Review: The Best WordPress Support Ticket Plugin

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress Support Ticket Plugin, look no further than SupportGenix. This plugin is easy to use and helps you manage your support tickets quickly and easily. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that want to provide excellent customer service. 

How Can The SupportGenix WordPress Support Ticket Plugin Benefit You? 

SupportGenix - WordPress Plugin for Support Tickets
SupportGenix – WordPress Plugin for Support Tickets

The Support Genix WordPress support ticket plugin makes it easy to manage customer support requests. This WordPress support plugin provides a way for customers to submit tickets, and it also helps you keep track of and respond to those tickets. With this plugin, you can provide an excellent customer support experience for your digital product user.

Support Genix - Support Ticket Plugin for WordPress

The Support Genix WordPress support ticketing plugin makes managing customer support requests a breeze, so you can keep your customers happy. This support ticket plugin for WordPress allows you to keep track of all of your client requests in one location, allowing you to quickly address any issues that arise. You can give exceptional customer service with little effort if you use Support Genix.

How to Get started with the Plugin 

To get started with Support Genix, all you need to do is download this support ticket WordPress plugin from the website’s download page. You can find this file under “Download” after purchasing it. 

  • Download the plugin from the download page.
  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Click on the “Upload Plugin” button
  • Choose file and click on the “Install Now” button.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • You will need to add the license key that you can find on the license page.

Available Features on SupportGenix:

Unlimited Tickets

If you run a WordPress site, you’re well aware that things can go wrong. And when they do, you’ll need quick and dependable assistance to get them back on track. SupportGenix is the finest WordPress support ticket plugin, allowing you limitless tickets and top-tier support from a team of professionals. So, if you’re searching for quick and dependable assistance with your WordPress site, Support Genix is the place to go.

Unlimited Agents

For businesses of all sizes, Support Genix is the ideal WordPress helpdesk plugin. You can ensure that your customers receive prompt and expert support by having an unlimited number of agents. 

Unlimited Customers

This WordPress support plugin gives you the ability to provide support to an unlimited number of clients, making it ideal for organizations of all sizes. You can effortlessly create and manage support tickets using Support Genix, ensuring that your customers receive the best possible assistance.

Tickets on Behalf of Users

With the innovative ticket system, agents can create tickets on behalf of customers and respond quickly to their requests about the service. This means that users can always get assistance with their WordPress site from experts who are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Agent Control

It’s simple to manage your agency’s ability to view or offer help with this WordPress helpdesk & support plugin. You can effortlessly generate and manage tickets for your customers, follow their progress, and even allocate requests to specific team members with our plugin.

Transfer Ticket

For all of your customer care needs, Support Genix is the best solution. With the transfer ticket tool, you can effortlessly pass along a query or concern to another agent without compromising valuable time with them – meaning SupportGenix does everything they can to ensure users get their issue fixed swiftly and efficiently.

Email Popping

Merging emails directly into WordPress support tickets is a great way to manage customer service requests and keep your website running smoothly. With the Support Genix plugin, you can easily create tickets from email messages and get help from a team of experts.

Envato Integration

SupportGenix - Envato Integration
SupportGenix – Envato Integration

The Envato integration option in this plugin allows you to validate purchase codes before enabling your customers to submit requests. If the support term has expired, the client will be unable to create a ticket.

Elite Licenser Integration

elite licenser integration
Elite Licenser Integration

Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage the licensing for your digital products. SupportGenix plugin integrates with Elite Licenser, making it easy to keep track of all your support requests in one convenient place. You’ll have everything you need to give quick and effective support to your clients with Support Genix.

Saved Message

The SupportGenix Plugin is an excellent time-saving tool for busy agents. You can generate a few popular comments and use them when needed with Saved Messages. This will enable you to respond to a large number of inquiries promptly and effectively.

File Upload Settings

This customer support ticket plugin enables you to easily manage and track support requests from your clients. The File Upload Settings give you the flexibility to customize file submission options for each ticket.

Email Notification

This support ticket WordPress plugin allows you to create and manage support tickets directly from your WordPress dashboard, as well as receive email notifications whenever a new ticket is generated or changed. This helps to deliver quick and effective customer service while keeping your WordPress site up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions 

To use SupportGenix, do I need to know how to code?

Don’t worry about coding skills! You can install and set up SupportGenix just like any other WordPress plugin. You can easily construct your own support site with just a few clicks, saving time on development.

Who is SupportGenix best suited for?

SupportGenix can be used by businesses of all sizes to provide quick and effective customer service. You’ll have your own unique portal for addressing client inquiries in no time with just a few simple steps.

Is it going to be a performance problem for WordPress?

Not at all! This plugin was built with performance in mind and will not affect your site’s speed.

Pros and Cons of SupportGenix


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  • SupportGenix is easy to use and helps you manage your support tickets quickly and easily.
  • It provides a way for customers to submit tickets, and it also helps you keep track of and respond to those tickets.
  • SupportGenix makes managing customer support requests a breeze, so you can keep your customers happy


  • SupportGenix is a WordPress Support Ticket Plugin, and it only works with WordPress. If you’re not using WordPress, this plugin won’t be of any use to you.
  • It has a few features that are only available in the premium version. If you want to use all of the features of this plugin, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

SupportGenix Pricing

SupportGenix has a reasonable and affordable pricing plan. With cost-effective service, you’ll get the help you need to keep your support system running smoothly.

This plugin is available in both a yearly and lifetime plan, so you can find the perfect option for your business. 

You can sign up for the yearly plan, which offers three different pricing options. The personal option is perfect if you just need one website and it’s $29 per year! The developer package will set you back only $59 but allows five websites; while agency subscriptions come at $89 and allow 100 websites to operate.

In the lifetime plan, you will also get three different pricing options: Personal ($59) for 1 website, Developer($99) for 5 websites, and  Agency package at ($149) per year for 100 websites!

Final Words

Running an internet business can be challenging, but one of the most important things you can do to distinguish yourself apart from the competitors is to provide exceptional customer service. Thankfully, there are numerous WordPress support ticket plugins that make managing your support issues simple. We recommend trying the SupportGenix WordPress Support Ticket Plugin if you’re using WordPress for your website. This plugin will allow you to create and manage support tickets right from your WordPress dashboard, so you can provide quick and efficient customer service. 

SupportGenix The Best WordPress Plugin for Support Tickets

SupportGenix The Best WordPress Plugin for Support Tickets
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