7 Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugins for 2023

People like to plan their activities in advance these days to prevent unwanted difficulties and uncertainty. For example, everyone makes appointments in advance at the salon or for doctor’s appointments to ensure they receive the greatest care. And websites have made this easier & more efficient to do so. And this has become more efficient when it comes to travel & tour booking for vacations. 

There are uncountable numbers of websites that provide travel booking services. Developers employ a variety of WordPress plugins to make the website easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing. If you are one of these website developers, the following article will assist you in choosing the ideal plugin among the top 7 Travel Booking WordPress Plugins for your website.

However, before we move forward, we must understand-

What to Look for in a Good Booking Plugin?

A good plugin might have an impact on your website because it will make it easier for users to navigate. However, the following things should be taken into account when choosing a decent travel booking plugin for your website:

  • Ease of Use: Simple to use and maintain.
  • Features: Have the alternatives for payments that you require for your company, along with tools for managing reservations and customers.
  • Easily customizable: To match the style and feel of your website.
  • Support and Updates: Needs to receive good support and frequent updates.
  • Integrations: Needs to work with the other tools you already have.
  • Price: Needs to be affordable

List of Best Travel Booking WordPress Plugins in 2023

1. Tourfic 


Tourfic is the best travel booking WordPress plugin to create a WordPress Travel or Hotel Booking website easily.  According to the plugin’s creator, creating your own travel agency websites like Agoda, Airbnb, Hotels.com, and Booking.com are simple with its help.

Tourfic is built on WooCommerce, allowing you to effortlessly manage your online bookings and set up any WooCommerce payments. Additionally, you may keep track of site sales metrics and customer accounts. For your WordPress-based travel website, this All-in-One tour booking plugin has practically every option you could possibly need, from the most basic to the most complex. 

Features to watch out

Hotel & Tour Booking Features:

Unlike most other plugins, which only offer Hotel or Tour booking, this one-of-a-kind product gives you access to both. Both hotel reservations and tour reservations can be conveniently managed on the same website.

Multi-Vendor Integration:

Tourfic is, without a doubt, the best option if you’re searching for a multi-vendor travel website where many vendors or agencies band together to sell their hotel or tour services. With its built-in multi-vendor function, your vendors can register and submit their hotel/tour-related services and products.

API-based Integration with Top Travel Websites:

Tourfic provides full API-based connectivity with well-known travel websites like travelpayouts.com and booking.com. You may quickly add their listing to your website and become an affiliate to make money.

Other Key Features

  • Location Map
  • Video & Image Gallery
  • Logic for Advanced Pricing
  • Dynamic Options for room and tour packages
  • Room Inventory Control
  • Travel Extras
  • Discounts for the Itinerary Builder and Partial Payment
  • Small Deposit
  • Wishlist
  • Support for the Customer Review System Payment Method
  • Widgets & Shortcodes for Elementor
  • Information about reservations on the Hotel/Tour Dashboard
  • Compatible  with all the top Affiliate Plugins
  • Multilingual Integration
  • Complete Style Panel

How to Create a Hotel Booking Website with Tourfic

This video will help you to understand how Tourfic works and how you can easily create a travel booking website with Tourfic 

How to Create a Hotel Booking Website with Tourfic


There are two versions of this plugin available: free and pro. With the pro edition, you can get certain extra features. Here is a pricing summary of the premium version:

  • Starter (1 website) – $59 Annual License. $149 Lifetime License.
  • Premium (5 Websites)  – $149  Annual License. $299 Lifetime License.
  • Business (Unlimited Websites) – $249  Annual License. $649 Lifetime License.

2. Yatra

Yatra is an amazing SEO-friendly free travel booking plugin that is designed to build travel & tour management websites. It is very compatible with most WP themes, and even a beginner can create customized tabs within a couple of seconds. There is no limit on how many tour packages you may create using this plugin. Similarly to that, this plugin allows you to make as many itineraries for a single tour as you like.

Key Features

  • Activity/destinations and custom attributes are available.
  • Unlimited travel & tour packages.
  • Unlimited FAQs.
  • There are options for activities, destinations, and custom attributes
  • Multiple pricing showing features to assist customers in choosing
  • Easy and Smart booking process along with Inquiry form & Email notification.
  • Yatra offers dynamic tabs on the front end.
  • Discount coupons are made available.
  • Provides Multiple payment gateways.
  • Unlimited itinerary builders for a single tour.


Two versions of the Yatra plugin are available: the free and the pro. With the pro edition, certain extra features are included. The pro edition is offered with four different price schemes that bill annually:

  • Starter- $79 (1 Website license)
  • Essential-$149 (1Website licence)
  • Growth-$299 (5 Website license
  • Master-$599 (30 Website licenses)

3. WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine
WP Travel Engine

WP Travel Engine is one of the most popular & advanced travel booking plugins with an unlimited range of customized plugin options, and it provides unlimited travel packages which work systematically and comprehensively. 

Key Features

  • WordPress Travel Engine plugin offers an unlimited range of customizable packages.
  • An SEO-friendly plugin that supports Schema Markup(JSON-LD) format.
  • Comes with the translation-ready plugin.
  • Advanced search engine features are available.
  • Provides multi-currency features,
  • Easy to use itinerary builder.
  • Supports all the payment gateways such as PayPal, Pay Fast, Strip, and Authorized. Net etc. .


Here are its pricing plans:

  • Personal- $99 (1 website license)
  • Travel agency- $199 (1 website license)
  • Development Company– $299 (10 websites licence)

4. WooTour

Woo Tour
Woo Tour

WooTour is a great travel & tour booking by WooCommerce, which creates a complete booking reservation system for your website. Your clients can access all your services only by logging in or registering to their accounts. They can even customize their trip location, duration & date, departure time & tour type, and this plugin will show them their total amount on the basis of their customization. This plugin has shortcut features such as a grid, table, search option, carousel, etc.

Key Features

  • Easy to create tours & travel appointments & events.
  • Allows to create bookings for special days,
  • Comes with three categories of prices to choose from adult, child & infant.
  • Support all the payment gateways supported by WooCommerce.
  • Provides review option for clients to share their experiences.
  • Clients can use the coupon system to make further appointments & bookings.
  • Provides Email notification on orders, completing orders, or canceling of orders.


This plugin costs different for two types of licenses.

  • A regular license is $49
  • The extended license is for $295

5. WP Travel

WP Travel
WP Travel

WP Travel is SEO friendly, powerful, free & flexible travel booking plugin which comes with unlimited travel & tour packages. This travel booking plugin provides customized itineraries & advanced module system that saves you much more time. This is a translation-ready plugin like most of the travel booking WordPress plugins mentioned. Hence using this plugin on your website will make booking services easy for your clients.

Key Features

  • SEO-optimized & mobile-friendly plugin that is compatible with WordPress Travel Plugin.
  • A number of hooks and filters are available, which makes the plugin really flexible from the developer’s point of view.
  • Allows standard PayPal payment system merged with WordPress Travel plugin & additional twelve payment gateways.
  • Provides Email notifications with theme customization & maps for each trip on the booking site as well.


WordPress travel also has a free & a pro version. The pro version offers three different pricing per year with additional features.

  • Personal: $99.99 (For 1 website)
  • Plus: $199.99 (For 5 websites)
  • Expert: $599.99  (For 25 websites)

6. Tour Master

Tour Master

Tour Master is one of the best & premium tour booking plugins, which has an easy tour management system that can be handled by developers. The plugin includes a strong backend panel for admins and customers within its many features to improve user experience.

Key Features

  • Both admin & client backend panels.
  • Provides robust front-end control.
  • Excellent booking bar design.
  • Allows adding additional services to websites.
  • This plugin has flexible pricing options.


Tour Master license is available for $45.

7. WordPress Travel Block

WP Travel Blocks
WP Travel Blocks

WordPress travel Block is one of the free Travel Booking WordPress Plugins to make your website look more engaging and appealing. This plugin helps you create the tour and travel packages you want for your website. This can handle elements such as text, graphics, buttons, tables, etc. You can create a new trip page by combining just several components from the plugin.

Key Features

  • WP Travel GUTENBERG blocks features show trips/tour locations types, featured trips, sales offers & Put up search forms.
  • WP Travel ELEMENTOR block features put up search forms, trips, and tabs along with google maps.
  • This plugin has 13 itinerary add-ons.
  • Free & premium themes are compatible with the plugin.

That’s it for now. Each of the Travel Booking WordPress Plugins we listed above is distinct in its own way. Each plugin has a set of special features. The choice ultimately rests with the user. Choose whichever option best suits your needs.