The Best WordPress Plugins for Educational Websites

Educational websites are more frequent than ever. Students visit these to strengthen their knowledge or obtain the training they need. For some, it’s an extra way to learn something. For others, it is the only and most convenient source of education and training. However, creating an educational site that fits the needs of students is not easy. 

If you choose to create an educational website, WordPress is a great option for you. Over 800 million websites use it today, which equals 43% of all the websites available. The platform has a 63.1% share of the CMS market, ten times more than its biggest competitor. 


It’s because the platform is intuitive, easy to use, and, most importantly, has very useful plugins for just about anything. 

Even though WordPress comes with a smooth learning curve, not all sites on it are of high quality. Some have glitches, poor design, poor navigation, and even badly created content. Students are in search of quality educational sites, and only these can succeed on the market today.

This is where plugins come in handy – they can help you optimize your educational website for students. In this post, you’ll find the top WordPress plugins for your educational site. 

Educational Website
Educational Website

How Do Students Find the Time to Learn on Educational Sites?

The world of education is fast-paced, and students have an endless struggle to impress the people who are grading college papers and exams – their teachers. They struggle to study for exams, find some spare time, and get everything ready before the deadline ends. It’s getting harder than ever – essays, then a research paper, then a whole case study to write. 

What can they do? For starters, they can use the popular spell for good grades that many do these days, and get assignment help from experts for their assignments. When someone else writes their essays, they’ll have the time to study for exams, have a good social life, and even hop onto educational sites to get some more training and knowledge. When they free up some time, they can join the educational sites of their choice and get extra qualifications for their resume in addition to easy access to important information. 

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Top WordPress Plugins for Educational Sites

WordPress plugins are designed to make the design, management, and optimization of a website easier – and more effective. There are over 55,000 plugins available on the platform these days, and hundreds of them are used for educational sites. Out of so many choices, here are the ones we consider best:

WP Education

WP Education is a plugin with a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design and plenty of customization options. If you install it, you can use it to create different types of education-customized posts including courses, events, galleries, etc.

WP Education
WP Education

The plugin requires no coding to use and comes with an education option page with a small learning curve. On top of that, it has creative font icons that will make your educational site much more attractive. 

Finally, WP Education is built with CSS3 and HTML5 for effective online course creation. 

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WP Courses LMS

Next on our list is the WP Course LMS, one that’s simple to use and comes with many free features. The LMS will integrate instantly with your theme, is mobile-friendly, and has an intuitive interface. You can use the controlled user login features to restrict lesson content depending on the student’s level and plan. You can use it to create lessons, including videos. 

WP Courses LMS
WP Courses LMS

WP Courses LMS supports video lessons with videos hosted on YouTube, VdoCipher, Vimeo, and a number of other platforms. Alternatively, you can create lessons using audio, text, images, etc. Create multiple answers and multiple choice quizzes, user profiles, and integrate it seamlessly with any theme you are using. 

You can use WP Courses LMS to organize the lessons into different modules for your course – you don’t have to do this manually. While other plugins require that you manually attach lessons to modules, you can just click on ‘add new module’ with this plugin and drag it to your desired location. 

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Sensei LMS

The number of website owners that use Sensei LMS is growing constantly. This is a trending plugin for the creation of online courses with its flagship feature called Sensei Blocks. Sensei Blocks are interactive elements that you can insert into your lessons and onto your site. 

Sensei LMS
Sensei LMS

With Sensei LMS, you can build a variety of quizzes, create task lists and flashcards, and create interactive videos for students. And you don’t even have to start from scratch – Sensei has a feature where you can convert your blog posts into an actual course. 

Thanks to this plugin, you can view the grades and progress of students, and manage the schedule in a single place. You’ll get student reports you can share with users, and send reminders to those who haven’t completed a lesson. 

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LearnPress is an intuitive, simple, and useful WP plugin used by colleges, high educational institutions, schools, as well as online course creators.


The plugin has a free version and a paid version with its premium features. You can use it to create and add different lessons, courses, assignments, and quizzes, and keep track of your student’s performance. 

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LearnDash is very useful if you want to create longer, multi-tiered courses with sections and numerous lessons. It’s also amazing for creating quizzes and keeping track of students’ performance on tests. 


If you install LearnDash, you can create more than one learning path. Another feature is the ‘bonus course’ that you can offer to your best students. On top of that, you can use the plugin to accumulate points and unlock materials as the student progresses with their learning.

This is a trending tool that currently integrates with over 300 different apps. 

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The School Management

The School Management is a whole system, but also a plugin used by schools that want to manage their students and classes. In it, you can find sections for classes, teachers, staff, students, and more. You can keep track of student admissions, attendance, schedules, employees, and much more. 

The School Management
The School Management

The School Management is like a management hub, one where you can create student and teacher accounts, give people roles and permissions, and keep track of everything happening in your educational platform. You can add different subjects, assign teachers, assign classes to schools, create custom roles, and much more. 

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Tutor LMS

Finally, this plugin is aimed at tutors who wish to offer their services to learners. It’s packed with features and will allow you to create interactive lessons, collect data and get statistics, send out quizzes, get reports, and much more. Simply put, this is a course-building helper with many opportunities that will allow you to create interactive, creative content. 

Tutor LMS
Tutor LMS

In Tutor LMS, you can create and sell courses by building a functional educational website fast and easily. Some of its most notable features are:

  • Course preview
  • Unlimited lessons and courses
  • Intuitive advanced course builder
  • Video Lessons
  • Lesson management
  • Separate teacher profiles
  • Multiple video sources
  • Personalized dashboard for different roles – students, instructors, admins, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Educational Websites Plugins

What are WordPress plugins?

A WordPress plugin is a small application that extends the functions and features of your website on the platform. These make it easier for you to add features to their site without the need to know how to code. 

Are WP plugins free to use?

WordPress has thousands of plugins – some free, and some at a fee. Most of the plugins in this list are paid plugins or their free version has more limited features compared to the paid version. 

What’s the difference between a free and paid WordPress plugin?

Paid plugins come with more robust features and more functionalities compared to free plugins. They often have better or more available support, too.

What is an LMS plugin?

Otherwise known as a learning management system plugin, this one comes with features that allow you to host, create, and manage online training programs or classes. These plugins are specifically created for educational websites. 

Final Thoughts

WordPress is the most popular website-building platform and as such, it always strives to make your experience more comfortable. This is where plugins come in – they are designed to help you create a more successful site. Without plugins, your website might need some serious twitches, most of which require advanced coding skills. Plugins make it simple – they offer you different functionalities without much effort on your behalf, and most of them are very affordable. While there are many out there – and the list is growing, these 7 stand out when it comes to educational websites. 

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