How to Set Up Pre Orders on WooCommerce: Ultimate Guide in 3 Steps

If you are selling products on WooCommerce, you may have considered offering pre order for WooCommerce. Pre orders WooCommerce are a great way to ensure that you have enough stock of a product before it is released. They are also a great way to generate interest in a product and build buzz.

To help you stand out in this competitive eCommerce world, we'll show you how to set up pre orders on WooCommerce in the simplest, non-coding way possible.

What is a pre-order?

A pre-order is an order placed for a product that is not yet released. Customers who place a WooCommerce preorder are charged for the product at the time they place the order. The product is then shipped to the customer once it is released. Pre order for WooCommerce can be a great way to ensure that you have enough stock of a product before it is released. Pre order in WooCommerce can also be used to generate buzz for a new product.

Things to consider before setting up Pre-orders

There are a few things you need to consider before setting up preorders WooCommerce. First, you need to decide if you want to charge customers for the product at the time they place their order, or if you want to wait until the product is released to charge them. You also need to decide how you will handle shipping for pre-orders. Pre-orders can be shipped as soon as they are placed, or they can be held until the product is released and then shipped all at once.

Setting up Pre-orders Using a Plugin

Setting up a pre-order on your eCommerce website without using any WooCommerce builder or pre-order plugin is difficult and time-consuming. The best way to solve this problem is by adding a WooCommerce preorder plugin to your eCommerce site using the WooCommerce pre-orders plugin builder. This will not only save you time but also money because instead of hiring developers. With the right pre order WooCommerce plugin, you can set up your WooCommerce preorders without worrying about coding.

Here we are using a special WooCommerce page builder plugin namedWooLentor“.

It is a fantastic pre order plugin for WooCommerce. Setting up WooLentor's pre-order module is really simple. With no technical knowledge, even a novice may add this functionality to their store. It only requires enabling an option and configuring a few settings based on the user's needs.

Different Settings of the Pre-Order Module of WooLentor

Pre-Order Module of WooLentor
Pre-Order Module of WooLentor

After you've enabled the pre-order module, you'll see that it has some additional options available. The following sections describe the additional customization options available in the Pre-order module of Woolentor.

Add to Cart Button Text

Add to Cart buttons are a great way for your customers not only to know what they'll be getting but also to have the option of adding more items quickly and easily. You can customize this text however you want!

Manage Price Label

With this option, you can choose how the price labels appear. Leave it blank if want to display only preorder prices without any other labeling attached. You can also include both original and revised pricing.

Availability Date Label

You can customize the availability date label to display how you want. You can set a specific time and date for each individual product available for preorder. From here, make any final changes before saving and publishing!

Show Countdown

The countdown is a simple yet effective way to increase your online sales by creating the urge of buying products among customers. It does this by making customers feel like they need their product before time runs out or it's too late! When consumers know how close they are getting towards their desired purchase (in days/hours), it provides the motivation that makes them want something even more! With the show countdown option, you can enable or disable the countdown for your preorder products.

Step By Step Procedure on How to Set Up Pre Orders on WooCommerce

Step-1: Enable the Pre Order Module from WooLentor Settings Panel

Enable the Pre Order Module from WooLentor Settings Panel
Enable the Pre Order Module from WooLentor Settings Panel

To start the process, you need to enable the Pre Order Module from WooLentor Settings Panel.

Step-2: Select The Particular Product from WooCommerce to set pre-order

Select The Particular Product from WooCommerce to set pre-order
Select The Particular Product from WooCommerce to set pre-order

From the Product option, go to the WooLentor tab and check Enable for pre-order settings. 

Here you will find different settings options, such as the Available Date, Manage Price, Amount Type, and Amount. You can specify when the item will be available. There are four ways to manage price: product price, increase or decrease price, and fixed price. You can also specify the amount type: either a fixed amount or a percentage. If you select percentage, input the amount as a decimal (for example, 10%). 

Finally, go to the Publish section and update your changes.

Step-3: View and Test the product

View and Test the product
View and Test the product

Now it's time to see how your products will look on the website.

Simply press the “Pre-Order” button for a product available to preorder and go right ahead. The product page of your listed preorder product will show pricing information like availability date, price, and pre-order cost.

Advantages of Pre-Orders in WooCommerce

Pre-orders have their own set of advantages. The benefits will differ based on the items available and your company's needs. Here are some of the most frequent benefits that pre-orders provide.

Secure advanced sales

Before you run out of stock, pre-order allows you to set a limit on how many items you'll sell. Using WooCommerce's pre-order feature, you may reach a huge number of consumers who are interested in purchasing pre-orders for certain items. Pre-orders can reduce your stress levels since you'll know for certain that at least a portion of the products has been sold in a specific amount of time.

Estimate the demand for a product

Pre-ordering helps to determine if there is interest in a product before it is manufactured. This information can be helpful in deciding whether to produce the product and, if produced, how many to make. Pre-orders can also help to identify potential sellers.

Promote the product's sales effectively

Many companies have dedicated marketing campaigns for pre-order items. These are used to boost consumer awareness and interest in particular goods while also helping the companies in interpreting customer demand for such items.

Get more fascinated potential Customers

The process of pre-ordering a product ensures that you will be able to market it more efficiently once the general public has access. It also helps increase site traffic and brings potential customers onto your website, which can result in increased sales for both current customers as well new ones!

Boost your revenue from sales

Customers will be able to pre-order a particular item and obtain it before it is released if you activate the pre-order module on your online store. As a result, you might be able to charge them a greater price than the base price, resulting in greater total income.


Question 1: What is a Pre Order?

Answer: A pre-order allows customers to reserve items that are not yet in stock, allowing them to purchase the product before it becomes available. Pre-orders can be useful for products that are expected to be released soon and have a high demand. Pre-orders may also be used to estimate demand and determine how many units should be manufactured.

Question 2: Can customers combine Pre Orders and regular orders?

Answer: Yes, customers can combine Pre Orders and regular orders in the WooCommerce store. Pre-ordered items will be shipped together when they become available.

Question 3: Do I need to offer Pre Orders on all products?

Answer: No, you don't need to offer Pre Orders on all products. Pre-orders are only necessary for products that are not yet in stock and have a high demand.

Question 4: What do I need to do to start taking Pre Orders?

Answer: If you want to start taking Pre Orders, you will need to install a plugin that provides this facility such as the WooLentor preorder module. This module allows you to create a Pre Order product type that will allow customers to reserve items that are not yet in stock. When you add a Pre Order product, you will need to specify the availability date – this is the date when the product will become available for purchase.

Question 5: Can I cancel Pre Orders?

Answer: Yes, you can cancel Pre Orders at any time. If a Pre Order is canceled, the customer will be refunded the full amount they paid.

Question 6: What are the benefits of Pre Orders?

Answer: Pre-orders can be a great way to enhance interest in a product and ensure that you have the necessary inventory when the product is released. Pre-orders may be used to forecast demand for a product and determine how many units to manufacture.

Question 7: Is there a limit to the number of Pre Orders I can take?

Answer: No, there is no limit to the number of Pre Orders you can take. However, you will need to have enough inventory to meet the demand.

Final Words

The pre-order system is extremely important for the successful operation of any sort of business. Because it allows you to start a business by investing little money and expands business possibilities. Furthermore, pre-revenue may be achieved through it. Demand for a particular product can be anticipated by adding a pre-order to your eCommerce store. 

The WooCommerce preorders option gives customers the chance to secure their favorite items before they’re released. This means that if there is something specific in mind, as an upcoming book or phone release for example; then preordering will ensure access and provide early notification on when these limited supplies become available so fans don't miss out!

Nowadays, most of the WooCommerce stores have this option so not adding it could limit opportunities and success in business which means that you will remain behind compared with other businesses who use their services or products on time! 

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